Otter Creek Yoga Home Practice – March 12, 2020

Hello I’m Joanna Colwell from Otter Creek yoga in Middlebury Vermont and we closed our studio to keep our community safe, and I am going to be posting yoga videos to Keep us practicing and to keep us together as a yoga community over the duration of this. This one is not an asana video. It’s going to be a short centering, breathing, meditation, just my way of saying hello, thank you for watching and please check your email for asana videos that will be coming soon. We are gonna film the first view of them tomorrow, and I’m very excited about it and planning them But I just wanted to say hi and share this short breathing exercise with you. So wherever you are, you can do this sitting on the floor you can do this sitting in a chair if your back is sore or you feel tired you can do this lying down and I’m going to ask you to close your eyes and feel whatever you are sitting on or if you’re lying down feel the floor underneath you or the surface underneath you and Feel where your butt is touching that surface Whatever it is and see if you can find a sense of your tailbone moving downward and then I’m gonna ask you to lift up your chest if you’re sitting up and if you’re lying down just feel your shoulder blades resting on the floor and so I want you to feel the expanse from the top of your head down to your tailbone and You can close your eyes while you do this and imagine the very top of your skull moving upward and your tailbone releasing downward and so if you picture your spine and all of those vertebrae You can imagine that as the top of the head lifts up and the tailbone releases down That the spine is lengthening And you can imagine that you’re sending your breath along the length of your spine as if when you inhale That breath is moving in and down toward your tailbone And when you exhale that breath is rising from your tailbone all up the length of your spine To go out the nose Breathe through the nose if you can And see if you can find the sense of taking some really gentle smooth breaths in and out And I’m just gonna talk about that out-breath a little bit Because it’s been a bit of a stressful time a lot of us have changed our routines Or we have some fear or some worry and sometimes when we get into a little bit of a tight mental state the Exhalation can become Just we don’t fully exhale and we start to inhale before we’ve let our out breath all the way out So I want you to just see for the next few breaths if you can pay special attention to your exhalation And when you’re exhaling let that out breath all the way out before you draw in a new breath And then see if you can find the sense of the breath When it’s coming in that it’s Expanding your chest. So now we’re talking about not only the breath lengthwise down the length of the spine but also Laterally as if when you’re breathing in you’re filling your whole chest with breath and maybe even feeling the breath to the farthest out part of your shoulders as if your lungs Were all the way at the outer shoulder So, let’s take a few more breaths like that when you’re breathing in a big expansive breath My cat wants to come say hi This is Addie everyone So Addie can you do it with me a great big breath in and when you exhale all The way out long full smooth exhalation all the way out Big wide breath in filling the chest with breath Smooth full exhalation all the way out I’d like to just do a few more breaths like that altogether and For these last few. Let’s see if when you’re breathing in If you can let this be like you’re taking on The difficulty or the burden of someone, you know who might be having an especially hard time Right now and it doesn’t have to be a specific person. It could be a community there may be people that are afraid about what’s gonna happen if the schools close how they’re gonna handle child care or food and You can see if when you’re breathing in If you can take on a little bit of that like you’re taking on what they’re feeling Into your own heart or if you have your own fear right now Imagine when you’re inhaling you’re taking that into yourself deliberately and Then when you exhale I want you to imagine that you’re breathing out spaciousness and freedom freedom from fear an Expansive full exhale and it’s just like these plants next to me. They’re always taking in our Carbon dioxide and they’re breathing out Oxygen for us to breathe in and you could imagine you’re kind of making yourself For a moment you’re making yourself like a plant You’re taking in the difficulty and you’re breathing out freedom spaciousness calm and ease for all the people around you to Inhale Let’s do one more breath like that all together Big full exhale Thank you for watching this video more coming soon

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