Self Care Bingo for Teens {Treat Yo’ Self!}

Do mood swings leave
you feeling emotionally and physically exhausted? If you wanna feel more in control about how you feel throughout the day, I’ve got news for you. It all comes down to self-care which is why in today’s video, I’m sharing how teens can stay on track using Self-Care Bingo. It’s really fun. (upbeat music) Hey, I’m Mallory. I’m a teen therapist and I love making these mental
health videos for teens. If mood swings leave
you feeling emotionally and physically exhausted, it
all comes down to self-care. Here’s the deal. When people talk about self-care, they usually talk about the glamorous, the luxurious kind of self-care. It’s usually similar to what
you see on Parks and Rec when they have their Treat Yo’ Self Day, like getting massages, going
for mani-pedis, going shopping, all those things that I know don’t typically apply to most teenagers. I know as a teen, you’re
not always flush with cash and a lot of you probably aren’t into strangers touching your feet, even in the name of good self-care. So while it’s cool to treat
yourself every once in a while, only talking about this
wild type of self-care kinda misses the point and that’s because most self-care isn’t as glamorous or fun to talk about. I’m talking about the everyday maintenance type of self-care. So usually, when we
talk about maintenance, we’re talking about a piece
of equipment like a car but you, yourself, yes you,
are an extraordinary being that needs self-care maintenance as well. By doing simple everyday boring things like flossing your teeth, drinking water, and moving your body for
20 or 30 minutes everyday, it’s all really important
so that you can make sure that your physical, mental,
and emotional health is at top performance. In DBT or Dialectical Behavior Therapy, we talk a lot about
emotional vulnerabilities or EVs for short. EVs are the things that
leave us more prone to experience a big undesired
emotional experience that we’re not always looking forward to. Think about babies for a moment. Typically, when they cry,
it’s because they’re hungry, they need their diaper changed, or they’re just bored or lonely. They need to check in like,
hey, are you still there? As we get older, our self-care needs aren’t that different from a baby’s. There’s a reason why
those Snickers commercials are so darn relatable. And I fully admit that I turn
into an obnoxious baby diva every time I’m hungry. It’s one of the reasons that I make sure to always have snacks in my office. I love using the acronym STRONG to help remember the six
main areas of self-care that we need to keep an eye on. By making sure these six areas
are in check and balanced, they help us prepare and
regulate our emotions so that they’re not so wildly fluctuating and mood swinging all over the place. So STRONG stands for sleep, take your medicine as prescribed, relaxation, one thing at a
time, nutrition, and get moving. I did a Facebook Live series
on STRONG a few years ago so I’ll make sure to include
the link to those videos in the description below. That way, if you wanna learn
more about these six areas, you can head over there. So as you can see, most of these self-care emotion regulation activities
aren’t really super exciting or fun to deal with. And the changes they help
make are slow to realize so how can you make sure
that you stay on track and that you have fun along the way? Let me introduce you to
Self-Care Bingo for Teens! And yes, you can get a
free download of this in the description below. When you do, you’ll also
get weekly updates from me where I share videos just like this and some special insider info
that I only share in email. So Self-Care Bingo works
exactly like a regular bingo. When you accomplish a task,
you mark it off on that square. I personally love using stickers
’cause I’m nerdy like that but you can mark it with
an X, you can check it off, you can use a highlighter,
whatever floats your boat and whatever’s gonna work for you. Then, whenever you get bingo,
which is completing a line, whether that is up and
down, across, or diagonal, go ahead and treat yourself with one of those more
luxurious self-care treats. I like making a list of
rewards ahead of time so that I know what I’m working towards. Just make sure that you make your rewards tangible and realistic, something that you can
actually give yourself. I personally would love to treat myself with a special dinner out with her majesty, Queen
Beyonce Knowles-Carter, but I know that that’s not
really realistic at this time. A girl can dream! And Beyonce, if you ever
wanna talk teen mental health, I’m here for it. So I’ve included some ideas
for your treat yourself reward along with both a blank
and filled-in template of this Self-Care for Bingo board when you sign up for those email messages that I mentioned before. Just use the link in
the description below. And for even more reward inspiration, I highly encourage you to watch the video on your screen right now where I’m talking all about
making summer bucket lists. Don’t forget, share this video because you never know who could help. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I love this! I’m all about self care. And the fact that it’s bingo is fun. I love stickers 😊

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