Self-Care Exercise from the Center for Wellness at UW Health at The American Center

[ Music ]>>[Background Music] One of the
self-care practices that I’m most drawn to and that I find pretty enlivening, combines
really some deep breathing and moving the body. And when we focus on the breath and
our movements, they’re just tools to anchor our attention to being right here,
right now, which really can bring a sense of clarity and ease to what we’re doing. So this is a self-care practice
that I like to do in my office. Like so many of us, I spent lot of time at
the computer, sitting down for hours at time. So I try to get up every one to
two hours, do the simple practice. It doesn’t require hardly any space. You don’t need any equipment
and you can even do it in skirt. I like to have my shoes off,
but over on is fine. So we’re just going to move our body
in timely movements with our breathing. And so it’s going to look something like this. Inhale, arms reach up. Exhale, hands to the heart. Inhaling here. Exhale, bend the knees, folding forward. Inhale, looking halfway up
lengthening the spine, exhale folding. Inhale, come back to standing,
hands at the heart. Exhale here. Inhale, arms reach all the way up. Exhale, releasing. And then we repeat that focusing on the breath. Inhaling. [ Music ] Exhale, folding. [ Music ] Inhale, back to standing, hands at the heart. Exhale. Inhale, arms reach all the way up. Exhale, releasing. And I like to repeat that, two
to five times every hour or two. And it refreshes me, relaxes me. It makes me a little more available to
face the responsibilities of the day. [ Music ]

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