Personal Training Workout Tips & Drills : Dead Lift Fitness Exercises

Deadlift is a really great exercise. It’s
a full body exercise. In my opinion the deadlift is the second best exercise you could ever
do. It’s really great for building superior strength. The deadlift is really great for
developing what’s called the posterior strength which is the low back muscles, the glutials
and the hamstring muscles. Okay, I will demonstrate how to do this. First thing you want to do
is make sure your feet are properly aligned under your hips, directly with your hips is
good. If you think about jumping that’s usually probably the right position on that.
You want to make sure you squat down and when you squat you want to make sure your weight
is on your heels and that you’re kind of levered forward from the hips. You want to
make sure you have a neutral alignment in the spine, and that you’re looking forward
when you’re doing your deadlift. Also, your hands should be one turned over and one turned
under. This is a hook grip, and this is going to help you with your grip when lifting the
heavier weights. Okay. This is the proper starting position, with your butt down looking
straight ahead. You want to make sure to take a nice deep breath before you go to help support
your back and then press your feet to the floor. This is a deadlift.

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  2. Squats , probably the most important excercise in any program, If you do squats and lunges , everyday activities are going to become easier.

  3. When you say "shred", do you mean build and define my biceps or lead to a serious injury(some people use words in different usage) and which "particular grip" are you refering to?

  4. Just saying, but you're using an alternate grip. Hook grip has both palms facing you with you thumb rolling under your other fingers, hence the hook.

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  7. Don't think squats are better than deadlifts, deadlifts use a greater number of muscle groups than squat, maybe the squat releases more GH and testerone as it uses the biggest muscles i.e the glutes and quads, but like I say most internet searches I have done say deadlift is best alround lift.

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  9. I have small weight plates.. im wondering at how high off the ground should the bar be at the beginning. I can either start it off at 6" or 16", otherwise I dont know what to use to make it higher off the ground.

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  21. Exactly what I shown by my trainer. I know a guy who has been doing weight-lifting with any sort of training. He just guessed what he had to do. I told him he does not have proper technique. You think he might create problems to himself in long term?

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  23. I decided that people trying to talk to me is one of the biggest workout killers. So I started wearing my shut up and lift shirt. No words are necessary, I just look at them and point to the shirt. Hopefully this can help some of you out!

  24. 2014 I just discovered that deadlift makes not grow if u start at such a young age 21 years is when u stop growing so it's fine to do dead lift.

  25. his neck and upper body should be in a straight line, please watch some other videos and don't do what he does with his neck. It's not good for you!

  26. so remember kids,  hook grip 60kg, hiss like a snake, and put your neck in a position prone to injury, and squat into a deadlift and do touch and go reps in footwear designed for absorbing impact / running while using a barbell designed for squats, on flooring not designed for deadlifts.. with no focus on the prime movers of the deadlift which are the glutes, hams and quads.

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