You’re going to find the naysayers in every turn that you make. Don’t listen.. Just visualize your goal, know exactly where you want to go. TRUST YOURSELF. Get out there and work like hell. And break some of the rules and never ever be afraid of failure. If you’re not willing to work hard, forget about it. The most important thing is that you have a vision. That you have a goal.. Because without that vision and without that goal , you’re just drifting and you’re never gonna end up anywhere. Here’s the goal And whatever it takes … To get there .. I would do. Think BIG, because then you’re gonna get BIG. Then you’re gonna go and achieve big things! That is the most important thing .. .. We don’t achieve big things by accident. Right here, this area. Now don’t freak out when you see this biceps OK.. If your goal is to have a perfect body.. You have to go on forever!! It’s getting closer and closer. Anthing and everything can be done.. If you can visualize it and if you BELIEVE in yourself.

100 thoughts on “SET BIG GOALS

  1. The best body and bodybulder of all time, ve you see his chest?? you are a legend in bodybulding Mr Arnold you re Heracles of our time

  2. I started body weight and Calisthenics at 9 now I'm 16 this is day 5 in gym and I am so happy for my body hope your good dreams come true !

  3. Man I wish I would have workout in those golden days when thier was real weights and real bodybuilders with arnold, the best part about it they were family arnold surrounded himself with good friends that had his back fucking awsome 🤙🤙👌👍👍

  4. I notice that back in Arnold's days he surrounded himself around good people and friendships in the gym, and they supported arnold every step of the way. Now days the gym is on a competitive level everyone or most people our 1 assholes or 2 selfish and a bigger asshole, now it's a dogy dog all about me attitude sad as fuck.

  5. One day I will become better than arnold and ronnie Coleman and I will break their record and I will make my own nutrition in all over the world and I will make gym with my name international gym in all over the globe , I'm Egyptian and I challenge you and rony Coleman and I will beat you and break your record I will become the king of body building and the king of all kind of nutrition and I'm proud of it and I will make Egypt proud of me always, my name is mahmoud abdulaziz remember this name very well you will see my name in all the television channels whether Arabian channels or foreign channels and all journals and magazines in all languages in all over the world I promise you and remember it very will , mahmoud abdulaziz, Egyption from Egypt , and Egypt will be above all the countries for good and for always we are as Egyptions the source of history and every thing and Egypt also the source and mother of History and art and every thing you have to keep it in your mind always my dear , my number is 00201099796246 and I love Egypt more than any other country and more than any thing else .

  6. I have one questio… arnold also used steroid but not looks like stroids user nowadays… he just look like natural and aeathetic…what is the secret of golden era???

  7. Каждому времени сваи герои . Арни многое сделал для нашего спорта .Сколько плакатов висело в подвалах и хрущевках пацанов ?! И Веть многие рвали железо и спустя много времени с теплотой вспоминают то далёкое время

  8. people all complaining about modern bb bubbleguts. you know you dont have to follow the men's bb division in olympia right? follow the physique or classic bb athletes and they look much closer to arnold than pregnant mass monsters

  9. Musculação 100% Saúde de Ferro. Arnold . Altura+ Genética+ Treino Pesado+ Dieta + Alta Dedicação: Resultado . Campeão Mundial de Halterofilismo. 286 dias limpo. Na Cabeça dele tenho Certeza que só passava . VOU VENCER, VOU VENCER e VENCEU 😉

  10. No offense , but here are some true facts.Great physique , but built using steroids. Not really wise to emulate him friends. Best left admired from a distance. Natural atheletes are the best role models.

  11. Like ik that a lot of people say he wouldent look like that if he didint have steroids but he worked harder than anyone and if he didint take roids he would still be jacked as hell

  12. Arnolds body is the best ive ever seen in my entire life. His back is so insane, its honestly beautiful to look at. So much time sculpting every muscle in his body.

  13. Alguien que sepa el nombre de la chica del minuto 3:28 que desde hace mucho tiempo estoy con esa duda…. Le agradecería al que supiera quiero ver como está en la actualidad

  14. I don't see a pregnant looking man, I see what a physique should look like. This legend will be spectacular to rewind and look back on video no matter if it's 20 years, 50 years or over 100 years from now.

  15. todays bodybuilders look like turtles,they look short too.even girls dont like a physique like them. but arnold is a natural hulk not ugly turtle.

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