48 thoughts on “Polymer 80 Glock 19 Build – Pin Masters

  1. Damm this video was only dropped 6mins ago n alredy got 30views n 6 comments
    U r blowing up finally my brother. Congrats.
    Mgb online school..

  2. The playlist is updated every couple of days in this series. You can view the playlist here:
    Glock Armorer Tool Guide is Here: https://youtu.be/nKZwQovK9p0

  3. We love your content MGB. Keep up all the excellent work, and keep us in the loop on new ways to achieve 1st time quality

  4. My pins line installed fine and work fine, but when I put about 3 magazines through it my trigger pin walks a bit to the right, why??

  5. Great video! One question, is there any other oil you can use as a substitute? Olive oil or Canola oil maybe? Hafta hunt down a few more thing before I embark on this journey.

  6. Excellent upgraded pin instruction! So glad I caught this before starting my project. Great period of instruction Devil Dog. Semper Fi!

  7. Every question answered. This is literally the holy grail for P80 building. Thank you for you’re time as well as you’re service. Keep up the fantastic work MGB!

  8. Your the pin god!!!! I tell everyone I know to watch your videos because your the best! If people would just LISTEN to what you say, they would have ZERO problems!! P E R I O D!!! Another stellar video sir!!!

  9. Hello in the description you give all the polymer 80 models if which model is which gun? I don't really understand the way they name their models I was on their website and their build a shoot kits what kind of guns are those if you could help me out with understand this thank you

  10. Outstanding informative tutorial! Once again your clear instructions help home builders achieve first time quality. πŸ‘

  11. If you will get you some non-skid kitchen drawer liner, the rubbery looking kind with square holes and put a piece on your drill base it will hold your gun like it is clamped and no sliding around while you drill. Works great.

  12. Ive done all my p80 frames with a drill you will absolutely hit red every time and may or may not have to de-bur the holes that being said the final result was still perfect pin holes. The big key with polymer 80 is to just take your time with everything. There should be no rush to get it done.

  13. Good stuff as always. Check out Rockler online (they also have retail locations). Brad point bits starting at 3mm and sold single.

  14. I had this exact problem and had to throw away my frame. Although I do remember that the larger of the two drill bits needed wouldn't fit into my dremel Chuck whicvh caused me to use a hand drill which inturn cost me a frame.

  15. Gosh I'm so glad you figured that out about the rear rail, sanding down the bottom makes so much more sense than fighting with the holes.

  16. Great video as always! Questions for anyone using the black and Decker RPX rotary tool. Would the RPX from B&D work with the dremel work shop?

  17. Sometimes the holes on the rear rail don't line up (not because the holes are off on the rail or the frame), but because the bottom "bridge" of the rear rail is too wide and won't snap into place. To fix it, you can just file down the front and/or rear edge of that "bridge" area and that will allow the rear rail to sit deep enough into the frame to make the holes line up. I would highly recommend checking for this problem before carving your holes into an oblong shape.

  18. Love your Channel.. I've seen some of the ugliest milling with the Highest Zev parts on them. But when you do a field strip it is awful. Your channel is very important, especially for people who want first time quality. Much Love from New England!

  19. Your channel is awesome and it tought me how to do my first p80.I told all my union Ironworker brothers to check you out.I see that YouTube is starting to censor people and bully them into dumbing there videos down.Please dont let that happen to your channel because look at it like this.Would you rather teach someone how to build a fire arm properly or have them guees because steps were edited out.People are are gonna do what they want regardless but let's show people the right way.πŸ‘

  20. Fabulous episode Ken, thank you again for all your guidance, Two for Two so far on first time quality thanks to your efforts to bring this information to our attention. I have two more in the works and will look forward to sharing with you the results.

  21. Wow, this was great, I made it though my first build with the original, but this was so much better and I learned a lot. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this video. I know that my next build will be much better.

  22. Hey marine gun bouilder befofe watching this video intried to drill but i didnt succeed i dont have the right tools and work 12 hour shifts can i send you a polymer just so you can drill and cut the tabs?

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