Rib Flare Transformation | Pectus Excavatum Bodybuilding

Hey every one, I’m Luis Rosales and I have Pectus Excavatum. now this is just going to be an update video on – basically – my exercises that I have been doing I haven’t really been doing much because I’ve been feeling kind of lazy ever since I moved up to Connecticut, so. It’s been about… I want to say since September of last year, since I’ve made a video about it Here is what I have so far, not much I guess As you can tell I have improved – a whole bunch Especially right here, it definitely looks like it’s not as inward as it used to be, but – you know – I’m still working on it. I’ve got a little mark on my nipple over here. This is what I have, with me like flexing a little bit. Also my posture has gotten a lot better, than it has before. I’ve just been doing regular workouts. Push ups – crunches – etc., just so I can formulate a little more muscles around that area. It tends to look a lot better now. So this was it. Leave a like, leave a comment. If you have any questions about Pectus Excavatum or any other workouts that you want to know I do then let me know in the comment section. There will be a link in the description in the – for my blog actually to let you guys know a little bit of workouts or a little bit about my new workout routine that I’m doing. That will help out at least a little bit. I’m Luis Rosales so I’ll see you guys in the next video!

17 thoughts on “Rib Flare Transformation | Pectus Excavatum Bodybuilding

  1. Good progress! Do you do a bodybuilding split also? I am into bodybuilding myself and wanted to compete in a NPC bikini competition show this year but due to finances and school. I probably will next year for sure when I graduate and get a better job.

  2. hey man, great work! Do you have any footage from before and after? how long have you been working out to correct pectus?

  3. I have the same problem but I have noticed some change these years,and I can tell you that between 15 years old and now I'm 24 there was a big change its looks much better

  4. If I had any idea that the surgeons could possibly be lifting me up by the actual bar like they do to this paxient at2:40 and generally manhandling the paxient and the surgical equipment like a ragdoll and modifying a piece of metal already in the chest cavity (I was told that the bar the put into me was customized to the dimensions of my body ahead of time) there's nooo way I would have undergone the nuss procedure. Not to say I don't know this for sure, it turns out that there are multiple methods by which to perform the nuss procedure. Different ways to modify what is really a very pliable sternum, but all with something that looks like the same end result, so the surgeons can operate as they think best, but not necessarily as they might tell you and from a variety of opxions that can be viewed on youtube. Point is, be extremely careful dealing with your doctor, espexially if your surgery's being paid for thru something like medicare, because then you'll get a doctor who isn't all that experienced, and simply won't try to give you the best of results. Like the difference between 1st class and the cargo space for dogs and birds in a plane's hull, except you're letting this guy modify your physical being in ways that will have repercuxions thru the rest of ur life (noo offense to dogs, if I had a dog of my own, I'd never fly or take a bus or whatever without him right with me.) , for better or worse. I don't have anything personally against Dr Jacobs, but a year after having the bar removed I still have trouble breathing, headaches, and just a great jolly time with my pectus excavutum carinated rigid and not expanding with my lungs chest.

  5. hola amigo yo tambien tengo el mismo problema la verdad es traumatico para mii pero estoy haciendo ejercicios para mejorarlo ya q si e notado una lijera mejoria pero queria preguntarte si haciendo pesas se podria mejorar mss rapido?

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