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Welcome to the RAM Advantage Quick Set where in one minute we teach you tips on how to increase your performance, health and elevate your lifestyle. Today we’re going to talk about an old bodybuilding trick for better pumps in the gym. Brandon DiNovi CEO RAM Advantage! Now we all know that feeling, our muscles are tight they’re strong and we feel invincible. In the gym most of the time we call that the pump. People even think the pump maybe anabolic in nature, which means it can help stimulate more muscle growth. Today I’m going to teach you how to get better pumps in the gym using an old bodybuilding trick. It’s called peanut butter. We’re going to that all in one minute. The timer is ready let’s do this. In the early 1990s Karen Teff a researcher
out of Philadelphia found taking peanut butter and swirling around our mouth helped produce an insulin response. This added to lowering the blood glucose and increasing better blood glucose management. Now why is this important? It’s important because insulin is one of
the most anabolic hormones in the body. It helps increase our storage of carbohydrates which you and I know is glycogen. That’s what adds to those great pumps we get in the gym. So next time you head out to the gym take
a tablespoon of peanut butter and before you swallow it, swirl it around in your mouth
just enough to get the flavor. That should give you the insulin response
you need. Now, that also works really well to help drive more creatine into the system if you are taking creating if you don’t want those extra calories from peanut butter Karen’s research also states that you can spit it out and still
get the insulin response you want. So, you want better pumps in the gym? Try peanut butter before you go. Now, if you like this video, like it and subscribe to our channel. If you want a link to Karen’s research head
over to RAMAdvantage.com and click the link in the top where it says videos.

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