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  1. @vcfan1001 Hi. It depends on how long you have been out of action and how much you stick to the rehab programme. A generaly rule of thumb is to half the amount of time you have been injured for. Sticking to a full rehab programme for this length of time should get you back to somewhere near full strength.

  2. What do you do if you fractured your ankle, metal is in it, the doctors said that you healed so fast that you dont need physical therapy so you never treated it and just immediately started walking? Please Respond!!!!! I want to play football again or at least do the things i used to do

  3. @BigT125 It's never too late to start a rehab programme to strengthen the ankle and regain your sense of balance.

  4. have question broke tibia fibula 2008 never had any formal pt due to no insurance. is it too late to try to rebuild calf definition. i have no problem with range of motion. broken leg never regain size or other one thanks

  5. Fractured my left fibula on 1/21/11. Never went to rehab because of no insurance. My ankle still swells a bit from being on it during the day. Is this normal? Also, when I had my injury I pulled ligaments and tendons. They still ache a bit and are a bit stiff. I still don't have full mobility and strength back. Would these exercises still help at this point in time? Thanks!

  6. Hi, broke mine and now have a plate and screws. My issue is I've never regained full range. Its been one and a half years and I cant go back to the gym as the squat is/was a MAJOR part of my training. It's impossible for me to do a single squat in good form (we all know how important that is). I really don't want to put weight on my back if my form is off. Used to squat about 350-375 will I be able to do that again with a plate and screws? Thanks!

  7. @VaporTrailMix Not sure. You are right though that you need to get full range back to you have correct form.
    There are other things you can do in the gym though and going back to it and building your strength will also help with your form

  8. I have a broken and sprained ankle and I heard when I was in hospital that I had riped of two tendons in the foot .. so get surgery next week..

  9. @DYNAMIK775 Its not cause your mexican. Its cause your irresponsible with your insurance. I know it was a joke but this is the kind of comments that make the responsible mexicans look bad.

  10. @sportsinjuryclinic I fractured the outside bone on my right ankle about a week ago but am able to move my toe's and am able to stand on it with some pain but not unbarable and am able to move my ankle some,but my ankle is swollen but not as much as when it happend do you think I can heal from this without surgury and possibly make a full recovery and do these excersize's and be ok..Note that I play Hockey how long before I can do this again?

  11. @Soulfear420 Yes you will be able to recover without undergoing surgery. Fractures to the lateral malleolus are pretty common and don't usually require surgery. If you can weight bear now with only minimal pain then I think you will be fine. It's going to take a good 6-8 weeks though until you can even think about returning to sports.

  12. @sportsinjuryclinic Is a comparable recovery usually expected for a medial malleolus break? I'm recently out of cast and boot (which were worn for 9 weeks), and I find myself having issue regaining range of motion, much less motion without pain. The pain is worst at the base of my achilles tendon and on the lateral half of the ankle and foot, rather than at the break location, which is where I expected most of it be.

  13. @omegaSEAL1988 Yes but it depends on the severity of the injury, exact break location and any other soft tissue injuries. Provided the bone healed ok (did you have it x-rayed again?) then I would guess the pain you are suffering is due to associated soft tissue injury. You may need to get a physio or someone to look at this for you.

  14. @sportsinjuryclinic I was mistaken, I actually Compleatly Shattered My Talus, they were actually able to save a big enough piece to Put some screws in, 2 weeks with out going to the Ortho not recomended When they say follow up Do just that,Im 5 weeks past my surgery and just got the hard cast taken off yesterday,And just started these excersizes and I have to go back in 5 weeks for a follow up,do u think Ill have full mobilty by then or possibly sooner by following these excersizes???

  15. @Soulfear420 It is possible to regain most of your movement in this time, but again it is down to how much you have lost and what associated injuries there are. Just keen doing the exercises as regularly as you can

  16. @carlosaliyah07 The ones that are shown in this video, provided they do not cause her more pain.

  17. I fractured my ankle, the tip of the fibula, exactly 3 months ago, no surgery. I was non-weight for 8 weeks and have had 10 therapy sessions. I have full range of motion, I would say 95%, but I think I have torn ligaments around the ankle? The pain is really sharp and when I do toe raises, omg i cant barely do them. Do you know at this stage if the pain is still supposed to be this bad?

  18. That does seem like quite extremem pain for how far along you are. You should speak to your therapist about it

  19. The therapy place that I go to makes me do my own exercises and pays no attention to me nor my pain. I ask if this is normal, and they don't answer me. Everything that I'm doing there I can do at home, so I think that's what I'm going to do. I do it at home anyways. I go see my orthopedic in a couple of weeks. I will ask him if I can maybe go to another therapy place or another location.

  20. ALSO, i haven't been able to take any pain meds NOR anti-inflammatory meds. From the fracture, I developed a blood clot and Im on coumadin. And apparently I cant take anti-inflammatory meds with the blood thinner. Im thinking that this may have a factor of why the pain is still extreme.

  21. If you are in a walking boot then you can walk with that on. But you need to wear it for now to support the ankle. Only start walking without it when you're told it's ok by your Doctor/Physio

  22. It is usually casted for 6 weeks with no weight bearing (using crutches). After this it should be strong enough to start weight bearing.

  23. i broke my ankle skating and i want to know how long i have to wait after getting the cast off until it is safe to skate again. i only had a small crack and had i cast for 4 weeks

  24. Hi. Only you will know this. Once the cast is off, try to regain full movement with calf stretches and also to increase the strength with exercises like calf raises or using a resistance band. Balance is important too – use a wobble board for 5-10 minutes daily. Once you have no problems with it day-to-day then you can start skating again

  25. hey ive sprained my ankle 2-3 weeks ago and i can walk without any pain but i still dont feel ready to play bball (fast,change of direction, jumping, activities like that) how long should i do excercises? till the pain is gone all the way? or like do it for a week or so? please answer this i want to play bball again

  26. Hi. You need to do strengthening exercises up until and even after you return to sports. After a moderate ankle sprain it may take 4-6 weeks to return to sport. More severe injuries can take even longer. Just go at your own pace and don't push it if it hurts or you don't feel ready.

  27. i sprained my left foot and when i feel my right foot, i can feel the ligament like you can see it too but i cant feel anything on my outside left ankle. i think i "torn" that ligament but is that really bad?

  28. A full rupture of a ligament is a gread 3 ankle sprain so yes it is a fairly severe injury, but sould still heel in it's own time and with a rehab proramme

  29. Well now since i dont have insureance for therapy this should be a helpful video. I shattered my ankle along with my wrist in a motorcycle accident. My ankle has like 13 screws and aplate and the wrist has 6 and a plate. I sometimes try to stand on my ankle its often painful and of course i cant exactly bend forward with the ankle. ive been out of my cast like four weeks now. Outside of the the exercises in this video would you recommend anything else?

  30. A fracture is the same as a break, they are not separate conditions and so yes these exercises can be used for your injury

  31. If your ankle condition has deteriorated then you should return to your therapist before starting any other exercises

  32. So how long did it take you to get back to normal then? I had 10 weeks in a cast and ive been outof the cast for 4 weeks. Been walking slowly for one week but I'm walking like a penguin!

  33. Wow that was a long time in a cast! After that length of time it will take a while to get your full mobility back

  34. 3 days ago I got my cast off. I was in it for 5 weeks. I didnt break my ankle but I broke myself right under my pinky toe now its really hard to walk and now my other leg is hurting…what should I do?

  35. Have you got any physio appointments? You should have after coming out of a cast. Most of the problem after a period of immobilisation is a lack of mobility so do some calf muscle stretches and ankle circles if they don't hurt and this should help. If you are in pain still a lot of the time, return to your Doctor

  36. hi i broke my ankle last nov 15 and the cast was remove last jan.i just want to ask if its ok to do basic theraphy if there still a wound and what are the basic therapy i should do??.pls help me thanks

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  38. Yes you should have been given exercises to do when the cast was taken off – to regain full mobility and strength. These exercises can help although they should not be performed if they cause pain. If you are unsure see a physio or sports therapist

  39. Bro the same thing happened to me but on my right and a slight fracture on my left ankle on dec 23 cause of a car accident, just got out of my casts, time to start rehab ! hope you get well soon

  40. hi, i accidentally twisted my ankle while playing basketball. i can still move it with little pain. i can also walk on it. is my ankle broken?

  41. Has the person in this clip had a broken ankle? I only ask because I struggle to imagine my ankle will become this dexterous again after what I did to it

  42. Two months ago I had an accident, both my feet got a plaster over it.I had them on a whole month and then it was removed and the Dr. said I could walk but not run for a month,and in case their is swelling keep the high while sleeping.There was swelling and I did that.Now it has been a month but I still have problems running will physiotherapy help now? (fracture on my right and muscular damage or a crack on my left) I also applied ice when it was swelling.

  43. I have broken my tibia and have been in plaster for just over six weeks, I now have a an open pot for support, I have extreme pain in my inner ankle and cannot walk without extreme pain ! I also chipped some bone from my heel which is still very sore I am 64 years old and have arthritis in my joints ,I have been prescribed physio for this, what can I do to help my self in the way of exercise, and is this pain normal to have ? can you help please ?

  44. Thank you so much. My two time-sprained both ankles at the same time (between age 35 and 40) I never went to the hospital. 🙂 I had done some exercises with my man, but he died on me 6 years ago + my personal trainer-too. 🙁 Well I had experienced bouts of swelling once a year or some moon phase periods where leg + ankles seem to bother me. Then I did simple things you show here, BUT you add so many more. Thanks They are working fantab. So easy to follow + I have your link tucked close.XO

  45. I fracture my tibia and fibula and was in a cast for a month. The doctor said the bones are perfectly fine. But i cannot still walk normally after 4 days the doctor has told me i can start walking. Also my bone pops like a knuckle when i walk, and i hurts my heel when i put alot of pressure on it. Why cant i walk right and why does my heel hurt and why does my bone pop

  46. Hi, you have any exercises for when someone injures both the ankle and a fractured metatarsal?

  47. I broke my ankle 3 weeks ago, had surgery the day after now I got screws and a plate to keep my ankle together. I get my cast off in 3 weeks and I'm wondering will ill be able to play football in the fall?

  48. @Sandy9ism Your heel probably hurts because you are suffering from achilles tendonitis. an inflammation in your ligament. I know because my doctor told me that I was too after I asked him about it..

  49. Even if you were able to start mid-season..It wouldn't be wise. You wanna nurse that baby. Respect for the bod.

  50. hi, im a dancer and i recently fractured my growth plate. i had a walking boot, and now i have it off and i can walk with no pain. the doctor said its fully healed but i am a dancer and must go up on the ball of my foot a lot but it hurts my toes and the ball of my foot when i do that even though thats not the part thats broken. whats the best therapy for going up on the ball of your foot?

  51. This is a really helpfiul video. I broke my left ankle 8 weeks ago and can put my foot on the ground. I find these exercises awesome, but can someone pleae tell me…How often, I.E:- how many times per day and how many repititions should I do?
    Many thanks for any help.:)

  52. I had 3 broken bones in my ankle; surgery followed. Splint, cast and now walking boot 8 wks later. 6 wks left in boot. was told NO pt (?!) so am seeking help via internet as well. MA didn't even explain the boot…I had to read how to do it property and check online. Insurance…screw them. Have learned it's all on us to take care of "us"…. I can't even imagine these exercises right now; but will later – I hope.

  53. i got a tip fracture on my right ankle 3 months ago and the inner ankle is still tense/stiff, i cant run or jump, do these exercises apply to me or further therapy exercises?

  54. I broke my shin bone right at the bottom and I got out of my cast only 6 days ago and I'm almost walking perfectly fine. I'm only looking at this because I need to strengthen it a lot before I start skateboarding again (not saying I'm about to start right away, but hopefully before it starts snowing) because I broke it during football.

  55. i broke the lower part of my Fibula just above the ankle, the cast is off and it continues to be swollen still, i can't just run,jump or walk too fast, how long will this last? is there anything I can do?

  56. Hi how long does it take becauase my ankles are so weak and not even stable its ard for me to balance walk and drive plz reply bk becauase when I take a lool my leg it twist da opposite direction making my foot side wards

  57. i fractured my ankle, i did the elastic exercises, but i still dont have a full functioning ankle my foot wont straighten like the other, it feels like i can pop it like my knuckles. so please what should i do, should i do the exercises? ps its been 4 months since…

  58. Snapped my right ankle 90 degrees chipped the bone inside the ankle and torn ligament had 2 keyhole surgery worn a cast for 6 weeks i'm still having pain and couldn't run properly at all always run with a limp also when i'm walking my ankle always crack or clicking noise never been right since 4 years ago when i broke my ankle 🙁

  59. Thank you for this ^_^ recently fractured ankle in rugby and wanted to try help it get better and this is pretty much exactly what i was looking for thanks 😀

  60. Thanks for posting this. Its 7 weeks after my ORIF.Can i begin with those exercise  even if still with the syndesmotic screw?

  61. I broke my ankle almost 6 weeks ago. Just got out of the cast and into a boot yesterday and cannot imagine doing these exercises. someone please give me some advice on how to get better. I've got to get back on my feet, not only because i am a single parent but also because my bday is leap year day which is actually coming this year! waiting 4 years for a bday then spending it sitting down is going to suck

  62. I removed the cast to days ago, but I can't walk. I am still using the crutches, my heel can't touch the ground, does anyone know anything about it

  63. Can these excerisses be done with a navicular fracture of the ankle. I just got my cast off 2 days ago. On a boot got 4 weeks

  64. I never got a cast is that normal? I only got a splint that lasted like two weeks but had two separate fractures and a dislocation

  65. I broke my ankle 4 months ago and it still hurts like [email protected] I've been to my Dr twice and a special Dr and the X ray they say normal if so why hurts so bad. I also been at work three weeks and I take the pain. Ibp don't help what do I need to stop this aching traving pain

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