Self Care: What is Oriental Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine) & How Does it Help?

hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s September which means it’s still self-care Awareness Month so this week I talked to my friend Chloe about traditional Chinese medicine which includes acupuncture and just wanted to get her thoughts on it and it’s something that I don’t know too much about so let’s get started I’m gonna use my notes today as usual you can head to get the full article and little charts on how traditional Chinese medicine helps you what ailments you know specifically to look at so she says she starts off with that meme that says sometimes I go to the gym and eat kale and other days I sit on the couch and watch Netflix and she said that meme is funny but it’s also very relatable because that is the point of traditional Chinese medicine is to find that balance to find that yin yang and live a balanced lifestyle she says that basically if you found yourself reading this article and interested in it you are looking to be more balanced you are looking to take care of others and the whole thing of traditional Chinese medicine is how do we take care of others is by taking care of ourselves first it’s just like when you’re on a plane and they say take the oxygen mask and help yourself before helping other children you can’t help others if your cup isn’t filled so this is what traditional Chinese medicine is all about is healing ourselves and our pain to help us and help us have better relationships with other people so I was so surprised when I read that but it’s so true she says that traditional Chinese medicine basically helps us have better relationships with other people and why is that because when we take away our pain and live a balanced life we are able to be more loving more accepting of other people so like if you have a headache all you can think about is that headache right you can’t you know be helping other people because all you could think about is your own head well you fix and alleviate that pain and that goes to any pain in your body you fix and alleviate that pain and now you are free to be loving now you’re free to serve other people so basically her whole thing around traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture is fill your own cup heal your own body and live in balance so that you can serve other people so she says traditional Chinese medicine is the balance of opposites so within this medicine there’s acupuncture there’s nutrition there’s herbal therapy meditation exercise and also massage which we’ll get into massage more deeply next week but um you know and there is traditional Chinese practice practitioners and there are acupuncturist that if you like anything that I say today and you are interested find yourself a licensed Chinese practitioner or an acupuncturist because they personally should be looking at your whole entire body and all of your ailments and other things that are going on in your life and they will create a specialized treatment plan for you so this isn’t just like you go in you stick some pins in and you’re done this is based on you and what your body needs so they’re saying like if you have neck pain they’re not just going to look at the neck pain because it’s usually with something else so they say you can’t just treat the patient or just treat the illness you need to look at the overall patient an overall story of what is going on and that is the basis behind traditional Chinese medicine and this helps with not just pain but infertility stress, digestive issues like IBS it helps with so many more things because it keeps your whole body in line and in tune with each other so basically she says we can’t be in a state of suffering and service at the same time so I you know I kind of went into all that but I personally have started going to acupuncture in the last two months for a big reason that I don’t want to share right now yet yet but also for my TMJ and I was in a car accident back in 2009 and I’ve had a lot of issues with my teeth because of it but my jaw was always fine until a couple years ago and it like literally punches me in the face I acutally have a bruise right now from an acupuncture I think it just hit the bone but I’m going for acupuncture and it’s been helping my jaw so it is she she puts them in a bunch of different areas but my jawl hasn’t been locking out and punching me in the face as much as it was before I started it so I’m really seeing the benefits and when I’m not afraid of my jaw punching me in the face I’m a lot happier I’m a lot loving to other people so she’s totally right that you know acupuncture traditional Chinese medicine really helps with other relationships you need to serve yourself that’s the moral of the story fill up your own cup before you can fill up all the peoples and you will lead a balanced healthy lifestyle so again if you are interested in any of this you can reach out to Chloe at ChloeHom so CHlOE hom on Instagram you can find a traditional practice prac Chinese practitioner I don’t why I can’t say that or an acupuncturist just make sure they’re licensed do a little research get recommendations but if you have any questions feel free to reach out remember fill your own cup before you go filling others and everybody will live in balance and a happy life so head to for the full story if you like my video give me a thumbs up and subscribe please tell your friends health is wealth people self-care Awareness Month start today you are the most important being so fill up your own cup and then help others so I hope you have a wonderful day peace

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