Space Station fitness

Hello, I am Thomas Pesquet,
astronaut of the European Space Agency. On a six month mission on board the
International Space Station. In space we float all day
There are a lot of muscles
that we do not use. Specifically the back and leg muscles. We are have to do two hours of
sport every day to counter muscle and bone loss. Today I will show you our exercise
facilities in space. On the Station there are various ways
to do sport. This machine is called CEVIS. It is quite simply the ‘space’ version of a stationary bike It has a vibration isolation system, so that your movements and efforts during exercise do not affect the Space Station itself, or disrupt the experiments in microgravity. And now, we’re ready to go! The other machine that we use daily
on the Station is our treadmill, called T2. It is actually a very simple treadmill. But for us to be able to use it here
it is a little bit different. This machine too is isolated from the
Station walls due to the vibrations and is connected to computers that allow us to track our performance and send the collected data directly to Earth to be used there. Each of us has a personalised harness because we obviously need a force that pulls us towards the surface of the treadmill. Which happens with these elastic
buckles. And now, off I go on my daily run on board the International Space Station. Finally, the last machine on the
Station, the one we prefer. It is called ARED, it’s a monster, with its two pneumatic cylinders, it can create up to 272 kg of force. And this is useful for us to train
all the muscles of our upper body, as well as our arms, back, abdomen and chest. But also the leg muscles when we do squats and exercises like that. One of the advantages of this machine, next to the fact that it keeps us in shape, is that from here, you’ve got an astonishing view just below our legs. This is the Cupola which allows us
to gaze at the Earth. So it is without a doubt the gym with the
best view in the world!

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  1. Thank for this video !

    merci Thomas pour la vidéo. C'est pas faux, la vue de votre salle de sport est vraiment pas mal 😉

  2. J'ai une petite question : est-ce que vous pouvez suer durant vos séances de sport ?
    I've got a question : can you sweat during your sport session ?
    Go Thomas ! 🇫🇷

  3. You can like my post please and continue your video its very good (sorry for my english he is so bad) Thomas je t'adore et ces trop bien ses vidéos comme sa on voit comment vous vivez dans l'espace 😜

  4. Bravo tres explicative si vous pouvez en faire d autres comme ca qui presente d autres parties de la station internationale ce serait super !! Merci

  5. Comment sont placées les machines dans la station ? Est ce que c'est dans des culs-de-sacs, pour le pas "déranger", ou est-ce qu'elles sont en plein milieu ? Par exemple, pour ARED, est-ce qu'on peut accéder à la coupole quand quelqu'un.e l'utilise ?

  6. Question: Why not incorporate something more active in the loading tension for the running springs, adjustable so each member of the crew runs at 1G based on their body weight?

  7. Hello! I have a question, why you used cumbersome hydraulic device when you can use elastic band? There are a lot of exercises with elastic band that may substitute barbell.

  8. hey guys!…what are those tiny white dashes all around on black space background? Satellites? Space litter? You may see that about the end of video…

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