One Woman’s Journey to Competitive Bodybuilding

Reporter: Often times moving to a new place gives the
opportunity for a fresh start. One woman, Patricia Reyes Vergara, made a big change
in her fitness lifestyle when her husband got stationed on Yokota… SB: Patricia Reyes Vergara: I set up a plan for myself. I started online
classes and I dedicated myself to training, and it just happened to be that when I got
here they had the bodybuilding competition so I went with my family, and I thought, “Why
not try it out?” so I started training in July and it’s almost going to be a year
so I’ve been training since then for the competition. My husband and my daughter are
probably my two, like main cheerleaders, but I also have friends, and I have supporters
on my YouTube channel, that are constantly encouraging me, as well as social media that
I have. Reporter: Patricia wants others to know that no matter
who you are or what level of fitness you’re at, it’s worth taking that first step… SB: Patricia Reyes Vergara: I think one thing that I do want to emphasize,
like throughout my journey, and I talk about it a lot in my channel and just to anyone
that I meet, is that you have to always push yourself to challenge yourself. Reporter: … Petty Officer Lorelei Vander Griend, Yokota
Air Base, Japan…

One thought on “One Woman’s Journey to Competitive Bodybuilding

  1. Too bad future shows has been cancelled because the Yokota leadership doesn't understand what this means to their folks and the surrounding community. Folks from all over the world came to Yokota to compete. Well, at least the leadership at Okinawa understands what they have.

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