100 thoughts on “Strongman VS Bodybuilder – STRENGTH WARS 2k16 #4

  1. The taller guy has a disadvantage his limbs are longer so it takes more energy and effort to lift… this is fucking stupid

  2. this is unfair dude body builder can do this shits better as its his daily doings .. try something else dumbo

  3. It should have been, Strongman does his max lifts for these and the bodybuilder does his max for 10 reps.
    Guaranteed the Strongman would win because it is lower reps and his max. pretty sure that bodybuilder is roided up, so much Testosterone that his body made more veins that shouldn't be there. haha You don't tell a strongman to do high reps, each max weight and low reps. My own opinion though.

  4. Gah i cant wait until i can afford a gym membership again. I just have to do bodyweight workouts for now

  5. This was as far from a test of strength as possible, 'low' weights against the clock, that is designed for a bodybuilder,

    Elite strongmen are lifting 200kg+ in the log lift, and deadlifting 350kg as a minimum, even breaking 1000 pounds for the top dead lifters.

    These are two completely different aspects of strength, one being about stamina and endurance as well as strength , the other about pure and raw strength.

    The difference is that most strongmen could put in the hours and fairly quickly do those reps, with those weights, as fast as an elite bodybuilder, but most bodybuilders couldn't go anywhere near the elite strongmen when it comes to lifting those weights.

  6. Its a good video and all, but bodybuilders and strongmen simply can't be compared to each other, there's a major difference between the two.

    Bodybuilders exercise in order to get big muscles. Bodybuilding is merely to build muscle to form an aesthetic and proportional physique.

    Strongmen on the other hand are men that are usually big, tall and obviously, strong, they can lift super heavy stuff, and their strength usually comes from their ancestors, but alot of them also work hard for it.

  7. You will complete for eternity 👹that guy was a monster…he can probably devour a cow in a week for food…

  8. Exercise is hustle. Like adrenaline to muscles. I'm A Bar machine Novacane. So it's way realer. Zen to a friend Breath WIN Body Builder #B🔥RS

  9. people going on and on about its unfair for the strongman because it's based on number of reps. I think the point of the whole fucking show is to see whether strength equals to being able to lift lighter weight with more reps or does the bodybuilder training of more reps means better results

  10. its crazy to see body differences like strong man dude is big and good shape but i wouldnt think hes beast by looking at him but bodybuilder looks like a beast lol its crazy to see

  11. No doubt this stringnan can lift more they were going for reps not so much heavy ass weight just so it's fair because like the bodybuilder said they dint train for strength they train to pretty much have a good looking phyisque that's a bodybuilders gial is who can have the best physique strongman have been around i think longer than bodybuilding and bodybuilders may have a better physique but their strrengty cant compare to a strongman they train heavy bodybuilders train lighter by a lit sometimes stringman are beasts u dint wanna fuck with especially the bigger ones that are just straight up fuckibg beasts u hurt their daughters heart theyll rip out yours lol they could but honestly bruan Shaw is a really kind guy if u see him on YouTube hhe's like a gentle beast.

  12. Will appreciate if someone can tell me the name of the track which starts from 5:02. Have been trying to find it for the last hour. Thanks in advance.

  13. In honest opinion I don’t think a body builder could beat an actual strong man . Yeah their muscle and that’s cool and all but I don’t think a bodybuilder could actually do the things that Maurice Pudzianowski could or Bill Kazmeier could . I’m a former amateur strong man and we had a few bodybuilders on our circuit and they can never make it to end

  14. le bro : phew now the other exercise…le terminator : AM DONE …le bro : :O wut but i if you i you could i would but …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77sS5IuR0Gs

  15. Our body is a learning machine..
    It depends on what we do most..if we train running regularly our muscles and other related aspects reshape into running mode… They get used to it and body will start design itself for running…
    If we focus on more strength body will come in that way.. If we focus on stamina body will design itself to that …

  16. This was totally in favor of the bodybuilder. Strongman rep range is 6-8 and some use 5×5 split. Bodybuilders do like 10-12×4. Not fair

  17. I can destroy all of use at once you weak lings i go totne gym 24/7 i start at 3am and Finnish at 9pm every doy i ha e been doing it since i was 10 i'm ow 24 so if you thinm there mashins then i'm a tank i can lift my ca around the block so you guys are all weak

  18. Put the best bodybuilder against Zydrunas Savickas, Eddie Hall, Brian Show or "Mountain" in strongmen competition and the bodybuilder gets wrecked 🙂 Only Mariusz Pudzianowski, who looked like bodybuilder, was able to compete and win, but he was rarity. This was not competition between coparable athlettes, they are clearly in different league.

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