Running power is the next big thing in running. It has been used quite commonly in cycling, but now it’s also coming to running. Running power is rate of
change of mechanical energy. Mechanical energy is a sum
of kinetic and potential energies of sensor of the mass of runner. Running power has several benefits. One is this: here’s the power
you can produce aerobically. This is also the power
that heart rate can measure, but this isn’t the maximum power
that your muscles can supply. If you sprint, this is your maximal power. If you sprint in uphill, the maximum power is this or even this. With running power, we’re increasing the dynamic range of measuring work rate. There have been 3rd party sensors on the market that you can use to measure running power, but we thought to get this
available for many consumers, it would be better if you can
measure power from wrist. If you measure both heart rate and power, you’ll be able to detect changes
in running performance. For example, if you can produce the same power with lower heart after,
let’s say, weeks of training, it’s indication of increased
running performance. When we developed Polar Running Power, our first idea was to get rid
of any external sensors we just wanted to use a wrist computer. To do that, we went to the running laboratory that has all the equipment that you need, e.g. force plates to measure
ground reaction forces. We use that information
to measure mechanical power and calibrate our wrist computers. Eventually, we were able to develop running power which doesn’t require any external sensor all you need is a wrist computer. Running research at Polar has a big role. We’ve started from scratch, giving you your training and sports zones based on your physiological fitness for running. From that, we’ve come to the next level, where we take sensor technology into the heart rate and combine this information. Speed, distance, and even cadence can be measured by Polar technology. In this very late phase, we want to guide a runner with even more precise personal training, so that we have also the
running power measurements. Polar Running Power is unique, because it’s the only wrist-based
running power at the market right now.

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