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(dramatic music) (hip hop beat) – [Narrator] On this episode
of “How Far is Tattoo Far?” best friends Mondo and Matt call each other out for their shady behavior. They’ve been friends for a long time. – How’d you meet? What’s goin’ on? – We met at football
practice in high school. – Very first day I ever
met him, he beat me up. – [Snooki] Oh my god, bully.
– It’s football. – Do you still pick on Mondo? – Oh yeah. – [Nico] For what? – He’s a dumb ass. – [Narrator] But things
between them have been tense. – When Matt hit the
gym, everything started to change with his personality. ‘Roid rages, “Yo what are you doing? “You’re embarrassing me.” Bring it down, bro. – How much time are you
spending in the gym a week? – Six to seven days a week. – [Nico] Six to seven? – I’m a fitness competitor,
I’m also a fitness model. – (bleep) steroids. – No. – No juice? – Diet, hard work, dedication. It’s all about, you know, the look. – [Narrator] Despite the drama, they still respect bro
code or so they say. – [Snooki] Are you in relationships? – Single as a Pringle. – [Snooki] Single?
– [Nico] Both of you? – Yeah. – Do you guys have bro code? Like you don’t step on each
other’s toes with girls? – Of course. – I’m here today to draw the line and let everyone know the
true meaning of bro code. My best friend betrayed me with my ex-girlfriend and
he’s gonna pay for it. – Woo, good luck Mondo. – [Narrator] It’s time for
these guys to get their tattoos. (tattoo machine buzzer) – [Tattoo Artist] This is horrible. – Mother (bleep). – This is probably more just pranking more than just like a
seriousness, you know. – [Matt] I mean, he’s
definitely gonna be upset. – [Narrator] Ready for the reveal? Buckle up, no seriously. – Dun dun dun dun. – Is this what you do
when you get nervous? – Yeah, I just can’t stop. – Look like a dumb ass. – Ooh. – Can you just tell Mondo
what your intentions were with this tattoo? – Mondo did something that
definitely goes against bro code and he’s never gonna do it
again after he sees this. – I’m curious to see what it is. I don’t know what I did against bro code. – It’s awful. (suspenseful music) – What the (bleep)? – DMs? – Mmm. – What’d you put that on me for? – Sliding into the DMs
and getting rejected. So I was given some
information about a year ago– – From? – My ex-girlfriend. – Okay. – You slid into her DMs
asking her to get drinks and I’m wondering why. – I thought she was
trying to make you jealous by hitting me up. – But it was you that hit her up. – Hell, I don’t know what to tell you man. I’m innocent, nothing happened. – [Narrator] A year is a
long time to hold that– – Yeah, why didn’t you just say something to him?
– How’d you hold that in for a year? – It’s about the principle that loyalty and this stuff he claims to be that he would come out and say something, still hasn’t happened so that kinda makes it a little worse. – That tattoo better be a reminder and if you break bro code
again, this friendship’s over. – I’ll let you know immediately next time. – Thank you. – All right, that’s if you can get a girlfriend after you see yours. – Wow. – On that note, you’re up. – [Snooki] I’m scared for this one. – [Nico] I don’t think I’ve actually been more scared for a tattoo. – I think the Hulk’s gonna come out. It’s like the worst
tattoo you can imagine. (dramatic music) – All right, Tiffany. – Oh dude that’s so bad. – All right buddy, I’m
regretting it a little now. – You are?
– (laughs) – [Snooki] Matt, what’s going
through your head right now? How are you feelin’?
– I’m gonna kill him, I already know it. – What the (bleep)? Oh my god. – [Snooki] (screams) Jesus (bleep). – [Tiffany] Oh my god. (grunting) – [Snooki] Oh my god. – We got him. Come this way. – [Snooki] Jesus (bleep). (bleep) – You need a medic, for sure. – [Snooki] Oh my god. – I gave him the tattoo
just to remind him to relax but what he did today proved
your tattoo to be correct. – He went behind my back
and (bleep) me over. Come out. – He’s not coming back here right now. – I literally (bleep) hate this tattoo. I do not do steroids, I work hard for this body every single day. I would like to know why
he would take this route. This is definitely it for us for now. I need a lot of space from that dude or I’m gonna kill him. – End of the episode, we’re done. – [Snooki] Oh my god. – [Narrator] After all
that, is there any way these guys can be bros again? – As you can see, we’re
still friends again. Turns out my ex was lying,
she did play us both. – Hashtag innocent. You know, I am actually sorry for you giving you the tattoo because if you were on steroids, you would be a lot bigger. – (bleep) up.

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  2. This program is not only distasteful, it's disrespectful on multiple levels. It literally makes a mockery of my profession which I take very seriously and have dedicated my life to for over a decade. The fact that people actually watch this for entertainment makes me sick and just goes to show how ignorant and self centered we've become… we should be better than this

  3. Blame his ex girlfriend for starting this whole mess in the first place. That dude kept a grudge on his friend for a year and in the end, she was lying.

  4. they coulda just said rage or something like that bc the dude doesn't do roids his body doesn't look like the guys who take roids

  5. Let’s roll around on the floor feeling each other’s ass holes and not throw a punch good job guys could of made it a little real

  6. I don't know if these are real tats, they must of had a few days or so to heal before the review.
    I might be OLD to not know what DMS stands for! What does it stand for, someone explain please.

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