9 thoughts on “Stores are running out of hand sanitizer as coronavirus concerns continue

  1. People keep buying sanitizers, and yet, they continue to touch their faces, not cleaning their phones and keys, and so on.
    People are f stupid.

  2. The sudden and widespread shortages of useful things is why some of us believe it is prudent to stay prepared and stocked-up for a variety of possible disasters. It also costs less in both money and time to buy your supplies (and rotate those supplies) well before the general public becomes concerned about a particular type of disaster.

    When news first came out of China about an epidemic in Wuhan, I did a quick inventory of the N-95 masks, nitrile gloves, virus-killing sanitizers, bar soap and non-prescription cold and flu meds I already had. All I bought to add to my disaster supplies was a better quality digital medical thermometer, better quality goggles, replaced some cold and flu meds that were getting old, added to my supply of sanitizers and bought a finger-tip pulse oximeter. I already had the food storage, stored water and various off-grid ways to cook meals, to stay warm and to run an air conditioner.

    I did have to stock-up on dry pet food and some of the frozen foods and canned food I normally would have bought over the next two months because I decided I would stop going to stores as soon as a local case of corona virus infection was reported. And yes, I have been routinely sanitizing, with Lysol spray or wipes, my hands, vehicle door handles and steering wheel on every errand I have made since learning of the virus outbreak in Wuhan + plus thoroughly washing my hands every time I come home. And I am glad I started this early since recently hearing news reports that the virus may have been circulating undetected in West Coast populations for weeks before the first case was reported there. I am now avoiding all crowds and trying to stay at least six feet away from people who are not household members. I predict that most of the people who are now desperate to find scarce supplies will not learn much from this experience and will go back to their unprepared ways as soon as the pandemic has burned itself out because it is easier for them to not prepare for a rare event than to make the effort to stay prepared for whatever may come.

  3. And no one mentioning other options for places to shop for these items: Aldi, Dollar General, Lowe's, The Home Depot, Office Depot/OfficeMax, gas stations, online (yes, there are items aplenty online — just watch for price gouging!).

  4. This Virus outbreak was Done Purposely & the lord know all and sees all so go ahead keep trying to kill his children. (U will be judged)
    Trying to tell people how to make fake hand sanitizer is so bad wow keep in mind viewers that i searched stores everywhere and they all say the same thing OUT or for a small bottle its 300.00 Dollers or more like on amazon dont u know purell is the Only company who has the cure for killing this Virus cause they have ingredients that they wont share with the FDA and u can look that up. These people are trying to get u to get your mind off of Purell so u can think ohhh now i can make sanitizer NOPE wrong u cant NOT LIKE PURELL does. Notice how they say Purell first out of all sanitizers its cause its the best NO JOKE. So the Only way to kill the Virus is 2 ways #1 purell only and above all #2 keep the faith and jesus will save u. They are making a vaccine that will kill u and it has the Mark of the beast 666 this Virus stran was made by the EVIL ONE. JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY SO REPENT AND BE SAVED.

  5. We need more production lines. State governments should step in if private business can't do it. Working people need the sanitizer because they cannot stop to wash hands.

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