100 thoughts on “REVERSE PUSHUPS – Bodyweight Exercise For Building A BIGGER Back!

  1. heys guys i have mild very mild winging of scapula which gives me a slight depression in the back and my bones protrude slightly when i wear my t-shirt ,so can any f u guys or jeff help me by giving some advice

  2. Chin-ups work more than the bicep itself including the shoulder and back e.t.c dumbbells focus more on the bicep itself.

  3. i know a different way… the same position but your back against a corner… push your feet away of the wall for more resistant… do not set your back to deep (feet away from the corner)…just enough distance to lift yourself with the arms motion when you elevate your chest…

  4. Yeah, I am not sure about the man who made this video, anymore than the next guy but he is right about building up the muscles of the upper back and shoulder blades in order to compensate for heavy muscular development in the pectorals muscles. In essence, they are(the upper back and the chest) what are known as antagonistic pairs. They do not fight or anything like that but are each others polar opposite. One pulls the shoulders forward, the other back. A front lever is the isometric of this.

  5. One other thing that I just want to put out there for all my fellow bodybuilding siblings from other mothers.I often do a variation of this exercise on a doorway pull-up bar that is halfway up.While similar,the only difference is that while having your elbows stationary is in essence like a reverse chest fly,the,"traditional,"reverse push-up is more the opposite of a regular push-up.Yes,I have seen it done using a broomstick between two chairs and I myself have done them on a racked weight bar.

  6. We do these in Muay Thai training just on the floor. I challenge anyone who scoffs at this kind of exercise to get down and try one single reverse push-up where your body leaves the floor.

  7. Or you could just do inverted rows (aka Australian pull ups). Better yet, for a higher level of development and still using the pull up bar, work on the front and back levers.

  8. Stand to stand bridges are also exceptionally great for the lower back. After having done them regularly I noticed it looks like I have a 6 pack on my back

  9. I don't know what I did, but I seem to have a pretty well developed back. I don't know if it came from the v-bar pullups I've been doing, or the boxing I've done, but this stuff should work that even more! Thanks!

  10. Well my mind is tuly blown. An effective lat isolation bodyweight exercise with the possibility of adding weight with a backpack. Well I never..

  11. I heard doing horizontal pullups is also an opposite of pushups. Is that true? Like say, hanging from monkey bars at a park with my feet latched on to one bar and pulling myself up from that position. Can I do that to maintain balance for when I do pushups?

  12. for people who don't have pull-up bar, or any other certain equipment for back exercises, they could use this technique with just a couple of chairs! great idea.

  13. Sheer awesomeness… Try it from the ground with you feet flat on the floor and knees bent. Can someone say Owwww. Really helped with tightness from training chest or back.

  14. Just wanted to say thanks for the free videos. Great stuff in there.I'm thinking of using a couple of sofa cushions to do this one. When I can afford it, I intend to get the Xero workout. Awesome stuff – Keep it coming 🙂

  15. X-cuses were destroyed when he said "most of you may not have two benches"
    Hahaha literally meaning mustn't be two benches idiots there are many alternatives like chairs or th thing he showed

  16. just do reverse pushups much more healthier for shoulder joints than this "strain and hope for the best" approach and you get a free bicep workout as a bonus. been doing this for over 25yrs now. Started with my mums wooden mop! now use floor standing reverse pull up bars that can be put in the corner of the bed room out of the way. My rear shoulders look impressive with out juicing

  17. REVERSE PUSHUPS!!!! not quite. you have equipment there in that room to do a true REVERSE PUSHUP. Pull ups are not REVERSE PUSHUPs. A reverse of a pushup is a push up in reverse.
    failure here.

  18. You have some good information. It's good that you are incorporating more strength calisthenics. A few pointers to make your presentation more powerful: put on a well-fitting shirt, cut your talking to zero, play good rocking music, demonstrate from multiple angles. Good luck, and thanks.

  19. I appreciate your motivation of letting people work with no excuses in a right way you are doing best job in world wherr you get positivity from your followers

  20. I started doing these yesterday. Does wonders for the shoulders. If you don't have benches, just place yourself in between a pair of chairs. When you're starting out, it's definetly going to be challenging to even do ten of these. The advantage gained is that there is no internal rotation of the shoulders

  21. Jeff you just a powerful coach for me in YouTube I love practicing and understand all your knowledge Thks from France 🇫🇷 🙂

  22. Inverted rows are actually a pretty good substitute for pull ups. In my opinion I prefer them over pull ups because I can feel it a lot more in my lats and biceps when doing them.

  23. I thought I invented an exercise last night after never seeing anyone do this! but then I found you’d already uploaded a video of my idea 😂
    I did it on the floor though without equipment , braced core, planked out then repped
    Killer for your back!

  24. Just purchase the actual athlean X. It is very cool. I really like body weight exercises. I have trained BJJ for more than a decade and even just having a few body weight exercises to do after training on the mat is really nice. Very convenient way to protect my body from breaking down. Really love it!

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