Shiv Baba English Murli 23 December, 2019

Sweet children, to follow shrimat at every
step is to have the highest chart. The children who pay regard to shrimat will definitely
study the murli. Question: Which question should no one ask
God’s children? Answer: No one should ask you children: “Are
you happy and content?”, because you say that you are constantly content. You were concerned
about finding the Father who lives in the land beyond, in Brahmand. Now that you have
found Him, why should you be worried about anything? Even though you may be unwell, you
still say that you are happy and content. God’s children are not concerned about anything.
When the Father sees that someone is being attacked by Maya, He asks: Child, are you
happy and content? Om shanti. The Father explains: It is in the
intellects of you children that Baba is the Father, the Teacher and the Supreme Guru.
You must surely be in this remembrance. No one else can teach you this remembrance. The
Father alone comes every cycle and teaches you this. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the
Purifier. Now that you have received the third eye of knowledge, a divine intellect, this
can be explained to you. Even though you children understand the knowledge, you forget the Father,
and so how could you remember the Teacher and the Guru? Maya is so powerful that she
makes you forget all three forms of the Father. You then say: I have been defeated. In fact,
you earn multimillions at every step, but how could you accumulate any of it if you
are defeated? Deities are portrayed holding a lotus. This study is taught by God. Such
a study could never come from a human being. Although the deities are praised, the highest
of all is the one Father. So, what greatness do they have? Today, they have a “donkeyship”
and tomorrow they will have the kingdom. You are now making effort to become those. You
know that many fail in this effort. Knowledge is very easy and yet so few of you pass! Why?
Because Maya repeatedly makes you forget. The Father tells you to keep a chart of your
remembrance, but you are unable to write it. To what extent do you sit and write it? When
you do write, it is sometimesup and sometimes down. Those who follow shrimat at every step
have the highest chart. The Father knows that perhaps these poor ones feel ashamed. Otherwise,
shrimat would be put into practice. Hardly one or two per cent write anything. Because
they don’t have much regard for shrimat, even when they receive a murli, they don’t
read it. It would definitely touch their hearts that Baba is telling the truth when He says
that they are not reading the murli. In that case, what can they teach others? The Father
says: Remember Me and you will become the masters of heaven. Both the Teacher and the
Bestower of Salvation are included with the Father in this. The whole of this knowledge
is included within these few words. Even though the Father explains the same things, you come
here to revise them. You yourselves say that you forget, and this is why you come here
to revise them. Even though some of you do this, you are unable to revise them properly.
If it is not in someone’s fortune, what effort would he make? The one Father inspires
all of you to make this effort. No one can be shown any favouritism in this. In other
studies, a teacher is called to give extra tuition. This One teaches everyone identically
in order for you all to make your own fortune. To what extent would He sit and teach each
one of you individually? There are so many children here. In other studies, wealthy people
would offer something to the teacher to give their children extra tuition. A teacher knows
when someone is dull, and so he would teach him extra to make him worthy of winning a
scholarship. This Teacher does not do this. This One teaches everyone the same. When a
teacher makes extra effort with a pupil, it means that he is showing some mercy. Some
accept money to spend extra time on a student and make him study more to become clever.
This Father gives everyone the same great mantra: Manmanabhav; that’s all! The Father
alone is the Purifier and it is only by having remembrance of Him that you will become pure.
It is in the hands of you children – the more you remember Him, the purer you will become!
Everything depends on the effort each one of you makes. People go on pilgrimages. Some
go there on seeing others go. You children have been on many pilgrimages. What was the
result of that? You continued to come down. What were those pilgrimages for? What will
you gain from them? You didn’t know anything. This is now your pilgrimage of remembrance.
There is just this one word: Manmanabhav! This pilgrimage of yours is eternal. People
say that they have been going on pilgrimages from time immemorial. You now have knowledge,
so you say that you have this pilgrimage every cycle. The Father Himself comes and teaches
you this pilgrimage. People stumble along so much on those pilgrimages and make so much
noise. This pilgrimage is of dead silence: you just have to remember the one Father.
This is how you become pure. The Father has taught you this true spiritual pilgrimage.
You have been going on those pilgrimages for birth after birth. Nevertheless, you continued
to sing: We searched for God everywhere and yet we still remain distant from Him. When
they return from a pilgrimage they indulge in vice, and so what benefit was there? You
children know that this is now the most auspicious confluence age when the Father comes. One
day, everyone will know that the Father has come. How would anyone eventually find God?
No one knows this. Some think that God is in cats and dogs. Would you find God in them?
There is so much falsehood. Their food is false (wrong), their drink is false and they
spend their nights in falsehood. This is why this is the land of falsehood. Only heaven
is called the land of truth. Bharat was heaven. Everyone in heaven was a resident of Bharat
and those same residents are today in hell. You sweet children know that you are now taking
shrimat from the Father and making Bharat into heaven once again. At that time, no one
else exists in Bharat. The whole world becomes pure. At present, there are so many religions.
The Father gives you the knowledge of the whole tree. He reminds you once again that
you were deities and that you then became merchants and then shudras. You have now become
Brahmins. Did you ever hear these words from sannyasis or from scholars or pandits? The
Father explains the meaning of “Hum so, so hum” in such an easy way! “Hum so” means I,
this soul, go around the cycle in this way. Those people say: “I, the soul, am the Supreme
Soul, and the Supreme Soul is myself, the soul.” Not a single person knows the real
meaning of “Hum so”. The Father says: You should constantly keep the mantra “Hum so”
in your intellects. Otherwise, how could you become rulers of the globe? Those people don’t
even understand the meaning of the cycle of 84 births. “The rise and fall of Bharat”
has been remembered. You go through the stages of satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo: the sun
dynasty, the moon dynasty etc. You children now know everything about this. Only the one
Father, the Seed, is called the Ocean of Knowledge. He doesn’t enter the world cycle. It is
not that we souls become the Supreme Soul; no. The Father makes us as knowledge-full
as He is. He does not make us into God like He is. You have to understand these things
very clearly, because only then can you rotate the cycle in your intellects. You can use
your intellects to understand how you go around the cycle of 84 births. The time, the castes
and the dynasties are all included in this. You become the most elevated ones of all through
this knowledge. When you have knowledge, you can then give it to others. At the time of
taking examinations in those schools, you are given test papers which come from abroad.
There must be a Senior Education Minister who checks everything even for those who are
studying abroad. Who would check your papers here? You have to do this for yourself. You
can become whatever you want. By studying this study, you can claim whatever status
you want from the Father. The more you remember the Father and serve others, the more fruit
you will receive. Because your kingdom is being established, you know that subjects
are also needed and so you are concerned about doing service. There is no need for any advisers
etc. there. It is here, where they have less wisdom, that they need advisers. Many come
here to the Father to seek advice: They ask: Baba, what should I do with the money I have?
What business should I do? The Father says: Do not bring your worldly business matters
etc. here. Yes, if someone feels hopeless or disheartened, Baba would give him some
advice to reassure him. However, that is not My business. My business is to make you pure
from impure and to make you into the masters of the world. You constantly have to continue
to take shrimat from the Father. At present, everyone gives devilish directions. There,
it is the land of happiness. You would never be asked there: Are you happy and content?
Is your health OK? These things are only asked here. These expressions do not exist there.
There are no expressions of the land of sorrow there. However, the Father knows that when
Maya interferes with the children, He can ask: Are you OK? Are you happy and content?
Other human beings don’t understand the expressions we use here. When people ask you how you are,
you can tell them that you are the children of God, and so there is no need for them to
ask about your welfare. We were concerned about finding the Father who lives in the
land beyond, in the brahm element. Now that we have found Him, why should we worry about
anything else? You should constantly remember whose children you are. You have this knowledge
in your intellects. When you become pure, the war will begin. When they ask you how
you are, you can say that you are always happy and content. Even when you are sick, you are
still content. When you remain in remembrance of Baba, you are even more content here than
you are in heaven because you have found the Father who gives you the kingdom of heaven.
He makes us so worthy. So, why should we worry about anything? What would the children of
God be worried about? The deities are not worried about anything there. God is higher
than the deities. So, what would the children of God be worried about? Baba is teaching
us. Baba is our Teacher and Satguru. Baba places a crown on us. A child who is to wear
his father’s crown would be called in English a “crown prince”. You can understand that,
in the golden age, there is nothing but happiness. You will attain that happiness in a practical
way when you go there. Only you know what exists in the golden age and where you will
go when you leave your present bodies. The Father is now teaching you in a practical
way. You know that you truly do go to heaven. When those people say that so-and-so has gone
to heaven, they neither know what heaven is nor what hell is. It has been written that
the duration of a cycle is hundreds of thousands of years. Whilst you have been listening to
that knowledge for many births you have continued to come down. Your intellects now know where
you were and where you have fallen to. You have continued to come down from the golden
age and have now reached the most auspicious confluence age. The Father comes every cycle
to teach you. You stay with the Father do you not? That One is our true Satguru who
shows us the path of liberation and liberation-in-life. Just as this Baba learns, so you children
should observe him and learn in the same way. You should be cautious at every step. Your
thoughts, words and deeds have to be very pure. There should be no type of dirt or rubbish
inside you. You children repeatedly forget the Father. When you forget the Father, you
also forget His teachings. You even forget that you are students. This study is very
easy. There is magic in having remembrance of the Father. No other father can teach you
how to perform such magic. It is through this magic that you become satopradhan from tamopradhan.
You children know that Shiv Baba established through Brahma the original, eternal, deity
religion which lasted through the golden and silver ages, for half the cycle. Then, later,
those of the other religions expanded. For instance, when Christ came, there were very
few at first. Only when there are many of them can they rule. The Christian religion
continues even now; it continues to grow. They know that they have become Christians
through Christ. Christ came 2000 years ago and expansion is taking place now. Christians
would say that they belong to Christ. First, Christ alone comes, and then his religion
is established and it then expands. From one, there are two, from two there are four and
expansion continues to take place in that way. Look how big the Christian tree has become.
The foundation is the deity dynasty. This is why Brahma is called the great-great-grandfather.
However, the people of Bharat have forgotten that they are the direct children of the Supreme
Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva. Christians also understand that Adi Dev existed in the
past and that this is his human dynasty. However, they would still believe in their Christ.
People consider Christ or Buddha etc. to be their father. There is the genealogical tree.
Just as there are memorials of Christ in Christian countries, in the same way, you children have
done tapasya here and this is why there is your memorial here in Abu. Achcha. To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found
children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The
spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. Essence for dharna: Go on the true, spiritual pilgrimage of dead
silence. Constantly remember the mantra of “Hum so”, because only then will you become
the rulers of the globe. Your thoughts, words and deeds have to be
very pure. Let there be no dirt or rubbish inside you. Be cautious at every step and
pay regard to shrimat. Blessing: May
you be a fortunate soul who unlocks all treasures with the key of the word “Baba”.
Even if you are unable to know or speak any expansion of knowledge, by just taking the
one word “Baba” into your heart and telling others about it from your heart, you become
a special soul. In front of the world, you become a great soul worthy of being praised
because the one word “Baba” is the key to all treasures and all fortune. The way
to use the key is to know it in your heart and to accept with your heart. Say from your
heart “Baba” and the treasures become constantly present.
Slogan: You have love for BapDada and so,out of love, sacrifice the old world.

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