100 thoughts on “Top 10 Hilarious Parks and Recreation Running Gags

  1. I personally love any of the Andy jokes. His multiple aliases (burt macklin, Johnny karate, Jonathan karate, etc), his bands multiple names, I feel like they sang a few songs that were just "the pit" but with different words, but I could just be imagining that. I also love whenever Andy says something really smart and everyone around him gets really confused for a second.

  2. What about Chant Guy from the episodes “Sweetums” , “Time Capsule” , “Citizen Knope” and “Ann’s Decision” ?
    He was hilarious.

  3. The Jerry bit wasn't funny at all . it was super mean and for no reason . I mean people are trying to be nice to Toby in the office but he's boring and creepy . Jerry is super sweet , nice and he's super talented and they all – except for Ben and last season Dona- attacked him for no reason.

  4. Personal favorite is Leslie running into Councilman Houser at the most embarrassing moments. Subtle but so so so perfect

  5. Theory:
    Jim from the office always looks at the camera right? Well, guess what? Adam Scott auditioned for Jim but didn’t get the role. In parks and rec he looked at the camera just like Jim did in the office. There is no specific point to this theory I just thought of it.

  6. Treat yo self?
    Ron’s red shirt?
    Burt maclin?
    Accounting firm?
    John ralphio?
    Public forums?
    Dennis Feinstein?

  7. wait… Im pretty sure the Cornish were the first to invent a complete meal wrapped in pastry with the Cornish Pasty.  a calzone is mere a folded pizza.

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