Restorative Yoga At Home | Bound Angle Pose for Stress Relief

the restorative yoga pose you’re about
to practice today is highly requested by my students why it’s one of the best
yoga for stress relief poses that I know of
it takes you on a journey to inner peace when you are properly and fully
supported that pose is supported reclining bound angle I’ll help you out
every step of the way getting set up so that you can experience all the benefits
of this restorative yoga pose I’m Caren Baginski and I’m the author of
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get started with yoga for stress relief my trusty prop assistant willow is here
to show you to the restorative yoga props that you’ll need for blankets one
flat yoga bolster or substitute a thick firm bed pillow and optionally an eye
pillow gather up your restorative yoga props and meet me back here on your mat
supported reclining bound angle begins with the bolster there are many
variations to this pose but the one I’m going to show you today doesn’t include
yoga blocks however if you remember day eight supported reclining pose you can
use that same concept of the bolster ramp to practice this pose so if that
makes your low back feel better and more comfortable please feel free to add to
yoga blocks and practice that way otherwise go ahead and follow along
let’s find our flat bolster and place it lengthwise up one side of our mat grab
your first blanket and fold it about the width of your bolster this is a
rectangle fold blanket and you can find this fold as well as all the other
restorative yoga blank folds in my yoga book the next blanket
that we have is a support for the head I’m folding it into a double square fold
blanket a pretty thick small fold and placing that at the very top of the edge
of the flat bolster next you’ll need two more blankets to support underneath your
legs for the final pose simply take the longest side of your tightly folded
square blanket and roll it up until you have a rolled blanket and place one of
these on either side of your mat right alongside the flat bolster little pro
blanket tip I like to take the messy edge and roll in from there
so that the blanket stays together a little bit better now come to have a
seat with your back against the flat bolster and bring your feet into the
bound angle shape the feet are at least 12 inches away from the groins maybe
even a little bit farther away as you start to open your legs we are going to
support underneath them with these blankets
so first lean forward and then scoop back until your really touching the
bolster now lift up and bring the blanket rolls underneath the calf and
the upper thigh you’ll notice that the knee is quite high and lifted off the
floor that’s what you want you don’t want any stretch or sensation in the
legs just a gentle opening do the same thing with the other rolled blanket
adding any other props may be additional blankets or pillows if you need to lift
your legs even higher now holding on to the edge of the flat bolster walk your
hands to either side and inhale lift up through your spine
exhale as you lower onto the flat bolster with your whole spine let your
head rest against the blanket underneath the head and the neck
and finally the arms now come down to the floor
with the palms face up in a V make any last adjustments here so that you feel
comfortable and again if this isn’t comfortable for your low back create
that bolster ramp with the blocks instead after you’ve gotten out the last
little bit of Wiggles and movement option to close the eyes here and apply
the eye pillow if using begin to steep yourself in the sensations of openness
in your chest feeling contained with the props surrounding you but also feeling
freer lighter permission to release all burdens and worries with your next
exhale out the back of the mouth opening the lips with a sigh inhale deeply
through the nose exhaling from the back of the throat inhale settle in with your exhale release all grip and tension in the legs
and in the shoulders relax the corners of your eyes lips relax the inside of your nose the inner
ears let the tongue grow loose and heavy the jaw softens open and available to
receiving peace do nothing but rest simply be in silence bring awareness to the soles of your
feet and your toes and start to rub the toes together we’ll transition out
keeping a part of you in this relaxation and yet another part rejoining this
world with this sense of peace as you feel ready gather your hands toward your
legs and one at a time lift your knees up your feet go flat on the mat letting
the knees come together for a moment if that feels comfortable press your palms
into the floor take an exhale chin in toward your chest lift up to your
forearms and start to go the rest of the way and if it feels best you can
straighten through your legs now coming up with a tall spine and opening the
eyes remove the rolled blankets to the side so you can come to a simple seat on
your yoga mat whichever feels best for you and let’s take the hands together at
the heart in Anjali mudra an opportunity again to close the eyes and come back
into the inner space you’ve created simply by doing nothing gratitude
to yourself for taking this time for you to relax restore and re-energize and
gratitude to all the teachers and realized beings who have passed along
these tools for us to experience peace open the eyes and relax the hands down
are you ready for today’s self-reflection question I have
absolutely loved hosting this challenge because of the community that we’ve
built here I love hearing about how restorative yoga is affecting your life
and making a difference for you today’s self reflection challenge question go
ahead and answer this in the comments now is what journey did supported
reclining bound angle take you on share your experience in those comments and
encourage others to take the time for themselves every day to experience inner
peace tomorrow is the last day of the restorative yoga at home challenge and I
have to admit I am sad so keep in touch with me I would love to connect with you
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restorative yoga at home challenge namaste

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