The 5  Psychological Benefits Of Yoga 🤔 Mental Health

hi welcome to jivayogalive my name is
Charlie and in this video I would like to talk to you about these psychological
benefits of yoga and there are so many everybody knows about the physical sides
of yoga but let’s get into what’s going on in this mental battlefield almost
that we have and how yoga can really benefit you so we’re going to go through
five all right number one yoga is good for anxiety and I’ll tell you why and
that is because when you practice yoga the aim is to really come into this
present moment and we do that by focusing on our breath or we do it by
focusing on the posture that were in and so when we are spending time in the
present moment we are coming away from this future that does not exist and this
is when we feel anxiety when we start getting overwhelmed about what is to
come the unknown we start to create these mental stories about this this
future that literally is not even real and so when we do yoga we come well away
from that and this takes me to our second benefit and that is yoga is good
for depression and so unlike anxiety where you’re living in this future
depression you’re usually living in the past you might be sad about something
that’s been and gone you might be missing someone and so like anxiety
depression even though that on different ends of the spectrum it’s the same
situation we have going on the yoga is going to bring you out of these places
that are only real in this illusory mind and so it brings you into this present
moment and we let all of that go so anxiety and depression both of these
things yoga is amazing for the third benefit we’re going to cover is how yoga
is good for the relationship that you have with yourself and so when you’re
making time to get onto your mat every day if you can but even just whenever
you can you’re letting your body know at a subconscious level that you are worthy
of self-love because when you’re practicing yoga you’re basically
practicing self-love you’re getting in tune with your breath and your body and
you’re giving yourself space the four corners of your mat and
it’s just for you and yourself and so you really start to become aware of the
body the mind starts are quieting down and you’re just developing this really
positive relationship with your own being and that is amazing you start to
become more patient with yourself you become more relaxed especially when it
comes to things like trying to get into peak poses or one day your balance might
not be as good as it was the day before and instead of beating yourself up
you’re just you have this patience and compassion for yourself and this takes
me to our fourth benefit which is the relationship you have with others so
when you’re practicing yoga and you’re developing this amazing relationship
with yourself you’re becoming more patient you’re becoming more
compassionate and all this is going on on the mat this starts to ripple out
into the rest of your life and into your relationship with others you start to
become more patient with others you start to be less triggered by others so
with your family with your friends these little things they do that maybe once
upon a time before your yoga days might have set something off in you you’re
able to just come back to your breath and breathe again back to that present
moment and you can just let things go a lot easier so you have this amazing
relationship developing not only with yourself but with other people and
people you’ll thank yourself and your friends will thank you for it and then
that leaves me with our fifth benefit a little bonus and that is honing the
skills of memory and concentration so basically in yoga we are focusing on
cultivating this what we call Dharana and that is single point of focus and we
do this often when we’re in a posture by focusing on a diversity point and that
helps us to keep our balance so if we’re in a standing balancing pose we’ll find
one single point we’ll focus on that and that just helps us stay in the pose for
longer and so while we’re cultivating that on the mat again it’s gonna ripple
out into the rest of your life so your meditations are going to be better
because you’re better able to concentrate on the breath on the body
and you’ll notice these kind of benefits in any kind of work that you’re doing
any kind of study just at your job the better your memory is the better
concentration you have the better work you’re going to get done and so these
are our five benefits we have anxiety reduction depression
reduction you can it be instilling this amazing relationship with yourself
number three with others number four and then holding the skills of memory and
concentration which you’ll see on the mat and off the mat and so this is why
or one of the many reasons that we practice yoga please do give it a go and
let me know and have a beautiful day namaste would you like to improve your
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