Protein Supplies Australia Founder Mat Stillone | Lessons From Legends

– Hi, I’m Mat Stillone,
founder and managing director of Protein Supplies Australia. My three keys to success
are the three R’s I live by. Number one, resilience. I think it’s super important for anyone, no matter what you’re doing in your life, to be adaptable to change. When you’re starting a small business, it is most definitely a roller coaster. You might get out of bed with a game plan, and things will change within a minute. So resilience is super important. Number two, being resourceful. When you’re starting your small business, there’s going to be times that are tough, maybe financially, maybe because you don’t have the right people around you. Make some new connections,
find some new people to deal with, maybe some new suppliers, maybe negotiate on a price. Being resourceful is
essential in your success. Number three, relationships. If you have great relationships
and good interpersonal skills, you will continue
to grow your business. For me, everyone is my
friend who I deal with. Now I’ve created some great friendships from running this business. Thank you for letting me share
my three top tips with you.

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  1. I will Vouch for Matthew i met him many moons ago as he was starting his journey with Protein Supplies Australia, he was literally at rock bottom but he was always so humble and worked hard on achieving his dreams. what a legend and congratulations on your success and to your future success!

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