Tommy the Bedtime Turtle | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cosmic Kids. I’m Jaime and this is your place for
yoga, stories, and fun. It’s easy. Just copy the moves I do
and enjoy the adventure. Now, we always begin
in the same way and that’s by sitting
on our bottoms crossing our legs and bringing our hands
together at our hearts and we say our secret
yoga codeword which is Namaste. Ready? After three. Ready One Two Three Namaste There! Now we are ready to begin. Shall we find out who
our story is about today? Yes! Let’s look through
the cosmonoculars. Bringing your thumbs
and fingers together have a look through Wow! Look at that those amazing colours there’s things spinning around. Wow! It’s beautiful. Can you see that? What is it? It’s a turtle. It’s Tommy the Bedtime Turtle. What’s Tommy doing? He looks like he’s flying. No. Wait a moment,
he’s not flying he’s doing yoga he’s doing flying pose. Tommy the Bedtime Turtle is great
at making bedtime super fun. We’ve got to go to
Hawaii to meet Tommy. Let’s get going. We pack a suitcase Putting our legs out
in front of us. Now, we might be
doing some swimming. So we’ll take our
arms out wide we’ll twist around
and we’ll get our swimming costume There we go. Folding it up we put it in Oooooh! Now, I think we might
need some Sun cream. Take your arms out wide twist around get your Sun cream there we go check the lids on and put it in Oooooh! There! That should see us through. We cross our legs open our arms wide and we give everyone
at home a great big hug. Uuuuum! We can hear something. It’s the sound of the
Hawaiian birds tweeting to us. They’re calling us to Hawaii. Aloha! Aloha! Aloha! We’d better get going. We’ve got a long flight. So we’re going to get
our bodies ready we roll our shoulders
round and round we lift them up and put them down we reach up tall and touch the ground put a hand to the side lift our arm over the top and play a piano
on our ribs Ninga! Ninga! Ninga!
Ninga! Ninga! Nooooh! We put our hand down
on the other side reach up tall and over and we play a piano on
our other ribs as well Ninga! Ninga! Ninga!
Ninga! Ninga! Nooooh! Well done, everyone. We then give our ears
a little rub so we don’t get
worried on the flight and we hold our nose and blow making your ears
go all crackly Ooh! Lovely. Time to fly. Come on to your knees we take our arms out wide we put a hand
down beside us and wave at the sky. We put one foot in
front of our knee and zoom our leg
out behind us and we go Neeeyyaaauuh! all the way around one way then come back to
two knees again put your hand down
the other side lift your arm to the sky and give it a wave Yay! Bring your foot in
front of your knee and shoot your
back leg out and go Neeeyyaaauuh! the other way Yay! We arrived in Hawaii. We stand up and we bow we say Aloha! Ready? Aloha! and we’re given a beautiful necklace
of fresh flowers called a lei. How lovely! We look in front of us and there’s a chicken a boy chicken,
a cockerel. Coming down onto your toes he says, Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii. My name is Moa. Come I’ll take you to see
Tommy the Bedtime Turtle. Follow me. Bikkurka! Bikkurka! Bikkurka!
Bikkurka! Bikkurka! Bikkurka! He takes us
to the beach where there are beautiful palm
trees swaying in the wind. Putting one foot on
top of the other put your hands
together at your heart grow your tree up tall and open up your branches. Now because we’re palm trees we’re going to flop our
hands over as well and listen the palm trees are singing Mallu Hija! Mallu Hija!
Mallu Hija! Mallu Hija! Ooh!, they’re very beautiful. Let’s try it on the other leg. Putting your other leg
on top this time bring your hands
together at your heart grow your tree up tall and open up your
palm tree branches Mallu Hija! Mallu Hija!
Mallu Hija! Mallu Hija! Ooh! they’re very pretty but what’s this coming
down the beach? It’s a whole kula of crabs. Kula means school. Look, they’re scuttling
down the beach. Sitting on your bottoms bend your knees feet flat and put your hands
behind your bottom lift yourself up and we’re going to Digger! Digger! Digger! that way, ready? Digger! Digger! Digger! Hoola! Hoola! Hoola! let’s go that way Digger! Digger! Digger! Hoola! Hoola! Hoola! And again! Digger! Digger! Digger! Hoola! Hoola! Hoola! Last time! Digger! Digger! Digger! Hoola! Hoola! Hoola! Oooh! We love kula hoola
dancing with the crabs but we’ve got to find
Tommy the Bedtime Turtle. Time to get in the water and look, there’s lots of dolphins
waiting for us. Let’s swim with dolphins. Coming up on to your knees and drop down
onto your elbows onto your forearms. Now we’re going to dive
forwards and back in and out of the waves
with the dolphins making happy clicky noises Ehhehhhheee! Ehhehhhheee!
Ehhehhhheee! Ehhehhhheee! They lead us to a rock. Sitting all the way back tuck yourself down into
a little rock shape Ooh! easy to rock Hmm! No, it’s not. It’s a shell, a turtle shell Yey! It’s Tommy the Bedtime Turtle. Sitting on your bottom take your legs out wide and bend your
knees a little bit. Now, put your hands inside and take your hands
underneath your legs to come to your feet like a little turtle opening up your chest Tommy opens up
his eyes and says Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii. Let’s go help some friends
make bedtime beautiful. Okay! And we swim down with
Tommy into the ocean. Lying on your tummies let’s swim using our arms and using our legs. Yes! We swim down to a coral bed. Rolling over sitting up bend your knees hands behind your bottom lift yourself up to
make a bed shape. Yey! Next to the coral bed are
a whole family of oysters. Sitting on your bottoms bring your feet together oysters are shellfish but every night
before they go to bed they like to have a
kiss and a cuddle before they close their shells. So we give them a kiss Muaah! and a cuddle Aaah! And then they sleepily snoozily
close their shells down Hah! That’s made bedtime
beautiful for the oysters. Tommy tells us to swim on so we go On our tummies again swimming further. This time we swim to
a whole group of sharks. Oooooh! Bring your hands
behind your back criss-cross your fingers and lift up your shark’s fin. Now, low over to the sides Lulling! Lulling!
Lulling! Lulling! Now every night before
the sharks go to bed they like to have some
lovely sleepy dreamy music to listen to
like a lullaby. And so we help with Tommy. Sitting up Tommy plays his ukulele. A ukulele is a very
very little guitar. We take our ukulele
and we play it. Using our fingers here
to hold the strings and strum with
our other hand. We sing a beautiful lullaby Aloha po! Aloha po! Aloha po!
Aloha po! Aloha po! Aloha po! Shhh!, let’s try the other leg. Take the other leg. Ready? Aloha po! Aloha po! Aloha po!
Aloha po! Aloha po! Aloha po! Shhh! We let them
swim away quietly so we don’t wake the sharks. Let’s lie down on our
tummies and swim away. We come to a whale. Wendy the Whale. Rolling over lying on your back bend your knees and put your arms
down by your side. Wendy the Whale goes Bubble! Bubble! Bubble!
Bubble! Bubble! Pop! Yey! And again let’s try Bubble! Bubble! Bubble!
Bubble! Bubble! Pop! Yes! Well done, everyone! Wendy the Whale has
a little boy called Wilf who’s a little baby whale. Now, poor Wilf is finding it very
hard to stay in his bed at night he keeps waking up and then
going on waking up his mummy so neither of them are
getting very much sleep. So Tommy the Bedtime Turtle has been giving Wilf
a sticker for his chart. Every time he manages to stay
in bed the whole night and guess what? Wilf did it last night. Yey! So we give him a
big round of applause. Yey!! Well done, Wilf,
you did so well. Now back on the beach there are a whole
group of monk seals. Lying on your tummy mauling around Hooohhh! Hooohhh! every night the monk seals do
a special sundown dance to say to say “Thank you for the day.” Standing up they say the word
‘thank you’ in Hawaiian which is Mahalo to the Sun. Ready? Mahalo, Sun! Then they say thank
you to the earth. Ready? Mahalo, Earth! They take their leg
back behind them and come up
with their hands like Twilight the Unicorn of Dreams Tak-Tuk! Tak-Tuk!
Tak-Tuk! Tak-Tuk! they swap their legs over so they get some extra star
shine for lovely dreams Tak-Tuk! Tak-Tuk!
Tak-Tuk! Tak-Tuk! then they wiggle
into their cave. Coming onto your tummies hands underneath your shoulders and Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle!
Wiggle! Wiggle! where they curl up
and go to sleep. Aaah! We sit up and it begins to rain Pitter-Patter! Pitter-Patter! Pitter-Patter!
Pitter-Patter! Pitter-Patter! Pitter-Patter! Dhub! Dhub! Dhub!
Dhub! Dhub! Dhub! and because the
Sun is setting it makes a beautiful rainbow. Come up to two knees take your hand down
to the side stretch your leg long and lift your arm up
and over making a rainbow. Let’s do it on the
other side as well. Bring your knees
back together arms out wide take your arm down
to the other side stretch your leg long and lift up your arm making a rainbow
the other way too. The moon is high in the sky. We stand up tall lift our arms up lean over to one way making a banana shape we lean over to the other way making another banana shape like the moon, Yey! And we ask Tommy how can we make
our bedtime beautiful. He tells us to sit down. He has some advice. We sit ourselves down and cross our legs. Every night before bed have a little glass of
water or some milk Mmm! We rub a hand on our tummies and pat our heads
at the same time. Lovely! Every night maybe read a book. Ooh! We like a book. Bring your knees up open your book and have a read maybe with your
mummy and daddy. Once upon a time
in a land far far away we like stories light a candle or put on your nightlight. Lying back we lift our legs
up to the sky and we light our candle and look at the flame
as we flicker our feet. When you’re ready for bed let your legs be long and bring a hand
to your tummy and a hand to your heart Aaah! close your eyes relax your mind and breathe in and out slowly like ocean waves. This is how we make
bedtime beautiful and we need never worry
if we wake up in the night. All we need to do is close our eyes relax our minds and breathe in and out slowly like the ocean waves. How beautiful to know all these new ways of
making bedtime wonderful. I’m sure you have your
own special ways too. Let’s think about them now. Maybe having a snuggle a cuddle with our
mommies and daddies having a story our favourite teddy bear what makes bedtime
beautiful for you Hmm! Slowly we start twinkle
our fingers and our toes and we stretch our arms
up above our heads. We bring our knees in and roll over to the side and come up to sitting with our legs crossed just the way we started. We bring our hands
together at our hearts and we finish with our
secret yoga codeword which is Namaste. Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste Well done, everyone! What a beautiful
bedtime story that was. I hope you have lots of lovely ways
of making bedtime beautiful. Come back again for another
Cosmic Kids adventure. Bye-bye!

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