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– Hey, welcome back to Yoga with Tim. Today we’re gonna do a
total body mobility routine, and then we’re gonna focus
on doing some hip openers at the end. Now this isn’t gonna look
quite like yoga stuff. Some of this stuff,
especially in the beginning, in the way that we warm up, is more just range of motion movements to help to lubricate the joints, so it’s a little bit different than your traditional yoga practice, where you hold the stretches. But we’re gonna hold a
few stretches at the end, after we do these kind
of alternative warmups to (mumbles). You might wanna have two blocks if your hips or your back as less open. It’ll help you to get
into the poses better. I got two blocks nearby. We’re gonna start off on our back. When you’re on your back,
that’s the easiest way to feel things because you remove gravity and it’s the easiest way to get or to learn new actions in the body. So we’re gonna start off on the back, so we can teach the core muscles to work as we move the limbs around. Very important to be able
to feel that in the body. So, start off on your back,
and just let the soles of your feet to come together
and your knees wide apart. This is why I often start
off this way in the videos. Also, it’s an opportunity for you, whatever has been going
on through the day, or even if you start in the morning if you slept weird, you might
have different little knots and tweaks in your back and in your spine. This is an opportunity
for your spine to unwind, and those knots or little
tweaks start to drop or let go. So just give yourself
this opportunity here, breathe all the way down into your belly. And let your inner legs start to open. Then bring your knees together. Okay, so the first movement
that we’re gonna do, put your hands on your frontal hip bones, and as you exhale into this,
slide your right heel out along the floor without your
frontal hip bones moving, and breathe your spine
like your trying to stretch your spine even longer at the same time. Then re-bend that knee,
and then same idea, slide your left leg, heel
forward along the floor, without your frontal hip bone moving. So you’re getting a stretch to the leg, but without the core being sacrificed. Your core and the integrity
of the core stays there. Re-bend the knee without
twisting your hips, and slowly send your right leg forward, nice and slow, so you make
sure the hips don’t move. You’re turning on your stabilizers. Re-bend the right knee and
slide your left foot out. So starting to loosen up
the muscles in your hip. And starting to stretch
the legs a little bit. Change legs, left heel out. And then re-bend your knee. Okay, now, without the hips moving, bring your right leg up on the tabletop. And lower it down. Same thing. Don’t even let the hips move a centimeter. No wiggling at all. Your middle is staying
steady like a brick. And if you can move your hands to the side without the hips moving, try doing that. Especially when you change feet, don’t let the hips shift
off to the opposite side. Okay, now bring both legs up. And then make circles with your big toes. And then circles the other way. And then point and flex your feet. All right, now, here’s
gonna be the hardest one. Without the hips moving, keeping
your tailbone lengthened, just stretch your right leg forward, and see if you can lower it halfway. And then back up. Left leg forward. Lower halfway, and back up. Okay, one more time, right leg forward. Lower halfway, keep your tailbone long, back up, left leg forward, lower halfway, and back up. Now take your arm straight
up to the ceiling, and then as the arm bones drop down, without the neck getting distorted, keeping the back ribs down on the floor, start to let the arms fall back. And then back up. Three more times, inhale,
let the arms fall back and start a stretch. Without your back ribs lifting. And back up. One more time. And back up. Okay, now, opposite arm leg stretch. Send your right leg forward. Lower slow as the left arm goes back. Back up. Left leg forward and lower slow as the right arm reaches back. Back up. Change sides. Back up. Change sides. Back up. Change sides. Back up. Change sides. One more round. So feel your abs starting to feel like they’re getting a little bit of burn. Keep your abs tight as you
stretch your arm and your leg. And then bring it back up. Good, set your feet down. And as you exhale, flatten your lower back down into the mat. Inhale, let it arch. Exhale, find your lower
back down into the mat. Inhale, let it arch. Roll over to your side. And let’s come all the
way up to stand now. Okay, so now we’re gonna start
the standing part warmup, which is gonna look a little bit about, a little bit like couple of
weeks ago, mobility routine. So start with your hands interlocked, and as you inhale, bend your elbows, open your chest upwards
towards the ceiling. As you exhale, round your back, stretch the hands away from you. Inhale, bend elbows, open up. Exhale, stretch hands away. Inhale. (inhaling) Exhale. (exhaling) Good, then change the
interlock of the fingers. And three more times. Inhale to open the chest, bend the elbows. Exhale. (exhaling) Inhale. (inhaling) Exhale. (exhaling) Good, then release the arms down, and then we’re gonna
start to walk in place, but as you’re doing
marching, walking in place, remember how, when you’re on your back, you’re moving your legs
from your core muscles, so try to keep your hips steady, and as you lift one leg,
don’t let the hips wiggle from side to side, like
you’re getting pulled up, straight up through
the crown of your head. So this is good for your hips ’cause it kinda like retrains your brain how to move your legs when
you’re walking around, and then it’s really
good for your back, too. Okay, now start to stretch
your arms forward and back, independent of the spine moving, so the head doesn’t move,
the spine doesn’t move. There’s no rounding, there’s no twisting, and then keep the legs going like this, and we’ll start to move the
arms out to the side and back. And then up and down. Make sure that you’re
not leaning back at all, as the arms go up. Okay now, take your hands straight up. Bend your elbows out to the side like a cactus shape,
and then as you inhale, reach both arms up overhead. Exhale, elbows to cactus shape. Inhale, reach the arms. Exhale, elbows to cactus. Inhale, reach the arms. And then arms out to the side. Good, let them drop down. Okay, now, let’s warm up our hip. So, take your leg out to the side, kinda like a tree pose-ish like. And then let it swing across the midline and back out to the side. And we’ll just do that six
times for the leg, for the hip. This is gonna be important
because when we get these hip muscles to warm up like this, they’ll be more willing to stretch when we hold the hip open at the end. And change sides now. So, it might feel like one
side feels a little sticky, crunchy, compared to the other. This is my sticky side, so
if when I take this time to kind of warm it up,
it moves a lot better when I go to hold the hip opener. Remember, try to keep your
spine tall to the midline as you’re doing this. Okay, and then, let’s adduct the leg. So we’ll just swing it out to the side. Slightly internally rotate
your leg as you do it. And feel the muscles in the
side of your butt turn on, to swing the leg. And then change sides. Okay, good. Then step up to the top of your mat. And as you inhale with a
little bend in your knees, slide your hands down towards your shins, keeping a flat back. And as you’re exhale, engage your belly. Come back up. Inhale, slide your hands
down with a flat back. Maybe you can go lower than me. As long as you keep that flat back, exhale, come back up. Three more times, inhale,
slide the hands down. Exhale back up. Warming up your hamstrings
and your back body. Inhale. Exhale. Last one. Exhale. Good, then raise both
arms up, big stretch. And fold forward all the way. Okay, then step back onto
your hands and your knees. And stretch back to child’s pose. Then from child’s, step your right foot up to your right thumb, and
come on up into a lunge. So there’s a couple different
types of lunges that we work. One is this deep lunge, which
we’re gonna work in a minute, but this first one, I just
want you to have your hip right over the top of your left knee. Take your left arm forward,
and then stretch your left arm all the way up. So that working this pose
is gonna come from you activating and reaching through your hip. Stretch through your left hip and buttock down towards your knee,
and at the same time, plug your navel in, and then
stretch your left arm longer. And if you’re real sensitive to it, you might feel the pull
from the front of your hip up to your shoulder. And then see if you can
move the pelvis forward just slightly to get the
front of the hip a little more into the stretch. To release, bring your hand back down. And slowly change sides. So now, left foot
forward, right foot down. Have the toes curl under for this one. Take your arms forward,
and then as you stretch, from the hip down, draw your navel in, and take your arm up. And keep stretching through the hips, through the butt down towards your knee. As you plug your navel
up, reach with the arm. Then move your pelvis
forward just slightly to get a little deeper into the stretch in the front of the hip. Good, and then slowly
bring the arm back down, and change sides. This time, I’m gonna use two blocks on the inside of my foot. Right foot forward, left knee down. And I’m gonna scoot the
knee back a little bit until I start to feel a stretch. So I like the blocks because they help me to get into the opening
of the front of the hip, but you might feel that
you get a better stretch with your hands on the floor or something, but I’m still looking for the stretch in the front of the back leg hip, so it’s a little bit different than a lizard variation where
you try to get really low, and into this hip. Let your chest roll open, let
your shoulder heads turn back. Then lift the hips out
of the pose a little, and change sides. Right knee back, left foot forward. Okay, so we’re gonna let the
hips start to melt forward towards the hands. You still have the idea
like you’re reaching down to your back leg hip. As you lift your navel,
the chest starts to open, shoulders turn back, kinda like up dog. All right, then lift your
hips out of the pose, and stretch back to child’s pose. All right, then from
child’s, come up onto your, into dandasan. So with your legs stretched
straight on in front of you, roll your shoulder heads back, and squeeze the blades onto
the back as you sit up tall. Let the front of the sit bones descend, pull your spine upright. Okay, now we’re gonna try to recreate this dandasan quality, as
we move the legs around, it’s in different positions. Dandasan is the foundation
for all of your seated poses. So as you bend your knees off to the side and bring the soles of your feet together, the whole spine shouldn’t
sink with the legs. Instead, we’re still
working for that dandasan, or a danda is a stick or a staff, so that quality through your spine, like there’s a, kinda
like a stick up your back, but without being rigid. Don’t have to grind
your teeth or something. Just something (mumbles) always doing ’cause I try to practice too hard. So don’t do that. Relax your jaw, relax your
tongue, and just breathe. (breathing) Then imagine I put giant
sandbags onto your inner groins. Let them descend. Ah, feels nice. Feels good to stretch. Okay, then we’re gonna do something that’s a little weird. Take your feet away from
your hips a little bit, and your right leg is gonna
stay in baddha konasa position but with your left leg, you’re gonna do reverse baddha konasa, and I’m mirroring for the camera like I should’ve been earlier. So I have two 90-degree-ish angles here. 90-degree angle here,
90-degree angle here. A third one, 90-degree
angle between the legs. Okay, so I’m gonna turn
towards my right knee, and then I stretch from
my groin towards my knee on the left leg. And it’s similar to how
we would enter pigeon, except we’re focusing
on this back leg again. Just like how we’re
focusing on the back leg in the other lunge. And then I want you to
pretend like your spine is being tractioned, like
you’re being pulled up. There’s a pulley system that rigged up to the crown of your head,
and someone’s pulling you straight up to the ceiling. You could get pulled up so much that you could just lift your hands and you wouldn’t fall
over to the right at all. And that’s how you know
you get the stretch. From the groin to the knee,
and then slowly release. And you should feel like you
got a really good stretch all in here on this back
leg, if it went well. Okay, change sides. So left leg into this baddha konasa, and right leg in the
reverse baddha konasa, and then almost sitting up
tall, up over the left hip. And then this, from the right inner groin, lengthen towards the knee
as you grow even taller. You’re so upright that
you’re getting pulled up to the crown, that you could
take your left hand forward, you wanna fall over to the left at all. Good, then slowly start
to release that one. Sort of feel good. Okay, next one we’re gonna do, we’re gonna get into the
piriformis a little bit, which gets tight on everybody, especially this time of year. Okay, so we’re gonna take (mumbles). I take the left heel, and
I bring it to the outside of the right hip, and
then the right ankle, crossed on the outside of the left knee. I’m sitting on a block because I’m not my most open right now and this is gonna help to give me lift so I can get the dandasan spine again. Otherwise, I’d be slouching
without the block. The right hand goes behind me, and you can use the block for support. Now take your left arm around this leg, seal the leg in towards you,
and draw your navel back to your spine up, as you start to turn. Reconnect your breath. Less about how deep you go into the twist. More about creating that
length and space to your spine, as you hug this leg in
and feel the stretch in your outer butt. Then slowly come back to center. Change the cross of your legs. So now the right heel to
the outside of the left hip, left ankle to the outside
of the right knee. Did I say that right? I think so, okay, good, sit up tall again. Then wrap your elbow around, and twist. Yoga’s good for your brain, too. Makes you think a little bit. So here we go, grow
tall through the spine, seal this leg in, navel in,
and start to open up your chest to the side. There it is, there’s that tight piriformis on this right side. Oh, man, every time, I could feel it. It’ll be, for you, it’d
have been on your left side ’cause you have your
left leg up right now. Breathe. Breathe into where you’re
feeling the sensation. Yoga’s all about the breath. Breathe into it. Balance your effort with
how much you’re surrendering into the shape. Okay, come back to center. Now, lie down onto your back. We’re gonna get a little
deeper into those butt side, outer butt muscles, the piriformis. Let’s do a little bit
of thread the needle. I don’t know what you call this. We’ll take the right ankle over your knee, and then slowly hug the back
of the leg in towards you. Now at the same time, I want
you to turn this up thigh out. As you turn that thigh out, start to bring the opposite
leg in towards you. So I have my left leg up so
you’ll have your right leg up. Are you confused yet? And as the right thigh turns out, the up leg, bring your left
knee in closer towards you, but at the same time, let
the lumbar spine lengthen. Imagine someone had
tied ropes to your hips and was pulling your
hips out of your back. You won’t be able to bring
the legs as close towards you, but it’s a more even
stretch and it’s gonna get into that muscle that we’re
trying to stretch better. Okay, uncross your legs, and change sides. So take the, turn the left thigh out. Just the one that’s closest towards you. Slowly hug the back of the
right leg in towards you, but at the same time,
stretch both hips evenly out of your back. All right, then set that
foot down onto the mat, uncross your legs. So just feel the feeling in your hips. How good it feels to have
done all those stretches. Open your arms out to the side, take your feet the width of the mat, and now one of my favorites. Let your knees swivel over to the left, and you’ll feel this stretch on the side of your hip, front of your hip, and if you wanna intensify the stretch, you can cross your left
ankle onto the outside of your right knee, but keep
lengthening to your tail out of your lower back, so your lower back is an hinge to accommodate the tight hips, so you bring the stretch into the hip, instead of just twisting
in your lower back. Lower backs will twist
really easily instead, because they get weak and
stiff from all the sitting. So make the lower back healthier by lengthening it as you stretch your hip. Breathe into it. (breathing) Then uncross. Oh, feels good, and let
the left knee swivel over, open the left arm out to the side, and if you did on the other side, you can cross your right ankle
on the outside of the knee. Breathe into the front of the hip. Feel this along on my
TFL, I think. (exhales) Stretch the tailbone
out of your lower back. As you let that thigh roll in. Breathe the hip more open. Good, then uncross your legs. (exhales) Now just relax here for a moment. You can stretch your legs out or not. Just a brief savasana. Then roll over to your right side. Press yourself up to seated. All right, sit up straight and tall. Bring your palms together. With your eyes closed, bow
your head to your heart. Then lift your head and open your eyes. Hey, real quick, guys, I wanna remind you. Leave a comment below. I’m always curious to hear
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