Searching for Daniel in Abandoned Cave! (New Game Master Evidence Reveals the Truth!)

– [Matt] Daniel. – [Together] Daniel. – Daniel.
– [Matt] Is he here? – I don’t think he’s here, Matt. – [Matt] Let me check the other room. – [Rebecca] Maybe outside. – [Matt] Daniel? Daniel! – [Rebecca] The Zam Fam
said BB was Big Bear. – I don’t see him anywhere. – [Rebecca] Daniel?
– Daniel! – I don’t think he’s here, Matt. Everything looks exactly like we left it. – [Matt] Keep on looking, keep on looking. – Welcome back to the
Matt and Rebecca channel. You guys saw that we tried
to rescue my best friend, Alice, at a GMI escape room when she was getting cerebral analysis. But, she turned on us
and Daniel was taken, and now he is missing. Right now we have the GMI agent’s phone, which won’t turn on. But we have this necklace. – And we have this key right here too. – And you guys heard the agent say BB and a ton of you guys commented that you thought they were
bringing Daniel to Big Bear, which is why we are here right now. – Okay we gotta figure out
exactly where Daniel’s at. – In the conversation
that the GMI agents had, they said that this locket inside had a super-charger for the phone. So I’m hoping that if we
put this on the phone, it’ll activate and we’ll be able to see what’s on the GMI agent’s phone right now. Zam Fam make sure you are subscribed, have notifications on and
give the video a thumbs up. We’re gonna see if this will
turn on the phone right now. Are you ready? – [Matt] Let’s do it. – There’s like a round spot right there. Maybe if I put it on
that, it’ll turn it on. Do you guys think this will work? Comment if you do. – [Together] Three, two, one – It worked. We have access to the GMI phone. – [Matt] Oh, awesome! – Okay, so Matt. You guys know Daniel was able to get into their emails before, so hopefully we can get in and see where they’ve taken Daniel. – I can’t get past the first screen here. – We’ve searched in our cabin. Obviously, Daniel’s not here and we need to rescue him. So we need to figure
out where they took him. – We’re in the Game Master Inc’s network, but I can’t get in the emails. It looks like there’s additional
like encryption that’s– – [Rebecca] What about photos? Can you get in their photo album? – No, it’s glitching out a little bit. – [Rebecca] Glitching, what do you mean? – I don’t know, there’s, like, hacker code going on right now. Oh, hold on, there’s a photo… Is someone here? Look at this. – [Rebecca] What is it?
– I don’t know. Becca, it looks like a clean-up crew. – Clean up. Why? Why do we need clean-up. We haven’t even been here. – Okay, come on, here, check this out. – Okay. It’s a tree house. It’s not the normal one, Matt. It’s the one we went to. I forget when we went there. Zam Fam, you remember this tree house. It’s different than the other one. But I’ve been there in a
video, Matt, we both have. – [Matt] Yeah, I totally remember it.
– I just don’t remember which one it is. – [Matt] It had that thing
that, like, came down. – I think this is Daniel hacking in. I mean, he knew that I had the phone, and he knows about the super-charge, so maybe this is Daniel. Hold on. Matt, you didn’t hit the button up here. It’s a GMI network. We have access to the GMI network. – [Matt] Awesome! – Okay, they said that Daniel’s with them. They’re taking him along… Matt.
– [Matt] What? They know we’re here. Matt and Rebecca at cabin. I can see their GPS, it’s 5 minutes. We have 5 minutes, we
gotta get out of here. They can’t trap us.
– [Matt] Grab the super-charger. Let’s go to the tree-house. We don’t know how long we’re gonna be away from the house, okay. – [Rebecca] Okay, Matt, hurry! – Okay, c’mon, c’mon. – [Rebecca] Go, go! – [Matt] Maybe some of
this stuff right here too. Waters? Waters? – [Rebecca] Sure, sure,
Matt we have to go! – [Matt] Okay, let’s go, let’s go, c’mon! – [Rebecca] Okay Matt,
I think it’s up here. If I remember, it’s up
on the right somewhere. – [Matt] I don’t remember this! Like the exact location. – [Rebecca] Hold on, it
was like up on the right. Zam Fam do you guys remember
where the tree house was? Look, look, look! It’s right there.
– [Matt] Is that it? – [Rebecca] It’s right there Matt. That’s the photo that Daniel took. It’s right there! – [Matt] It is! – [Rebecca] Here, pull over. I think this is it, how do we get up? – [Matt] It’s just like the photo. – Do you think Daniel was here? That’s why he sent the picture? – I hope so but it doesn’t look
like anybody’s here at all. – Do you think they left then? – Yeah. – Well, if he sent us a
picture there must be a clue or something here that he left for us. – [Matt] We need to keep on searching. – Okay how do we get this down? – [Matt] I don’t know,
there’s like a rope here. Come in here, I’ll lift you up. – Matt I can’t get in this bucket. Are you kidding me? – [Matt] You could, you can fit in there. Just try it.
– No. No! – [Matt] I’ll just pull it.
– Drawbridge Matt! We need the drawbridge! – [Matt] Oh yeah, this is the one here. – [Rebecca] Yeah, but
how do we get it down? – [Matt] Okay it looks like
there’s a rope up there that comes all the way down over here. Oh! It’s hidden here! – Matt, I got another photo! – [Matt] Bec, we gotta go upstairs! – I know but it’s like, not a full photo. I’m not sure and it’s requiring
me to put a four-digit code. – [Matt] What? – I don’t know, why would Daniel do that? Okay, maybe there’s a clue up there. Zam Fam, I’m putting the photo right here. Let us know what you think
it is but let’s get up there. I bet Daniel left something for us. He had to have! – Here we go! Drawbridge. – [Rebecca] That’s so cool! – [Matt] Careful, careful! – [Rebecca] I know.
– [Matt] We don’t know if there’s any traps in there. – Why would they take Daniel here? – [Matt] I don’t know. Like, they could easily trap you. Look, they could just do this. Now you’re trapped up there. – Matt, Matt, no!
– [Matt] You’re trapped! – Come up! Hurry!
– [Matt] Oh, oh, sorry, sorry. This is kind of a tough climb. All right. – Okay, so we need to find Daniel. We need to search for
clues in this tree house. – [Matt] Okay, do you
still have the phone? – Yeah, it’s in here. – [Matt] Okay, good, good. Oh! Look at this! I think I found something. I think I found something. Look at, what is this? Oh no. – [Rebecca] What? – Rebecca you know what this is? – [Rebecca] No. – [Matt] The cell phone battery. – Cell phone battery? Okay, but that’s not Daniel’s phone. We need to see a clue. If Daniel was here, where
would he leave a clue Zam Fam? I’m thinking, he loves coffee! Maybe there’s like a coffee clue? – Wait, Rebecca, if the GMI trapped him, how would he get coffee up here? That makes no sense! – Okay, well, maybe he dropped
like a piece of clothing or something, so we know he’s been here. – There’s gotta be like
something that we would know that Daniel would leave for us. – [Rebecca] Matt, we have snacks here. – [Matt] Living in a tree. – Guys, have you ever
been in a tree house? – [Matt] This one doesn’t seem too safe. – No, but it’s pretty cool actually. – [Matt] Oh, there is snacks up there! – [Rebecca] Matt, Pringles! – [Matt] Pringles! – We have those at our apartment. Maybe? – [Matt] Yeah. Wait what? But you don’t know where those came from! – I think this was food. Do you think someone would– – [Matt] Are you kidding me? – Maybe they were here for a little bit. – [Matt] Oh, hold on, hold on. Yep, Daniel was definitely here. – [Rebecca] How do you know? – [Matt] Trust me, I just know. I know Daniel was here. You have to open this. – Are you serious?
– [Matt] Yeah! It’s more chips, just like that one. – Okay, you think Daniel
left these for us? – [Matt] I do, I really do. – Okay. – [Matt] You just gotta open it up. – Matt! Did you know that that was a prank? – [Matt] Yeah, I’ve done
that to Daniel before! On that same can! – So Daniel left this! – [Matt] I think Daniel left this. Is there anything in there? Is there a clue?
– Matt, Matt! There’s a code! One, zero, zero, two. Matt when we were down there and we just got the next photo– – [Matt] It was encrypted! – Yeah, it wasn’t all the way complete. It said please enter code! Do you think this is it? It was Daniel’s way of protecting! – [Matt] Absolutely! – Do you guys think that this is the code that’s gonna reveal
what the next photo is? Comment below if you think so. Okay, well let’s get down
before anyone sees us, Matt. – [Matt] Okay, c’mon, c’mon. Rebecca, the chips!
– We need to put the code in. I mean, for a snack! C’mon. – [Matt] You’re a snacker. – This could be a 24-hour
challenge, I might get hungry! Okay, be careful going down okay? I’m just gonna jump it hey.
– All right, c’mon. – [Matt] Jumping! Okay. – [Together] One, zero, zero, two. – Is it? It looks likes a cabin. If you guys noticed that it
was a cabin, comment below! – Okay. – Okay, wait.
– What’s at the bottom? – Look, zoom in. There’s coordinates.
– Coordinates, oh! – It’s coordinates! That’s probably where Daniel is! They must have taken
him from this tree house to this cabin and that’s
where he is right now. – It’s right up this way. – Okay, we need to find him you guys. Matt, put up the drawbridge so
they don’t know we were here. – Good call. – [Rebecca] Hurry, draw it up. – Where was this at? It was like, over here? – [Rebecca] Yeah, yeah, yeah,
tie it as tight as you can. That’s good enough Matt. C’mon we gotta go. We gotta rescue Daniel!
– Let’s go! – [Rebecca] Matt, it’s coming up. – [Matt] That’s it. I can see it.
– [Rebecca] That’s what the coordinates say, right there. Matt, if Daniel’s inside there, there might be other people too. We need to hide, we can’t park near it. – Okay, let’s creep up. I have the current
super-stealth mode right now so nobody’s gonna even hear us coming. Look at this: I’m not even using my hands. – [Rebecca] Matt, what if
they see the car though? That’s the picture Daniel put. – Let’s park right up here okay? – [Rebecca] I’m nervous, Matt. Matt, what’s our plan? – We’re searching for Daniel right now. If we need to we have to go rescue him. – [Rebecca] Just, what if there’s people? Does it turn into a battle
royale with the GMI? – It might be, yeah, I’ve been training for this for a while. Be careful. We don’t know who is here. – Do you think Daniel’s inside? – I don’t hear anything
but he could be hiding. Rebecca this honestly could
be the best hiding spot. – It looks like the
photo he took was indoors so I think it might be in
that if that’s the cabin. – Just in case anybody’s
here we should actually kind of sneak up here, okay? – If Daniel’s there do
you think he’s alone? I don’t hear anyone. – [Matt] We’re gonna find out real quick. Three, two, one, okay go! Hear anything? – Maybe Daniel doesn’t know it’s us. He could think we’re part of the GMI. – Okay, hold this, stay here. I’m gonna check it out,
make sure it’s safe, okay? – [Rebecca] Matt, do you see anything? Matt? Matt! Matt? – There’s no one here! – [Rebecca] Stop! – Okay, it looks like no one’s here– – [Rebecca] Matt! – What? What? – [Rebecca] That means Daniel’s not here! – Okay, I know, I tried
looking everywhere. I don’t see any sign of Daniel whatsoever. But there are a ton of markings in here. – What are these? It’s like so many people
have put their names on it. – [Matt] I know, this could
be where all the hackers come! – What if this is all people that have signed up with the GMI? – [Matt] Possibly, this
is like the end game! Nelson, five, five, 19. That just happened. – This looks like 14. If this is a GMI holding space,
that means that the GMI’s been around for a long time. – Hold on, look at this! 2010. – That was before we were even on YouTube! – Wow, this place is older than 2010! – Hold on, let me pull up the
photo that Daniel sent us. – Okay. – So it’s definitely in here. – [Matt] Yeah, I thought
this was an old cabin but that’s pretty old. – He took a photo. Why would he take a photo of
here if he’s not even here? Okay, it looks like maybe
they had him right here. Because it looks like it’s his POV right? – [Matt] Okay. – So right here. – [Matt] Right here. So Daniel was standing
right where you’re standing. – He took the photo facing
this direction for a reason. Is there anything here that you guys see? – [Matt] Okay, it looks
kind of like Stranger Things where there’s all the alphabet on the wall and then you just kind of come over here– – [Rebecca] Hold on, Matt.
– [Matt] What? – [Rebecca] Zoom in on the photo. – [Matt] Okay. Oh, Bec, look at! You see that? – [Rebecca] Yeah! Arrow! It’s kind of…
– [Matt] Is it new? – I don’t know but it might be. – [Matt] That’s kind of
weird, there’s no other arrows whatsoever in this whole place. – Do you think ,this is a
code from Daniel, Zam Fam? – I think so! – Okay, so arrow. What does that mean? Is there a code?
– [Matt] You gonna follow it down? – Maybe there’s another code! – [Matt] There’s no code. – Matt, another photo just appeared. It looks like it’s a cave. – [Matt] What? – I think this is the cave
that we thought Steven Sheer was the Game Master! Where we trapped him.
– [Matt] Oh, Steven and Grace! – It’s the cave! Maybe Daniel’s there now. They must have just moved him! – [Matt] Okay. Arrow down.
– Hold on, we need to figure this out.
– [Matt] Arrow down. – Arrow… – Do you guys think that Daniel
buried something right here? Keep on going Bec! – Okay, I don’t know. – Making a lot of dust. Nothing but rocks here. – Hold on.
– What? – Look at this. Zam Fam look. – [Matt] What is it? – Get the treasure map. Get the treasure map! Daniel wants us to get the treasure map! – [Matt] I wanna get the treasure map now! – That must be important! On that list that my
best friend, Alice, had, it said treasure chest. – Oh yeah, that list
fell out of her backpack and it said treasure chest! – Get the treasure map. And that photo we just saw is the cave! – Can we bring the rock? – I think we bring the rock
and Daniel might be at the cave and the treasure map might be there. Daniel’s trying to communicate with us even though he’s trapped by the GMI. Well we need to get up there to the cave! – [Matt] We need to be
careful though because the GMI might be there too! – Yeah but if Daniel’s
there, we need to rescue him! – [Matt] Okay. – Okay.
– [Matt] Let’s go. – Hopefully this is the last
clue that we need to find and rescue Daniel. – Yeah we need to get there soon. We can’t miss him this time. C’mon! Matt, it’s so muddy. – [Matt] What? Are we gonna make it? – [Rebecca] What if we get stuck? – [Matt] It’s a test, I don’t
know if this is a good idea. Whoa! – [Rebecca] Do you know how
much further the cave is? – [Matt] I don’t know. I remember it was up this
way but beyond that I have no recollection. – [Rebecca] Do you think there’s bears? – [Matt] Yep! We’re getting close Bec. – [Rebecca] Matt! – [Matt] There it is! – [Rebecca] That’s it. I don’t see any cars. – [Matt] Remember last time? There was a spider wagon here. – [Rebecca] Your cave’s still there. – Bec, do you think this is a good idea? – [Rebecca] Matt, we
have to rescue Daniel. He’d rescue us if we
were the ones trapped! – Give us a thumbs up
right now if you think that we’re gonna find
Daniel up here in this cave. – [Rebecca] Matt, we have to. – Okay, the only thing
I have is a flashlight. Are you sure that Daniel’s here? – He sent us those messages
so I think he’s sending it so we can rescue him! – What if this is a trap by the GMI? I mean this could be
all part of their game. – What is that? Matt? – I don’t know if we’re alone Bec. – Okay but listen, if it is
Daniel he would rescue us. We have to at least try to rescue him. I mean hopefully this
isn’t the GMI tricking us. I really think he hacked
in, what do you guys think? The cave’s up ahead. – Rebecca, we just gotta kind
of be like ninjas right now and sneak up and– – Do you guys hear that? Is watching us? – Hello? – Matt, don’t say anything!
– I shouldn’t of said that. – Matt, let’s just get up to
the cave as fast as we can. – [Matt] Come, come, come. – This is the cave, Matt, remember? So do we just go inside? – [Matt] I guess, yeah. – You hear that? – [Matt] What if that’s them? – Hold on, I think it’s Q! – [Q] The prisoner is
being closely monitored and the mirror initiative will not fail. You must stay in this location, and keep them under strict guard. I’m going to the next location, hopefully nobody chooses the wrong turn. – Bec, who was he talking to? Has he got the phone? – I don’t know, maybe he had an earpiece. Do you think someone’s inside? – Maybe it’s Daniel. – You think that he was talking to Daniel? – I don’t know, who else could it be? – Okay, you guys, we’re
gonna have to go in there. He said something about
don’t choose the wrong side. Do you think it has something
to do with the cave? Do you remember inside
there were two sides? Go two directions.
– True. – Maybe Daniel’s on one side but what if we choose the wrong one? Okay, Zam Fam we’re gonna
need your help figuring out which side we’re supposed to go in. Who do you think is in there? – I don’t know, let me get my flashlight. – [Matt] There’s an ant on your leg. – [Matt] No! Shh! – Sorry. Let us know if you
think Daniel’s in there. We have to do this Matt, we
have to try to look for him. – [Matt] Okay, let’s go! Oh my gosh, Bec, we’re back. – I remember this. We haven’t been back for like a year! – [Matt] What is that? – I don’t know, it wasn’t here before. – [Matt] Can we just stay quiet? There might be somebody inside. Crawl kind of. – [Rebecca] Yeah, get down. Whoa, Matt, look! What happened here?
– [Matt] What is this? – Do you remember? We threw the net down,
trapped them this way. – [Matt] Yeah we trapped Steven Sheer. I threw the net right there. It came this way. – Okay, I’m gonna turn my light on. – [Matt] Okay, hey Bec, promise me, if anything happens in
there we’re out okay? – All right, should I call for Daniel? What if someone else is there too? – [Matt] I don’t have any cell coverage. – He said don’t choose the wrong side. – [Matt] I don’t know what that means. – C’mon Zam Fam. It doesn’t sound like anyone’s here. Hello? – [Matt] Hello? – [Rebecca] Daniel? Daniel? Okay Zam Fam so this
is it, this is what I– – [Matt] Whoa, I just
thought I saw something. – Stop Matt. This is what the Quadrant
or Q or whoever it was was talking about. He said don’t choose the wrong side. So if this is side one
and this is side two, which side do you think we
should take to find Daniel? Comment below which one you think it is. – [Matt] I don’t know Bec. – What do you think? – [Matt] I have no idea. – One of these might lead to Daniel and one of these might be
a trap and we don’t know. – Both of these might be a trap. – On the count of three
point which side you think we should go to Matt, ready? – [Together] One, two, three. – [Matt] Oh. – We do not have twin telepathy Matt. – [Matt] Dang. – Okay, um, I guess I’ll trust you, Matt. I guess we can go this way. I’m nervous Matt. – [Matt] Oh Becca hold on! – What? – – [Matt] Look at, is it kind of weird that there’s two identical
caves, like mirror caves? – It’s the mirror initiative, what the GMI agents talked about during the cerebral analysis
with my best friend, Alice! – [Matt] It this it? This might be the end, Bec. – Okay, okay, I’m really nervous. – [Matt] Bec, I love you. – What? – [Matt] Just in case. – Matt! You’re coming with me. – [Matt] Okay, careful Bec, yeah. – Okay, I don’t know how far it goes. Matt! – [Matt] Rebecca!

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