hey guys i’m danielle from Sacramento better business bureau and this is torch talk in this episode we’re talking about gym membership contracts now that the holidays are over you might be feeling the weight of all the good food sweets and drinks apple cider of course what better way to kick off 2017 than to hit the gym after all it’s never too early to start working on that summer bod but you want to get ripped not ripped off in California here are your rights as a gym member all fees including finance charges may not be more than forty four hundred dollars over the course of the contract that might seem like a lot but you’d be surprised you have five days to cancel your contract after signing however you have to give your notice by writing your best bet is good old-fashioned snail mail and be sure to keep a copy of the notice for your records and the moment you’ve all been waiting for the only real way to get out of your gym contract outside of those five days we’ve just talked about if you move farther than 25 miles away from the gym and there’s no alternate facility for you go to you have the right to cancel your contract at any time but remember 25 miles is farther than you think and no one likes moving so unless you’re ready to pack up your bags and move across town remember to check the company’s ratings and reviews at bbb.org before signing to learn more click on the link in the corner of this video I’m Danielle thanks for watching please subscribe for the latest torch talk

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