Running to me is a way to keep me happy. I need that release, I guess. I feel good – that part of the day I feel at my best. All of the physical discomforts of being
pregnant… well, they don’t all go away, but certain runs they go away. And if I don’t have that, I
just get kind of stir crazy. It’s pretty obvious if I haven’t gone for a run. I can second that. I was a junior, and Kasie was a freshman and we met each other on the
cross-country running team and I started flirting with Kasie. He won me over. We’ve been married for almost eleven years now, plus five of being together before that so… almost half my life. We had discussed that we wanted to
have children and start a family. Both of us had so many race goals lined
up that it was hard to schedule a time when it was the perfect time. It happened as a surprise the first time. We didn’t really know anything about
being parents until the day she was born and then we learned quickly. As everybody goes through, I think. You don’t have any idea what you’re doing
beforehand, but the instinct just kicks in. This time was more planned. We decided we wanted her to have a sibling. So with my pregnancy with Acadia, I ran all the
way until… well, I was a week late with her. I ran up until the day I went into labor – 41 weeks. I like to get out of the public eye
and just run for running’s sake. I’m so used to these trails, that it’s not a challenging
place for me to be running in terms of footing. I know the trails like the back of my hand. And to me it also offers that alone space,
so I don’t have to be thinking about other peoples’ perceptions of me, or anything like that. But definitely there were other people
that give unsolicited advice. And you have to say “thanks for your concern”
because it comes from a concerned standpoint. I knew what Kasie was doing was fine,
and it was good for her and the baby. And we have a really good doctor that just lays it out – “this is what you want to stay away from,
this is what you can’t do”. And she definitely stayed within those boundaries
so I really didn’t worry at all. I definitely see direct parallels between my
experience as an athlete and racing and competing and my ability to read and make adjustments with my
body in ways that help keep everything safe and healthy. It’s also challenging though because it’s
such a personal thing. It’s your own body. You shouldn’t have to share that
with other people necessarily. But for me I felt like, this second time around,
I wanted to share it with more people so that it would just maybe eliminate some of the misconceptions. Getting it out in the open – I would think
could only help just provide more role models, more examples to look to when you’re
trying to make choices about yourself. Running had been, if not the highest, right
up there as the most important thing in my life, the thing that defined me. As soon as I was a mom it was like,
“running – not important”. This is not important. Acadia is important. Family is important. But I also run just because I love running and
I love being outside and getting fresh air. It works for me…

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