The feeling, when you’re THE ONLY ONE AT
THE GYM… It’s time to switch on the lights.. that it is raffly.. Shoulders and triceps, i will do a quick warm up And I will SMASH THIS SHIT! Let’s warm up the riceps as well! So the first exercise is gonna be seated shoulder press with barbell …i wont go too heavy on this.. I’ll warm up with 60kg I’ll rather focus on higher reps to BURN the muscle and most importantly to FEEL them! I made a very similar video 7 years ago.. I’ll start to train all the 3 heads of the shoulders starting with the weakest which is the rear delt (for me) I’ll use the cabel for rear delts that will be supersetted with seated dumbell rear raises laterail raises will be the next exercise now’s time for front delts I’ll superset is with tricep push downs Thanks for watching! Please give it a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEO!

4 thoughts on “The ‘HUNGARIAN Jeff Seid’ • Shoulder Workout • NATURAL BODYBUILDING MOTIVATION

  1. Így tovább! Kérdés lenne sokat kihagytam, barátnő-nagymotor elkezdem újra. Lehet bekészülök Men's Physique naturál ra, mennyire negatív a pontozáskor hatetoválva vagy? Mert úgy hallottam, lepontoznak ez miatt- vagy rosszabb eredmény kapsz!

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