100 thoughts on “Solo Overnight In The Thatched Reed Winter Survival Shelter During Snowstorm (87 Days episode 25)

  1. I sure enjoyed this video . It was very peaceful and thought provoking. Thank you for including the Lord because without Him we wouldn't be able to have a peace Inside . He created everything .

  2. Every indigenous tribe has their own set of skills that are quite awesome. Some make the best canoes ever. Each has their own way of perfecting bows and arrows. They can set up camp strictly from items in the jungle in under an hour. They know all of the animal calls. They have a great life and sometimes a hard life only lasting 45-50 years. Sometimes they drink and do drugs (from the forest or jungle). Sometimes they are afraid of twins or other conditions. They sometimes like males more than females. They often live in tribal warfare, when left alone. Sometimes they need medical attention. Sometimes they need more of what we have and sometimes we need more of what they have.

  3. I only spend money on survival gear. When I retire, I don't want to spend any money… unless I want something…

  4. I make it a point to hear directly from God when I read the Bible. I just don't like to be thinking about what people say about the Bible. I want to think about what the Bible says. I suppose Our Daily Bread is better than nothing at all and maybe it's not so bad. Just be open to hearing directly from God.

  5. Hi dear I'm very enjoying your video view and place all to beautiful I love that ❤❤❤ me from pakistan

  6. Man, I live like 25 minutes from Maine and I haven't been in years. Nothing in Maine I don't have here in Central, NH.

    Neat video. Best of luck with your video fun.

  7. It still amazes me how much extra work these overnighters still have to do just to get set up when they they say its ready to go, lol. Seems like a lot of time is wasted on doing the things that were suppose to be done already. Well good luck with all of it.

  8. @16:44 Bushcraft apple pie, that's funny but brilliant lol! I'll have to try that on a keto cheat day, only do those about once a month but we have to have a little relaxed food day sometimes.

  9. you are awsome, well done , great vid, you cant just build a log cabin off the grid here in New Zealand unless you own the land, and sadley land aint cheap

  10. I go a week to 10 days without spending a penny every month, because I am OLD and trying to live on SS, when it runs out you dont spend.. LOL

  11. My wife and I can easily go 2 weeks without spending any money. We grocery shop for a 2 to 3 week period. Stir fry looks good.

  12. I've done it not spent a single cent in a week but I'm 14 I make most of all the survival tools I need but every couple months I buy more paracord and fishing stuff but I guess its different cause I don't have bills and payments

  13. Have you thought about daubing the inside of your shelter with clay to make it bug proof in the summer

  14. i have a special forces shovel from the cold war and it still has the original handle i also have a new cold steel one for use.

  15. WOW! Zack you are so ispirational with the way you express your thoughts…….. so totally impressed. I've watched a lot of your stuff but this was SOOOO inspirational.

  16. I have but not by choice when you liveing pay check to pay check it's very doable but you got to love what you got do with what you can when u got mouth s too feed

  17. You kinda look like Daniel Bryan… You look kind-hearted 🙂 I would like to see a similar video of yours where you do not carry all those bushcraft purchases and try creating a fire by yourself, hunt, cook and create a shelter from scratch… All in one video… Anyways, nice video, man!

  18. Amen my brother , I make sure I have my Bible time every day, I do miss my home state of Maine. God Bless you and your family and don't ever worry about other people being negative towards you for your showing and practicing your faith.

  19. Talk about people not spending money people have rent and normal bills they should pay buddy u can last cause u have YouTube supporting u

  20. Man i wan to know how to build a structure like that! Is there a video of you building it? I'm searching for it, but no luck yet

  21. I’m so speechless you such a good YouTuber keep up the work and just idk! Being yourself! 😇 also you look great with the orange beanie on!

  22. Interesting video love to see the come about of you in the 87 days in solidarity I'm willing to try with my love ones thanks for the video sending ❤frm Massachusetts

  23. Thank you for sharing and may the Creator bless you as you bless those who watch your video's with a great time hanging out with you through technology.

  24. The moment you laid down and talked straight at the camera, was the most beautiful thing ever. I was so captivated by your voice. Listening to every reflection. And made me realize, how similar humans are. How we all feel the same way. How we all live of our memories and love for our loved ones. Great video. 🙏🙏⭐️⭐️

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