Shambhavi Mudra How to do Step by Step Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya – Yoga Mudra for Meditation

Shambhavi Mudra , steps – How to do it properly….
and precaution of Shambhavi Mudra. Hi, Namaste, and welcome to my channel. In this video, I will show you – How to do
Shambhavi Mudra Properly – Step by step. And about Shambhavi – Maha Mudra kriya, I
will show you in the series of yoga asana videos – on this channel. Right now, we have started the – Yoga Mudra
– or Meditation Mudra Series. Coming back, to Shambhavi Mudra. Here are some guidelines, that will help you to prepare, and increase
receptivity of this practice of Shambhavi Mudra. Make sure, your mobile phones are in silent
mode or switched off. If you wear glasses or contact lens, while
doing the Yoga or Meditation, Please remove them and keep them aside. One more, last advice from me to you, by my
own experience – Do Not practice Shambhavi Mudra with Full stomach or immediately after
a meal. First find a place, where you will be undisturbed
for period of time. Now, Sit on the floor – cushion or chair,
where you can feel comfortable – I prefer, on the floor with cushion. Now, take couple of Deep breath and calm your
mind, relax your whole body. Sit comfortably, on the floor – with cross
legged posture, aka Indian posture – Sukhaasana. Or Lotus pose – Padmasana, I prefer Indian
posture. Make sure your Spine or backbone is “Comfortably”
erect. hands uncrossed and palms open. We will hold “Gyaan Mudra”, which is the Yoga
Mudra for, Meditation. To make Gyaan mudra, join the tip of your
thumb, and index finger, to form a perfect circle, with that of thumbs and fingers. Keep other three fingers straight. Hold this mudra – and place the hands on your
knee – with palm facing upward. Make sure, your Hands and Shoulder Must be
loose – and relax. Now, take couple of deep breath and calm your
mind. With your eyes opened, look at the center
of your both eyebrows – where they meet or touch or connect. You can clearly see and feel the ‘V’ shape
– made by the both eyebrows at the center – where two curved lines meeting and forming
‘V’ shape. Now, concentrate at that V shape or the center
of both eyebrows – where these two curved lines meet. If you noticed yourself, drifting off into
your thoughts, simply bring your focus back to ‘Breath’. Now, slowly, very slowly, close your eyes
and focus between your eyebrows. Do Not concentrate, just maintain, the natural
focus between your eyebrows. Be conscious , of the natural movement of
breath. Start Meditating with me. Continue to sit like this, 5 to 6 minutes,
– for beginners. Once you are comfortable with it – and it
became’s easy for you, to sit like this 5 to 6 minutes,
you can increase your time and repetition. Currently, I am practicing Shambhavi mudra
for 15 minutes, 3 repetition. I don’t want to practice 15 to 20 minutes
of only Shambhavi Mudra, because of Maha mudra kriya, aka Shambhavi Maha Mudra Kriya,
is the combination of Physical Yoga, Breathing- exercises and Meditation, which I will show
you, in next series of Yogasana Videos. Anyways,
Shambhavi Mudra Benefits, Full Introduction, History and Real Deep Meaning, I will explain
in another video. Also, the difference between – Shambhavi
mudra and Maha mudra, I will explain in another video. .
hmmm. Tell me, How was the, experience of Shambhavi Mudra, with me? Did you practiced, with me – Shambhavi Mudra,
while watching this video? How did you feel? Tell me in the comment below, love to hear
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5 thoughts on “Shambhavi Mudra How to do Step by Step Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya – Yoga Mudra for Meditation

  1. Tell me, How was the, experience of Shambhavi Mudra, with me?
    How did you feel?

    Did you practiced Shambhavi Mudra, with me – while watching this video?

    Tell me in the comment below, love to hear it from you.

  2. Namaste. Thanks for showing Shambhavi Mudra How to do it properly. Waiting for complete Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya Video.

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