100 thoughts on “Pronunciation Study Exercise: Evening Plans – American English

  1. great video. very useful. but, i have a question, in the sentence, the "friend" the "west" listen like not like their original proouncaion as a individual word.  the pitch seems changed. am i right? why it happen. i conused a lot of this kind of things. could you give me a direction. i appreciate very much.

  2. Hi Rachel i have a problem where is UCB ? if that is University of California Berkeley but last video you said you lived in New York! so far to get there . i just want to know where is UCB. thanks!!!

  3. Hello Rachel,
    First, I would sincerely like to appreciate to your good lecture.

    I have a question here. Should I, mostly, stress on content word, and reduce function ones?

    Thanks in advance,

  4. Could you please make more Ben Franklin videos? It's very helpful for people who want to sound like American. Thank you.

  5. Thank you so much for every one of your video! I would like to buy your book. But I am a venezuelan girl, And we have not the possibility of buying in dollars. However I am feeling happy, because I am learning with you. Thaks!!!!

  6. thanhk you very much. i am beginer learn English. i like speaking slowly. you hepll me . i need to see some vedeo beginer.can you give me.

  7. Hi, why we use the word [up] in writing? in this lesson we could've taken the word up out without affecting the meaning.

  8. i dont understand why tonight i'm… is a flap T there. i remember in some last videos you said, between two vowels we pronounce T as flap T.

  9. Rachel can you tell us how to say "in the" slowly in the sentence? Please because I cannot hear your "in the", I hear "in'e" not "inth"…


  11. hello, thank you for your good lecture.
    I have a question about a pronunciation of "on our".
    I cann't hear "on our".
    I would like to explain how to pronuonce "on our"

  12. All the details are great. But a little tips, I think if you can repeat the whole sentence more times, that would be perfect. Thanks. Really appreciate your video.

  13. Great video to link everything together. I realised words sound different when pronounced together. Does the tongue still go up to the roof of the mouth when pronouncing “n” in “in the”? Or does it merely go in between the teeth as a stop and to get ready for the “Th” sound?

  14. if you don't mind it's too late, there's missing one more…. is "some friends" like, "sonfriends"??? confusing for Japanese because we almost only get that as like "so mo friends" and it's a bit awkward to say.

  15. Tonight I'm watching more videos to learn English.I hope that provide me at language.. anyway I'll continue trying

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  17. Rachel, when you said the «T» sound in the word «meeting», is really a «d» sound, that get me confuse, because the sound I really Heard is a «r».

    I can not discriminate… help me on this please!

  18. I should be grateful for Allah due you are greatest gift who Allah sends to me that she guides me to right way and successful in learning
    Always I'll tell you.. thank you a lot Rachel

  19. Hi Rachel, could you please tell me why you drop the 'th' sound for with and what rules should we follow?

  20. Rachel, the next lesson have to be about this….
    …….rocky balboa inspirational motivational speech ….. YouTube.
    There are many sentences which are great for discovering .
    Would be interesting , he is old fashioned hero but that speech is awesome

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