Phil & Mat en Cabin Trip #3

Hey everyone! So huuum … we’re gone! We’re going … I don’t know exactly where. We’re in Øystein Mylas Veg With Vincent, Philémon, and Matthias (he’s not very far) We’re going in a cabin, but warning, there’s a little trick … It’s a hut. It’s not a phone cabin, it’s not a shower cabin, But it’s actually a hut. You will say “Nobody calls that a cabin”, and I will reply “Yes, nobody tells that” And we’re going to hike in nature, enjoy the nice norwegian weather the sun, and the lake of course with this beautiful weather. Who’s that guy? Heeeeey! *french soccer comments* Haha! The worst! *Matthias:* Mêêêêêêêêêêêêê Day 2 Storfossen waterfalls and hiking Dude it’s the jungle here! Man it’s crazy! It really looks like we’re in the jungle! It’s been three days now that we’re in Amazonia in the jungle Here it’s the jungle It’s the jungle here Here it’s the jungle It’s the jungle It’s the jungle *jungle* *jungle* *jungle* Stop it now! Here it’s the river Madre mia! Wtf are you doing bro? You’re goddamn beautiful! Do you what we wanted to do at first? We just wanted to go to groceries shopping at REMA 1000 (it’s the local shop) And it just ran out of control … Yeah … we kind of lost ourselves To be completely honest, we turned right at the wrong moment and arrived here We don’t really know what we’re doing here I think we’ll sleep here tonight At least we’ll have a roof This is … a good roof I think it’s in stone … I’m not sure but … Ok. Alright… So huuum this tree Really old tree, it’s like … the Norwegian beech It grows everywhere And with it you do some wood, you go to Ikea, you buy some furnitures it’s … very good They are everywhere! It’s a bestseller! Oh, we only see your face! You’re spoiling the landscape Matthias, you’re spoiling the landscape! Look your face is in the middle of the landscape, move! Now it’s nice, now it’s nice, now it’s nice… Pierre: And me? Am I nice? Now is it nice Pierre, are you happy that we see your face? Yeeees! *with the French south accent* Don’t fall Patou! Oh Patou! Focused! Focused on your feets Warning! The move! Hey let me go through! He’s stuck! He’s stuck the loser! *written: french south accent with no reason* Can I say something? So it’s the 30th kilometer, we’re gone since this morning, the bodies are tired, The track is really difficult, the progression is … mitigated by the difficulty of the trace And the first mistakes are appearing… Some are falling, some are dying … And by the way they shot Pocahontas here! Good movie, I recommend it It was … a really good thriller! Hi guys! My name is Matthias Bouderbala, and now I’m going to explain to you how to survive in forest! Look at this plant! It’s full of vitamins! It will make you stronger in the forest Come here, there’s still a lot of things to discover! Haha! For example, this tree: do you know what we can build with its branches? Houses guy! You only need this! No more! Remember that: nature has everything you need! Come on! We only have a few hours left to find some food And do you know why we need food? Because I’m very hungry! Come on, I know it’ll be complicated but as an old friend of mine said: Never give up! It was a prank lol Three chicks walking! Stop it bro, it’s annoying! It’s critical … Exhausted! Exactly, there’s no other word We finished the day, we’re 500 meters far from home, we’re done … We were with other people, we could share good moments, some friendliness, all that makes the spice of life! And … yeah It was exhausting, so now we’re tired Many memories! Many memories today! Good moments yes! And those good moments are in the box, look! Subscribe Matthias! You turn!

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  1. c'est fou les aventures que peut vivre un sandwich en pleine forêt norvégienne. A quand les aventures de la fameuse omelette….. norvégienne

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