Self-Care, as described by Amy Rosechandler, MS, LMHC

Hi, I’m Amy Rosehandler, and I’m a Licensed Mental
Health Counselor in Rochester New York I have a private practice called Clarity
Mental Health in Pittsford near Powder Mill Park right off of Rt. 96. I made
this video to talk to you about self-care and also to give you a sneak
peek into a class I’ll be teaching at the Rochester Brainery on February
29th called How to Make Your Own Self-Care Kit. As a therapist who enjoys
research about what works for good mental health there’s definitely some
science behind stress management techniques, especially about how wellness routines can be really important part of our mental health because we
intend to carry the negative effects of stress with us and we know that stress
is a normal part of everyday life and that we should expect it sometimes
negative effects of stress go unattended and we can start to feel it and cause
problems for us if you’ve ever experienced headache after a long day or
you forgetful or you that was then you noticed the negative it taxes dress as
we do start to feel it in our body in our thoughts and in our relationships
when can build up and that’s how come Park a route 96 I mean this video to
talk to you about self-care and also to give you a sneak peek into a class I’ll
be teaching at the Rochester Braintree are very 29 called how to make your own
self care as a therapist who enjoys research about what works for good
mental health there’s definitely some science behind stress management
techniques especially about how well as routines can be very valuable to our
mental health because we tend to carry the negative effects of stress with us
we know that stress is a normal part of everyday life and should be expected
there are times when we don’t check in with how stress is affecting us and when
the negative effects of stress go unchecked you start to feel it in our
body we start to notice it in our thoughts we even start to experience
stress creeping into our relationships so if you’ve ever been through a lot of
gay and come home with a headache or forgetful or even stepped up your loved
ones then you’ve experienced the negative effects of stress and that’s
why so routine can be sold for checking in with our selves paying attention to
our own needs and reflecting if we think about how physical wellness is such a
part of our everyday life many of us participate in exercise or
plan healthy meals for are so we check in with their doctor for regular
follow-up visits it’s not too radical to think about how self-care can be an
important part of our everyday routine or are in house thinking about over the next few
minutes is how to really maintain this routine care practice going because it’s
where we have a really stressful day that we tend to let go of our self care
and we stopped paying attention to it so we’ve been practicing assault care
routine for a while and getting in the habit of it when we have a stressful day
were more likely to keep it going different or more specific plan might be
needed if we’re in a period of high emotional distress or if we’re
experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency also now that there are many
different parts of what can make up our healthy self physical wellness are
emotional well-being spiritual health our relationships and on work-life
balance and incorporate wellness care is really about taking time to reflect all
of our attention and help us to focus and be mindful of our own there may be
many different kinds of techniques that you will call health care so now that
health care is really personal to you and can be really unique to look kind of
skills and resources and strength that you have and I’ll be sharing some of my
ideas or tips for self-care but when you come up with a plan and it is going to be so it’s like a
little trial and error or might take a little bit of stability and having many
different resources and tools available to you so that’s why when we first
started thinking about a silkair routine is important to spend some time and
dreaming what you might really like to do it yourself arab teen fuck about
realistic like how much time you like to spend on self-care some people need five
minute and some people might want to spend every day doing self care about
the tape of resources that you might need and what kinds of things you might
want to include think about where your self care will be done when you can
imagine all of these things you could start to really get a sense of how to
develop that routine and what will work for you or me myself care kid is
actually a drawer at work includes a bunch of different stuff I can go
through for about 10 minutes a day I like to start with something to make her
do that helps me to focus on out with something to really help you be more
mindful and mindfulness I mean paying attention
in the present moment I purpose without judging yourself or without thinking
about the past or without thinking too much about what’s going on later life
and this just means being present and there’s some great scientific research
behind it particularly about how there’s benefits for mindfulness in terms of
focus and in terms of relaxation and also even with things like pain
something that helped with my our activities that help you stay in the
present moment and really pay attention so there’s these great coloring books
now that have really intricate designs that help you both for adults and kids
to really pay attention and focus and they should be pretty relaxing there’s
also you can do you include things that are fun for you but also help you to pay
attention so for me origami takes a lot of focus if I’m novel Casino doing it so
I think this helps me to really focus and pay attention to the present moment
I also include myself care kit at work which helps me to just be in the hearing
now do one thing at a time that’s really what it’s about the next thing I like to
include is an affirmation or a self-taught statement and you can just a
piece of paper or some people like to have some journaling paper you can break down something that’s
really unique and meaningful to you teen can include something that helps us
to focus in on our own values and at the end of the day what’s important to us researcher call Kristin and Brittany
brown been sent him something called self compassion which basically means
talking to your cell like a friend being able to be kind to yourself after you’ve
experienced chain or you had failure or made a mistake being able to really pick
yourself up after falling down riding strong as burning can really help
us to move forward and do something that can help you remember your strength and
also to reflect and be kind to yourself and really helping move forward after
you’ve had a long stressful day I like to include something that helps need to
reflect and the problems and i think im writing can be really helpful for that
so if you can find a way to express yourself that could be a really
important part of self-care and this is what a lot of people think about when
they imagine self-care imagine or maybe a
poll may be writing down thoughts or feelings and that can be very important
especially if you will to use that reflection time as a way to think about
our own needs there’s another name btw Reynolds who I
really like and she talks about how sometimes when were burned out where
we’re feeling really tired or if we are just killing dream can be because we’re
not getting what we need and maybe we’re not having the kind of resources that we
need to cope with situations and that makes us feel powerless so I think
really writing down expressing yourself can help you feel empowered because they
can help you get those feelings out there process what you’ve been going through
and maybe come up with some ideas or start to feel like you can move forward
so I think that’s really important part of self-care is to reflect so so far
we’ve talked about mindfulness for taking time to be present moment and
there’s so many things that we could include with that anything that will
help you focus and pay attention to the present we’ve also talked about self
affirmation or self compassion and how important that can be for making herself
after you made a mistake or stressful day you felt failure or shame can really
help you to move forward and we’ve also talked about expressing yourself or
create something so we talked about some of my
ideas for self-care and again i think is important for you to really maintain
assault care routine to think about what will work for you and you may be
thinking about any barriers that could get in your way anything that might stop you from doing
your cell carotene and try to imagine how to really overcome that you can
follow through with this health care routine is so important if you’re going
to put this into place I know he could do it I know that it will really help
with the neighbors who were flat phonies and in the long run to manage short-term
and long-term stress so good luck with your self care routine good luck let me
know your thoughts are let me know what your experiences you
can contact me on my blog on a website which is or I also
have a Facebook page so feel free to check out more information about me and
also let the class I’ll be teaching at the Rochester Brainery on February 29th.

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