Hi, my lovelies. How are you? I hope you’re doing great. Today’s video is different.
I’ve never done it before. I find it really interesting.
As many of you know, I love having a healthy lifestyle,
going to the gym, exercising… Some time ago, in New York’s haul,
I showed you this gym bag I bought,
and lately I carry everything here. So I wanted to show you
what’s in my gym bag. It’s not always this full, depending on what I’ll do
before and after the gym. If I don’t have to do much,
I’m ready when I leave the house, go to the gym and back, so I don’t
have to carry much except music. But since Pipe has been working lately
and I’m back to university, we try to go
before my morning classes, we get up really early,
meet at the gym, and that’s why it’s this full,
so I can get ready afterwards. Without further ado,
let’s begin the video. Well, this bag is from Pink,
by Victoria’s Secret. It should still be available,
because I bought it in June. I love its bright salmon color,
plus it reads, “Pink” in huge letters, it’s really feminine and very comfortable, it’s got two straps
that click together like this. Heard that? Makes it easier to carry. It’s also got a long strap
to put over your shoulder. It’s comfortable around the gym. There’s nothing on the back, but it’s got a pocket on the front,
let’s see what we have. I’m not too sure. So here I have… A protein bar, I like having snacks. I make sure to eat every three hours. These bars are very rich in protein. It’s necessary to build muscle. I carry these because they’re handy,
but if I don’t have any, I take some almonds, an apple,
a yogurt… Whatever I have. Let’s keep going… Here’s one of these
essential hair bands to keep your hair out of your face
while you’re sweating. My hair is wet right now,
that’s why I look a bit wild. I also bring one of these hair clips. This one is a pretty bow. Lastly, sunglasses. I don’t like wearing make-up
after sweating at the gym, so I just wear these and I’m ready. Let’s see what’s inside. This bag is seriously huge. This is it. First, there’s this bottle,
also by Pink. I’ve had it for a long time. It says, “Just drink.” Staying hydrated at the gym
is really important, so I always bring this with me.
Sometimes I refill it here at home, or at the gym,
otherwise it gets heavy. Laziness.
Next up is my wallet. Sometimes I want
to buy something at the gym or have plans afterwards,
so I take some money with me. My house keys. This pretty bow is from H&M,
I bought it ages ago. And here there’s…
Oh, these macaroons. And an Eiffel Tower.
And my tiny house key. Next up is this sweater. You’d think I’m advertising
Victoria’s Secret, but I love their sports collection,
it’s very youthful, fresh and pink. I love the color pink
and all things feminine, so… You’ve seen me wearing this
plenty of times. After working out,
my city is pretty cold, and that hot and cold contrast
isn’t good for your body. It’s a black sweater. It says, “Pink” on the sleeves. The zipper is also pink and it’s got a doggy.
It’s very plain, but… I really love that on the sleeves it’s got a hole for your thumb. It looks like this.
It’s super comfortable. It’s got an inner pocket here,
and I just dropped my phone, I always carry it with me. I don’t use it during training, because you shouldn’t be distracted.
You’re there to train for some time, then you leave, and start texting.
Many people, instead of training, just text on the phone and your body cools down, the exercises don’t work as well.
Let’s not bring any distractions. Next in this pocket is a tiny hair straightener. So I can fix up my hair
if I have plans afterwards, so my hair isn’t a mess. Also, a tiny brush.
It’s pretty filthy. Anyway, it’s been a loyal ally
for along time, I love it, it’s perfect
to comb this bit here. Everything is tiny, so it’s lighter,
but it must be practical. Next is a pair of flip-flops. They’re the same color as the bag,
I love that color. It’s like a neon salmon… Or neon pink…
Or neon orange… No idea, tell me in the comments
what color this is. So I bring flip-flops because I often shower at the gym
and those are public showers, and there might be fungi on the floor. I rather bring some flip-flops,
they add some weight to the bag, but my feet are safe. So that’s why I bring flip-flops
to the gym. Speaking of showering,
I also bring a small hand towel. It’s pretty small,
but I use it for my entire body because you don’t shower at the gym
the same way you do at home. Exfoliant, lotion, conditioner… It’s a speedy shower,
to wash off the sweat, so a hand towel is more than enough
to dry off and put it back, it’s not too heavy and not too big. There’s something
I should do more often, and that’s bringing an extra towel
to dry my sweat during training and avoid contaminating the machines. I have a little pet peeve. I don’t like other people’s sweat.
Obviously, at the gym, there’s a lot. So I dry off the machines, put on my towel…
We should be hygienic and carrying a towel is pretty handy. Let’s see what else… Well, here’s my Apple Watch. These are super practical to know
how much you ran, how many calories you burned,
how long you trained… These are the sport bands,
they’re kind of rubbery to prevent damage if you sweat. It’s got a gauge on the back that measures your pulse and all. I love it. Right now it’s out of power
so I can’t turn it on. But it’s very useful for anyone who trains or goes jogging outside. I also have an iPod with an arm band. I really like this case, you wear it like this. Then you can adjust it depending on the size of your arm. So you adjust it
and it won’t bother you while you run, lift weights,
do sit ups, whatever you want,
and your hands are free. Besides, I don’t have to keep an eye
on it in case I lose it, because it’s always on me,
and it doesn’t get wet. It was a great investment.
It cost me like five dollars. I bought it on eBay.
I think it’s really practical. This is my tiny iPod. I bought it a year ago, on my first
anniversary with my boyfriend, and it was his anniversary gift. I don’t know if you can read it.
It says, You are my only one. Pau and Pipe. I love training with my boyfriend,
so I got mine in gold and now we have matching iPods
to go training. I think it’s very romantic. It’s so tiny and portable,
and it has a touch screen. I can’t perform as well at the gym
without any music. It hypes me up, it motivates me. I listen to cheerful music
while doing cardio, like a dance. It makes it a lot easier, because you’re enjoying the music
instead of thinking about it. To listen to it, I have these Beats. I already showed you
when I bought them. And I love that they’re wireless. So I connect them via Bluetooth and work out without any cables. They’re really good.
I can’t hear myself. The headphones are noise-canceling. You disconnect and focus. I love that they match the iPod. They’re the perfect match.
I also bought them at the Apple Store. So this is my perfect kit.
If I’m not carrying much else, these are essential. I also bring some gloves for doing squats with weights
and so on. They’re not women gloves.
They are my boyfriend’s. But I stole them,
because I don’t have my own. They protect your hands,
prevent calluses and slipping if you hold on
to something or lift weights. I’m sorry about my hair. Anyway, let’s continue. Chewing gum, this is my favorite. Ice Cubes, by Ice Breakers. These are Cool Lemon,
they taste like delicious lemon pie. Although they lose taste really fast. I love this type of gum,
it’s sweeter than usual. I try to avoid chewing gum
while training because it’s easy to forget
to drink water, and drinking water is preferable
to chewing gum. For sure. Next is some splash. It’s absolutely essential,
because after working out, we don’t smell so good,
so a little splash is nice. At least until we get home and to the shower. I showed you before,
it’s Pink’s summer collection. It smells really tropical,
it’s got some coconut and it smells
kind of like papaya. Besides, it’s my favorite color. I also carry some dry shampoo so your hair doesn’t look greasy, too dirty or bad-smelling. It freshens up your hair
if you don’t have time to shower at the gym
or you didn’t bring shampoo. It’s a lot easier, you just go… You lift up your hair
to expose your roots, and go… And that’s it. Then you distribute it
with your fingertips and your hair looks cleaner
and not greasy. Let’s see what else… I always carry
one of these useful little clips. And some bobby pins too,
to tie only this part. These are essential. Here’s some stuff I never showed you. Some deodorant,
to apply after working out. And a lock, because at my gym they have lockers,
but you bring your own lock. I bought this one on sale ages ago. I bought it because it’s pink and you fit this wire in here and insert your code, and it’s locked. I can train in peace without thinking someone might steal
my phone and my other stuff. Sometimes, my boyfriend doesn’t bring
a lock and I put our things in the girls’ locker room. This lock has saved us
plenty of times. I’ve been making sure it’s empty, because the last item is this small bag or purse. It says, “Very cool.”
This word is French. It’s just a simple golden bag with some of my make-up essentials. This is some face sun block. It’s got some color,
so it doubles as foundation. It’s by Blocskin,
and it absorbs really fast and doesn’t feel greasy at all. It’s important to use some sun block
even if we don’t apply make-up. Sometimes I want a little more color,
so I use this color lotion. It’s by Nars, my color is St. Moritz. I’ve used this product for some time. It’s foundation,
but it’s not thick at all. It evens your skin color and gives a natural finish. I love it for my day to day
or after working out. This is some blush by Tarte. Sounds funny. It looks like deodorant. It’s actually some cream blush. It turns your cheeks pink
and it smells like citrus. It makes your cheeks
look very natural. I don’t want to wear
too much make-up after the gym, because my skin is warm
and my pores are open. So, only very light make-up. This can also be used on your lips. I also carry two Chapsticks
for my lips. I love them.
I got this one in Urban Outfitters. I think it’s a rose-based lip balm. It’s so nice, kind of minty,
and my lips feel like… I got this one at M&M’S World. It tastes like pure chocolate.
It’s pretty sweet, I love it. Also a mirror from Forever 21. Carrying a small mirror is essential. Everyone asks, “Do you have a mirror?”
Yes, yes I do! I carry an eyelash curler,
because I swear you change a lot when you curl up your eyelashes. Your eyes look more open,
you don’t look so tired. Even if you don’t wear make-up,
I recommend you curl your lashes. I got this travel size mascara
by Smashbox, I got it in a kit some time ago. A small size perfume,
it smells like coconut. I don’t like carrying big bottles
in the gym bag because it adds weight. These travel size products or samples are great for the gym. It’s spray, and it smells fantastic. Lastly, concealer. Essential for the day to day.
I’ll wear at least this. This one is called Age Rewind,
by Maybelline. My color is neutralizer. And this lip balm.
I carry lots of lip balm. I bought this one in Mexico.
I’m running low. It’s by Revo and it smells delicious. Like strawberries, cherries… It’s sweet and turns your lips
a little red. So, my lovelies, we’ve reached
the bottom of my gym bag. It’s completely empty. I thought showing you its contents
wouldn’t be very interesting, but it’s actually interesting
to inspire ideas on what to bring, things that we hadn’t considered
but are actually very useful during training and after. Like this video if you enjoyed it. I’d be grateful
from the bottom of my heart. Please write your essentials below for the gym,
you might give me some ideas. You can also follow me
on social media. I’m Paugalindo on Snapchat and Pautips on Instagram. I hope you have fun training,
I wish you a great week. See you next time. Ciao! PAUTIPS

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