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Today we’ll be crowned with sparking self-care. Dear little girl, you’re terribly blessed but it’s your heart of gold I love the best and
that would be your crowning glory. The most glorious part of you. Welcome to the Princesses Sisterhood Show. We
are royal sisters from around the globe. We fix each other’s tiaras, pair ball gowns with wings of hope and believe in dreams come true.
I’m your hostess, Princess Liana Rose and lets flourish together and reign our enchanted fairytale of life. Thank you for tuning in lovelies. I’m so very
delighted you’re here! Today’s heart-to-heart is on sparkling
self-care. We’ll be chatting about how we can grow in loving-kindness, compassion
and positive self-esteem. I’ll share timeless wisdom, answer royal mail and
you’ll have a chance to receive personal princess advice of yours truly. Now to
the lovely lesson. I just want to first honour each and every
one of you as a radiant divine Princess. You all warm my heart so much and
it’s truly a gift to share this Kingdom with you. Please cozy-up with a cup of
tea. I’m drinking a delightful blend of rosebuds and hibiscus, and let’s blossom
in self-care. Self-care is a rosy way of life where we
treasure ourselves as golden temples. We allow our hearts to soften, to feel loved and
to bring sacredness into everyday life. I believe that we are each glorious precious
jewels and deserve to feel beautiful in our skin. Our first royal tip is to
become our own best friends. Start treating yourself with loving kindness
because we all know, where there is kindness there is goodness and where
there is goodness there is magic! A practice that can work miracles is to
nurture your inner child. Find an old photograph of you as a little princess
and place it somewhere dear in your bedroom. This little girl still lives inside you
and it’s our royal duty to make her feel safe and held. So speak kindly to
yourself throughout the day, let go of anything that dulls your sparkle and
allow yourself to bloom. Oh heavens we’ve got Royal Mail! Our first Royal Mail comes from Princess Rania and she asks what’s your pampering
routine? Hello Ranie! Oh I love indulging in a good pamper session.
After an evening stroll in the woodlands I love to pick up fallen blossoms
from my garden, right now camellias are blooming and I create a flower bath to
relax in. I had essential oils like rose and
lavender, salts, light up a few candles and listen to healing angelic music.
Water is my favorite healer it always purifies my entire being and when
I’m out I feel that I’m fresh from heaven. A few times a week I’ll do an
abhyanga massage, oh la la, with warm geranium oil and I love making face
masks with either raw honey or papaya which leaves my skin feeling smooth as a
baby. Princess Dessa from New York asks, how
do you stay confident and fierce when you feel like Dopey from Snow White. Hi Dessa. Dopey sure it a timid one. I’m very starry eyed myself and I think
it’s wonderful how all our princess sisters have different personalities.
Some are soft, fiery, innocent, sassy. We are all beautiful in our own unique ways so
just be yourself. True confidence comes from realizing you’re already enough and
Dessa you hold the enchanted key to decide how your story goes. So what inspires you,
what clothes make you feel glorious and what difference do you wish to make in the
world? Remember to play, have childlike wonder and follow your passions. Along
the way with your heart radiating with rainbows you will naturally find your
confidence. Our next Royal Mail comes from Princess Valeria and she writes, how can
I stay positive every day? Hello Valeria! I believe it starts with
having an attitude of gratitude and living each day with a thankful heart.
Life is the greatest miracle and it is only natural to be cheerful when you’re
pondering all of life’s splendour and blessings that are bestowed upon us.
I do this in my daily gratitude walk and it really lifts my spirits and fills me
with love. So Valeria, I invite you to create a
lovely gratitude practice. It could be writing in a gratitude journal every
morning or even having the mindset that everything in life is happening for
your greatest good. All that being said I do want to express how important it is
to feel any emotions that arise so we can feel free.
And if we ever face any hiccups in life instead of worrying, a princess prays and
has faith in miracles. Princess Imani from sunny California says, I would love
to know if you have any advice for someone who is scared to chase after
their dreams in fear of not being good enough. P.S
your kind heart, words and the magical Land of Lavish are always inspiring me. Aaaw you’re such an angel Imani and I’m so proud of you for dreaming big! It’s very
important for all of us to grant ourselves permission to sparkle in this lifetime and
be seen for who we really are. Each of us have our own unique talents that are our
gifts to the world and with a little faith our dreams can come true. Imani you are more than enough, more precious than
pearls. When you get a little frightened I welcome you to imagine fear as a soft
cuddly polar bear that just wants to be held as we journey through this
exciting new chapter. Take little baby steps towards your dreams, have fun and
focus on service because that’s what really matters. You’ll see, fear will
begin to melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West and your courageous wings
will grow stronger. May you soar like a butterfly and trust your journey because
it’s all happening in perfect diving timing. You’re wonderful! Princess Irene from the Philippines says Dear Princess Liana, how can I use
crystals in my self-care routine? Oh Irene, you know I love my crystals don’t
you? My dearest stones are rose quartz and morganite which both carry the energy of divine love,
compassion and harmony and just happen to be the prettiest shades of pink. A
fun idea is to create a magical full moon ritual. You can place your crystals in a
bowl of water outside and overnight so they can be supercharged by the
moonlight. Then you can set intentions for each stone, what you want to be
reminded of when you see them, and use them in baths, meditations, as jewelry.
When the days are warmer here I can’t wait to visit the waterfalls and
just cover myself in rose quartz. What a dream. We’ll be taking a little
intermission from your Royal Mail and commence our Sisterhood book club. I’m charmed to share a few books that
have helped me in my journey with self-love. First is A Confident Heart
by Renee Swope. This title is a big hug for your heart and shows us how to
overcome issues that many girls face like self doubt and fear so we can move
forward and live confidently with faith, trust and grace. It’s really encouraging
and truly a life-changing read for me. Next is a classic by the dear Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life. This inspiring self help book empowers us to reclaim our
stories and create a life filled with love. She teaches us how to build healthy
self-esteem and become our best friend. Now back to our princess advice. Princess Juliette says, I’m so inspired by
how confident you are to be a princess and to just be yourself. You aren’t
afraid to be soft and innocent which would take so much strength in this
world because of how many people like to look down upon soft and lovingness
it’s really sad. How have you personally dealt with people looking down upon your
kind heartedness? Oh my. Well first thank you Juliette for your precious words, you are such a sweetheart. I’m pretty lucky in the village where I live everybody is kind
and friendly. I guess it’s part of the Australian culture. But I do think that
kindheartedness can be very misunderstood in society. Behind the
jewel of a kind heart is a Goddess who is soft yet powerful, delicate yet
strong. Since I first accept my true colors I really never attract any
judgment for being too soft. At most people say that it’s sweet to
wear my heart on my sleeve. I believe that we each serve as mirrors for one
another so when someone feels that they are being looked down upon it’s really
just an opportunity to look within and ask what aspect of myself am I not
accepting. But all fairy tales have villains so if any of my sisters are
facing rudeness just let me know I’ll call my kingdom guards and we’ll send the
horrids to the kindness chamber where we feed them celery juice to cleanse anger
out of their bodies. They turn out to be really lovely folks. Princess Irene from the Philippines says,
Bonjour Princess, how can I help another with their self-esteem? My goodness Irenes are a blossoming in the kingdom. Oh it’s so sweet that you wish to help a friend
that struggling, bless your little heart. Well I sure love to send lots of love beam, smiles and sunshine to anyone who
looks like they could use some extra care. A wonderful idea may I say is to
find out their love language through this online quiz.
It could be words of affirmation, quality time, gifts,
physical touch or acts of service and then shower them with love. I believe our
self-esteem can grow together sacred sisterhood so perhaps you
could even post a self-care slumber party. And now I have a present for you, it’s
time for mattress surfing. Princess Olivia says, I’ve been having such a beautiful summer and my anxiety has gone away so much. I wish to keep it this way.
Do you have any tips to keep me more emotionally and physically at peace. This
anxiety faced me to look at myself in a terrible way when it came to physical
appearance and who I was as a person. I’d appreciate your tips.
Aaw I’m so happy you had a lovely summer Olivia and yes you deserve to feel serene
and beautiful all throughout the year. A wonderful idea is to have a daily ritual
where you connect with your heart because that’s where the fountain of
peace lives. You could diffuse a calming aromatherapy oil like jasmine,
sip on a dreamy tea camomile’s darling and practice journalling o clear your mind.
Be sure to love and nourish your body with lots of delicious fruits and
vegetables and dark chocolate so you can feel healthy in your skin.
Grounding outside is also a splendid idea to create calm. I love playing with all
the forest animals and breathing in the fresh sweet air. If any of my sisters are
struggling with anxiety it’s important to seek support and find someone to talk
to because the world is full of earth angels that are here to help. Okay keep blossoming Olivia you’re doing
amazing. Princess Heart of Sillk asks, How do you seek comfort in times of great
sadness or difficulty? Oh angels, a poem I hold dear to my heart is, I believe in the Sun even
when it’s not shining. There are sorrows in life that can come unexpectedly and it
can be hard to feel the love that never ceases to leave us. Last weekend I
went to a lantern festival. The night was so dark but the stars and moon were shining
brightly upon the riverbank. It made me realize that even the darkest of times
there is light. Personally I seek support under the divide wings of the Queen of
Angels, Mother Mary. Her diamond light fills me with peace and heaven always sends
me signs like feathers, blue birds and butterflies
to remind me that I’m always watched over. Also, there’s nothing like a
good cry. I always say may flowers bloom where your tears fall. Our last Royal Mail comes from Princess Eloise from Belgium. She asks how can I
show to myself that I am amazing and a princess? Wow
Eloise! A true princess is kind, loving generous and humble and it is my greatest
wish to see each of you living your most magical fairy tale. So stand up tall,
twinkle and honor the miracle that you are, a Princess. My heart was flying to
receive hundreds of Royal Mail from sisters all around the world. We live so
far away from one another but I’m blessed that you’ve joined me here in heart at
the Land of Lavish. If you’d love to send me Royal Mail for our next episode, twirl on
over to Instagram and say hello! Before I go I want to share this
episode’s crown challenge. Pick an evening this week to indulge your senses
in the ultimate princess pamper. Create a flower bath, soothe your skin with
rose oil and a honey face mask and listen to an angelic healing meditation.
Make it a dreamy night so have a candlelit dinner home and
watch your favorite fairy tale. Thank you so much angels for tuning in for
our debut episode of the Princess Sisterhood Show! I’m your hostess Princess Liana Rose
and always remember to shine with you sparkliest tiara, listen to your heart and
stay magical. Bye!

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