100 thoughts on “Rep. Hank Johnson: Rep. Gaetz ‘Pot Calling Kettle Black’ Bringing Up Hunter Biden’s DUI | MSNBC

  1. TRUMP AND HIS SENATE WHORES HAVE MADE A DEAL; they will betray their oath to protect the Constitution and he will resign within the next four months due to health problems. That will give Trump a chance to leave while he’s ahead and possibly avoid jail time and they will be able to nominate a sane candidate for president. The big problem is that Trump is a notorious breaker of deals. His whores need to have a sword hanging over his head in case he reneges on the deal.

  2. The ONLY reason why those people laughed at Congressman Gaetz …is because he's a joke of a human being.
    Gaetz's blank stare when it dawns on him that he, himself was busted for Driving Under the Influence.
    H I L A R I O U S !
    What a JOKE!

  3. Guam Johnson is one of the dumbest of the dumbocrats.
    Gaetz READ the ARTICLE about crackheadbiden. Nice deflection Hank. Hunter is a crackhead and daddy protected him at burisma by bouncing the barrister.

  4. well awhile back Gaetz shut a few of those people up so I guess this is either Karma or the result of his own pride or his own foolishness putting something in court that didn't need to be there.

  5. Hey Johnson, Where Do I Apply For Good Job Like Hunter Biden Making Good Money Sitting Around Doing Nothing Since You Know Everything Should I Ask Sleepy Joe.

  6. Is this the congress guy that thinks Guam will capsize if too many Marines go to one side of the island at one time? lmao

  7. Hank lost his concentration after he asked the question. He thought people would just chime in and answer the question. lmao

  8. the reason hunter was brought up is because that’s the reason for the obstruction of justice article, the president had concerns that the son of the former Vice President who has had multiple issues with substance abuse to the point he was buying crack or what ever it was from a homeless individual was then brought to a foreign company to serve as a board member and there within being paid millions of dollars. Not even considered a board member from any NATO country or even a company within the US. It was a reported corrupt company for which the US is only a strategic ally based on its shared border with Russia, AND at the time the Vice President Biden was the key diplomate in Ukraine. If you are so offended by a congressman pulling out the fact of the matter and revealing the illegitimacy of hunters position then you’re so blind to the reality in which you live, I find it good reason to believe you have closed your mind off to the factual basis of this impeachment. Article 1 is completely baseless and could be present in some form or another with every single president who has ever served, since you can fabricate charges to fit the “impeachable offense” and the last 15 seconds of silence when he asked the questions presumably to republicans and everyone sat in silence and then members of the minority assuming that question was posed to them tried to respond and were instantly shut down by Nadler gives ZERO credibility to the claim he made at the end that the silence was “damning” I paraphrase. You lefties need to realize you’re completely recycling the 2016 election with this. The Conservative populist party just won a MASSIVE majority in the UK and Brexit and trump are inextricably linked so if you don’t want to see a landslide victory for trump in 2020 you might want to tone in down a notch or two on the liberal pettiness and partisanship. I think there are quite a few things real Americans (the same ones you continue to ignore) need done.
    I can’t wait for the liberal megaphones to scream over this commet with nothing of substance.
    Good luck in 2020… you’re going to need it.


  10. Matt Gaetz needs to go to charm school and learn some manners. Is this the normal behaviour of a so called parliamentarian???? It came across as a sewer rat fighting another sewer rat.

  11. We watch over & over the camera should’ve been on the drunkster’s face , the shameless hypocrite . Ty !!! Rep. Johnson 👏👏👏👏😂😂😂 “ the pot calling the kettle black “ 😂😂😂. ( 😟Matt Gaetz )

  12. Hank Tanked Gaetz 😂😂😂whole Room Dumbed Down 😂😂No yelling Then 👍🏽💥🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  13. Isn't this the same Representative that thought too many military on an island would "tip it over"? Boggles the mind the people Democrats put in charge of themselves.

  14. msnbc the new buzzfeed
    hank johnson has ZERO credibility.
    the guy that thought an island would " capsize " with too many troops on it .
    mans a stooge

  15. Why is this news group giving space to a 'red herring'.

    If biden IS something, it has nothing to do with the case at hand.

    The idea isnt to compare sins, but to debate? one mans shyte

  16. Hank Johnson is still worried about Guam tipping over, which is why he talks so slowly.

    "The silence was and is deafening"
    It's your time, Guam, nobody else is allowed to talk.

    Democrats get more and more stupid by the minute.

  17. Hunter Biden and other white well-connected men (and women) like him get a pass on serial illegal drug use and prostitution while poor, non white men and trafficked women and minors are daily targeted, aggressively, and given permanent criminal records for the SAME s — . THAT's the real d — issue. Joe has some splainin' to do re this.

  18. This is the very same politician who actually asked a General in a committee meeting regarding troops stationed on a base in Guam. Johnson actually asked his,(on the record),: If you put more men on the island, wont it make it tip over. Yes, this guy has a bright bulb on him…

  19. Talking about how hypocritical Geetz is is at this point, exhausting and useless. We need to get rid of him in 2020. Florida. DO YOUR JOB. VOTE HIM OUT.

  20. Matt Gatez pulling out a hunter Biden's substance abuse pass is laughable. Matt is acting like he did not have a DUI in his past. When you point your finger at someone else, there's always another thing to put in the right back at you.

  21. Something most be wrong with this people,by willing to wash there dirty laundry in public just to defend trump😱😱😱

  22. Gaetz is a pig, and it was great to see Johnson put it to him. The way Johnson did it was very cool…..everyone knew what he was doing.

  23. The headline should read, the face you make after being called on the carpet by the guy who asked about what if the island capsizes… 🙂 Priceless… Poor Oxygen Deficient Gaetz… Biden didn't qualify for the board and also Gaetz did qualify for the government without his dad either… I'm not a Democrat nor Republican I'm an American stating the facts…

  24. Hank Johnson is a corrupt ignorant thug from Georgia. He swindled an election on false pretenses while pushing an agenda of slavery under his control…. Wait till his emails come out people! you'll see who this man is.

  25. lmao there's no (as of now) reporting of this by Fox News. Is anyone surprised? lol I didn't think so. How come Rudi doesn't investigate this? Probably cause he would need to buy another briefcase.

  26. Funny how Democrats use their spouse and children to defraud the country, do racketeering, help Russia acquire uranium one, help Russia acquire middle Eastern Nations for oil like Obama did, oh and remember that one time Obama stood on a world stage with a lot of microphone and asks Russia for help with an election, then you have how Obama helped Russia annex Crimea so they can build their military strength (he used Pelosi's kid, biden's kid and a few other of the to help with that) funny when a Obama gave military weapons and money to cartels, funny when Obama gave money to dictators who were killing Americans, funnyhow Obama use the NRC to disrupt Westinghouse and bankrupt them then try to sell the ap1000 to China. Oh and remember how Hunter Biden used ainvestment fund he created to help China defraud America by doing money laundering? It's all in the f**** news even seeing ended stories on this s**. You f***** morons

    Yes, clearly it's Republicans that are the problem.

  27. A black thing? Are kettles blacker then pots and which one is calling someone black? Just because he has white hair doesn't make him superior but a hater and I hate anybody who hates anybody & everyone is welcome here so people with white hair aren't welcome, around here we won't tolerate intolerance. Just because Hunter Biden was caught with crack and a crack pipe and denied her ever slept with his babies momma who had to do DNA to prove it & still hasn't given his own baby a dollar while getting 80 grand a month isn't to be mentioned by someone who drinks alcohol. Is that racism? What does he me? n. Both Gaetz and Hunter are white so why is he playing the race card. This is a racist dog whistle and he is not redeemable for that. We must impeach him for his support of black pots over light kettles. I know a dog whistle when I hear it loud and clear.

  28. Johnson explaining smoking crack is no big deal and if he knew any members of Congress doing he wouldn't tell. "Big deal Hunter smokes crack, so do half of the people who voted for me." I smoked it for years but now I just do Peruvian white. I like my white hair and cocaine so I can't be racist and if Hunter is smoking crack he cant be all white"

  29. I’m surprised Hank Johnson didn’t think the building would “flip over” with all of those people on the same side of the building.

  30. Matt Gaetz is a clown ,bringing up allegations on Hunter Biden drug use. Wait a minute Gaetz didn't you have a DUI…Gaetz the clown of the Republicans…..

  31. what a dirt bag- income inequality poster adult. his Child's Parent makes less than minimum wage while party-time Dad made minimum $80,000 a month. do as I say, not as I do – the definition of hypocrites.

  32. Hank Johnson once brought up concern to a military officer about the island of gwam flipping over because of too much weight on one side. This is the people we elect to lead us.

  33. Gaetz? What a stupid name. Unethical hypocrite. Like Rodolfo Diaz, the unethical m'fucker marine capt, you can screw each other upside down.

  34. Must be nice, leaving a crack pipe and crack in a rental car, and Daddy takes care of it, and gets you a new job overseas for millions a month. It must be nice being a rich elite like a Biden, where you can just break the law like a Clinton, and suffer no consequences. In fact, the Media will protect you.

  35. another pece of work he has been sent to wahingtn to serve the people he is just a puppet fot the socialist party and needs to be replaced

  36. Pot calling the kettle black Perfect idiom for someone who has more speeding tickets than most posting here; not to mention a DUI that got swept under the table; spent lots of Daddy's money and flushed it down the toilet… Now who are we talking about? Ahem.

  37. Mr. Johnson has a lot of experience on this topic. A much thinner Mr. Johnson forgets the day he asked a General if he was concerned if adding more troops on Guam may cause the Island to tip over. And his 30 minute speech on the serious effects of the Helium shortage on the balloon industry. Gaetz was actually reading the direct words spoken by Hunter Biden in the New Yorker Magazine piece.

  38. In fairness, Gaetz had a single DUI arrest, where he refused to blow into a breath test (his right to refuse) and also refused field sobriety tests (also his right to refuse). Anybody that knows anything knows how hard it is for the state to prove a DUI without at least one of those two things. With that, the charges probably got dropped because the state had nothing on him. Honestly…

  39. Hank Johnson one of the most ignorant members of congress! Search it out. Dude thought Guam could tip over…. YUP its true

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