the gym experience w/ makeup

hey guys whats up its dylan skellydun happy sunday we’ve made it through another week so go us please have your refreshment in hand grabbing distance so you can just like yeah keep that pee clear hydrate! woohoo! so i get a lot of messages about a certain subject and i think you guys might be on the wrong blog because uh they’re all referring to like making a makeup tutorial i don’t wear makeup except for if you have a pimple and you just don’t wanna see it then you can just like cover it up like the wonders of makeup girls and people who wear makeup you don’t even have to be a girl anybody who wears makeup knows whats going on like you don’t have to wear makeup if it doesn’t make you comfortable or you don’t see the need then don’t wear it but if you do wear makeup i applaud you because some of you guys do some really cool stuff like those like wings? those are so cool but like regardless of your gender or sexuality or whatever you can wear makeup if you see a pimple and it makes you feel insecure slap some coverup or cover foundation on it and you kind of feel secure again cause then you can’t really see it if anyone makes fun of you for wearing makeup just open their eyes to the cool world that is makeup and guy liner (eyeliner?) looks good on anyone so im gonna do a makeup thing I’m gonna put a bunch of makeup on and tell you what I’m doing even though i don’t know what I’m doing and then were gonna I’m gonna tell you a story about the gym sounds good so the glasses come off the ugly comes out i don’t know how to start this but i stole a bunch of stuff from my sisters bag i have no makeup on right now I’m gonna skip the whole stuff like that cause it takes too long because i don’t know alright so I’m gonna start by putting on some eye shadow from this eye quad and it has like a cool little thingie and i feel like a giant so it has like four colors and it has a cool little diagram for me to do it but i don’t know what I’m gonna put where i don’t know if that matters but i have some some nice cool what is that this is called rasberry beret how fancy and i guess you just put this goes up here im gonna do that somehow someway so um should i start telling my story while I’m putting on my makeup i think i could do that so i like to go to the gym the gym that i go to is a judgement free zone but you know you just know someone in that gym is a judgin they are judging you and whether it be silent or via text to someone like OMG look at that person in the gym they are just fabulous! but um yeah oh my god i look like gerard way so i go to the gym maybe like four times a week and i go relatively at the same time every single time that i go well so does this guy and this guy and i we don’t talk i just i think he knows that i am also there at least acknowledges my existence with a head nod sometimes i see this guy I’ve dubbed him the gym guy because thats where we are im so creative so yesterday i go to the gym and i guess you put this one underneath its kind of crowded cause i guess y’know it was it is labor day weekend so people gotta go to the gym for whatever reason all the treadmills are taken except two so i pick one and he picks the other thats my eyes im so pretty we don’t talk to each other I’m jammin to my headphones hes walking I’m walking too now I’m gonna put this stuff on mega liner liquid eyeliner does liquid eyeliner work? or do i wanna use this pencil that i have I’m gonna try liquid first he literally he goes up two because i went up one so i go up another were both at two on this incline going relatively oh my god how am i supposed to put that on me? i don’t think this is right but we both go and eventually i get up to incline 15 I’m singing the climb by miley cyrus in my head you know the song like its the climb and so he’s singing that im gonna somehow put this on I’m gonna use this so he’s singing that he’s not singing that hes inclining I’m singing that in my head we both get to 15 and I’m like what the heck cause thats as high as you can go where are we gonna go with this dude? oh my god how do you do this? oh my god thats not right whoa whoa i made my wing a little long were going 15 then he starts running literally oh my god what do you do if they don’t match? what is this? so he starts running and I’m like dude you’re running at a 15 incline i can’t do that i cannot do that thats like insane you’re supposed to make your wings long so you can fly away easier fly away from your problems and your insecurities that just seems really long i have a lot of problems and insecurities he starts putting it up to like a six dude! dude! i can’t do this i put it up to a six and i just know this is a bad idea because i don’t like sweating in the beginning me going to the gym it sucks because it takes me forever going to the gym i don’t like driving there i don’t like physically yknow sweating but when you leave you feel so good so of course i make myself go he knocks it up to a seven and this guy is like physically fit and I’m I’m not as physically fit as i could be but who cares so I’m gonna put on some twisted volume cause I’m twisted oh my god how do you do this? of course me being as cool as i am i fall like I’m going and we are climbing and miley cyrus not that i want her to ever be proud of me but she would be proud because I’m singing this song I’m belting it out in my head its the climb and then i fall i literally fall and its not like a cool fall its not even like i saved myself before i tripped and died its like running and then i shoot back because were going 7 fast know its hiked up to a 7 at 15 incline i go back I’m really embarrassed im not hurt at all but I’m embarrassed and this guy he looks at me and I’m like gym dude save me save me gym dude save me he doesnt he laughs and I’m like wow who knew gym guy could be so mean? any fake fictitious relationship I’ve worked out in my head with this guy OVER so he starts laughing i pick myself back up and I’m gonna put on some clear lipgloss its flavored really gross oh my god flavored lip gags what is this i don’t like this oh my god alright so this guy he’s laughing at me its on my tongue what the heck dude what the heck i get up oh its on my tongue i start getting back on the treadmill and I’m like dude dude please fall I’m thinking please fall so karma can be kind of rude you know what he does? he falls he falls right off the treadmill but then yknow i narrow (?) it down so I’m not at 15 and 7 cause thats like I’m not ready to climb anymore he falls back he does it is this an eyebrow pencil? i think thats what this is he falls back and I’m laughing at him because he laughed at me but i feel really bad because i don’t like laughing at people i don’t think you’re supposed to do this outside of the brow no he falls and I’m like dude i’ll catch you dude i got you so i get off the treadmill and if you haven’t noticed by now that i say treadmill pretty weird pretty weird he gets off i get off and I’m like hey i’ll help you up and so i like extend my arm because he doesn’t he didnt fall gracefully he like stumbled and did a little back roll and I’m like wow this is a really dangerous place this might be a judgement freezone but like you’re not safe i gotta round this out I’m like dude are you okay hes like we have not said a word to each other and what he tells me is that i even fall better than you are you kidding me he even turned falling into a competition I’m like who does that but yeah that was my gym story it wasn’t funny but i had to tell you guys that because i thought it was fricken weird and i have this gross lipstick er lipgloss on so I’m gonna put on some shimmering oooo this ones pink but yeah he’s like even i fall better than you gets up doesn’t wipe off his machine and walks away but he’s limping i coulda helped you out dude but you know what he didn’t want that not want that at all i got lipstick on me and I’m just like are you kidding me so i go back to my walking and i saved myself i guess i don’t have anything so I’m gonna put this on with my hand the lady next to me is like doesn’t have her headphones in guess she overheard the entire conversation because guess what she says you know what she says to me this is really ugly blush i don’t think I’m doing this right you know what she says to me she says i think you fell better yes i did lady yes i did this has been my makeup tutorial this is what would happen if i ever tried to put makeup on my wings are pretty good like i would be jealous nah this one is a little lacking i don’t like this because this is too not i don’t know whose this is is this not blush does it not look like blush? i dont know so just saying that wherever you go its probably not a judgement free zone well lighten this up i think i accidentally put eyeshadow on my face i hope you guys are having a wonderful day this is what happens when you don’t sleep and you’re really stressed out about writing an essay ill see ya next week with something funnier

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