The ‘Cheer’ Cast Gives Ellen ‘Mat Talk’

All righty, our next guests
are a part of a docuseries on Netflix that the entire
country is talking about. If you haven’t watched
it, it’s called Cheer, and I absolutely loved it– binge watched the entire thing. Here’s why. They’ve point the grand
championship several times. They could beat anybody. People from all over the country
come here to cheer for Monica. My goal was to be the best
cheer program in the country. We have kids that come from
broken home or troubled past. In my head, I just feel like I’m
never good enough for people. Your own brother is turning
on you, jumping you. They were trying to
beat him into a man. They would make me feel like I
was not a part of the family. Those are my kids. I’ll fight tooth
and nail for them. She knows how to produce. Do it again. She is a beast. You work so hard your
entire life for a moment. Do it again. If you want to be one of the
top teams at the competition, you have to step it up. Keep going until
you get it right, and then you keep going
until you can’t get it wrong. Please welcome Monica,
Jerry, Gabi, La’Darius. Well, first of all, I just
want to say, you’re awesome. And everyone who’s not
sitting here– we’ll see them later perform–
but you’re just awesome. And you work so hard. And man your hard. You’re tough. You’re really, really tough. But you can tell how much
you love doing what you do. Yes. I’ve done this for 25
years, and I just– even though I thought
it was a temporary job, I just can’t see
myself giving it up. I’m just so passionate
about these kids, and I love doing it. Yeah, well, you’re good at it. [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] They saw a little bit
of that, but explain what the show is for people. Well, it’s a six-part
docuseries that goes out on our journey for
our 14th national championship. But I think most importantly,
it just gives you an inside look at these
kids, and their different backgrounds, and how they’re
able to overcome anything that life throws at them. Yeah. And people move there
just to be a part of that, from different places. And it’s a small town in Texas. Yes, very small. [APPLAUSE] Really small– because
there’s not much else for you to do except
that, so you can’t really get into too much
trouble, right? And we practice a lot, and
we have a busy schedule. So I think it doesn’t
matter that it’s a small town, because if we’re
not practicing we’re in school or cheering at a game. So they have plenty to do. [LAUGHING] But there’s not really time– because you have
to study as well, and you’re in there
working constantly. All right, so you are Jerry. Yes. [CHEERS] Come on, Jerry. Come on, Jerry. You’re awesome. Thank you. You’re awesome, and you do
what is called mat talk. Yes. And you’re really good at that. Yes. Give them an example
of what mat talk is. Well, mat talk is basically
given encouragement to anybody that’s on
the floor with you, and just letting that you have
someone who that’s looking out for you and wants
to be there for you, and that you’re not
alone on the floor. And yeah, that’s
mat talk for you. All right. [APPLAUSE] You should mat talk. [INAUDIBLE] Ellen, if you were
on the floor with me, I would mat talk you like this. All right– Let’s go, Ellen. You got it. [INAUDIBLE] [CHEERS] [INAUDIBLE] I think, whenever I’m on stage,
I should bring you on the side. Be like, shut up– I’m talking, Jerry. And Gabi, you have– you’re amazing. Thank you. But your parents have gotten
a little bit of backlash since it’s aired, because
they keep you pretty busy and they are– I wouldn’t say they’re tough
on you, but they definitely– the backlash is they
work you too hard. And how’s that going with you? I think, when the show
came out, we were– we all watched it together as
a family, and we were like, oh, wow– it was a really big
eye-opener for all of us. My parents were
like, wow, maybe we do need to let her
be more independent and let her make her own
decisions for herself. And I really just think
that it was great for me because I really started to love
myself more, and being like, I need to be more
positive about myself. Good. So I’m very grateful
for the show. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] It’s a different perspective
to see it that way. La’Darius, you have
gone through a really– what a life. All of us have different
stories, but you had a tough– and your family didn’t
really accept you for being who you were. And after the show’s
aired, now what are they– how is that? Is that better? When we first
started the show, I was a little nervous,
a little scared, because nobody really wants to
talk about the bad things have happened in their life and
have it on camera and stuff. So when I got through with
the show and my mom and them– because they were learning
stuff about me that they did not know, or me and my brothers
never talked about. So when she learned about that,
she had called me immediately after. And she was like,
oh my gosh, D– that’s what they
call me about home– she was like, I’m so
proud of you and I’m so– I never knew how
strong you really were or what you were
really going through until I saw it on camera. And after the show,
I felt so much better because I got away
from all my chains. I felt like I was
being held down, and I felt like I
was finally free– that I could fly. [APPLAUSE] That’s all any
kid wants to hear. That’s fantastic. I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you. And it’s a very
conservative town. There’s a section in there
where the teacher is talking about what a relationship
is– a relationship is a man and a woman. It’s a really conservative town. And I love that you love them
for who they are and would fight and defend
them, because that’s really important for
them to have you there. Absolutely. [APPLAUSE] Come on. Fight for us. These are like my kids. They come to me
with their problems, so I hear the stories. I see the tears. And I would never want anyone
to feel like they were less than for how they were born. And I’m really
passionate about it, and so I want to protect
them through everything. Yes. Well, they’re lucky to have you. That’s fantastic. We’re going to take
a break, and they are going to perform
after this, Navarro Cheer. [CHEERS]

100 thoughts on “The ‘Cheer’ Cast Gives Ellen ‘Mat Talk’

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    *Go Jerry!!!💙

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    Ive NEVER cried harder out of joy for a group of people I’ve never met !
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