Hey guys, easy! You know someone or maybe you are that
person who speaks: “I eat little but I can’t lose weight!” Well, so I think today’s video a lot
probably will answer this riddle for you So it stays until the end of the video,
let’s go to vignette that you will find this out within today! Today’s theme then is caloric density,
in the last video we had the subject which was calories and now we will have the
subject which is caloric density If you haven’t seen the past video about
of calories I highly advise you to go look I’ll leave the link in the description and you can
go there and see this video first because it is very important for you to understand
what am I going to talk about here I will not be repeating what I already said
in that previous video So that’s it, let’s talk today about density
caloric Density if you remember elementary high school
is mass over volume, mass in grams can be measured and volume in cubic centimeter
or milliliters And when we will pass this on to someone
practical example, which has a density very tall for example, an iron bar, if you take
a small piece of iron, solid, will have a very large weight compared to the same
size of a cotton for example Cotton is very light while iron
it will be very heavy, both in the same ‘size’ volume So it means that iron has a density
very big, can put a lot of dough in an X volume, while cotton does not,
he is the other way around, he manages to put little mass in a volume X
So iron is dense and cotton is very little dense Now going through all these examples of
physical environment for nutrition there is caloric density, which would be like
the “weight”, only it is not weight, it is the calorie that a food has by volume
It is the amount of calories that a food have by volume And how do we get through this, this
knowledge of caloric density for reality , I will give a very easy example very high caloric density is usually
those foods that are tiny but which has a very large amount of calories
, so this is a food that has a density very large, very high caloric And what is a food that has density
low calorie, is a food that you say eat a lot but in the end you’re eating
little, say so Because it has little calorie by volume, so
you can eat a lot of it and you will be eating low calorie While the very dense food you will be
eating a little bit and you will be eating quite calorie So I will bring a practical example here
for you guys I’ll get a bar that I think
everyone knows I will not put the mark of anything here,
but I think you know what it is, because is well known .. and this bar here it is 45gr, I will open it, and I will share
half of her to do my example here, it has a lot of calories here, it’s dense for
damn hotly Let’s take 45gr and divide, so we
there is this piece here, this here has 108kcal , 22.5 Gr here is 108kcal, previous video
that I already explained what is calories Now let’s get the same amount of calories
but of another food, here exactly this amount of strawberries has the same
amount of calories that this here And I’ll take another example a little worse
to make you more aware This is a lettuce plant from the south
, a giant lettuce plant, I weighed it up lettuce and I did the math and for you to get
to have that same ridiculous amount there, this amount of 22gr you should eat 2.5 feet
of these, I had to have bought two more of these to make the example In other words, 2.5 feet of lettuce, you have to eat
one of these feet plus another and half more And then you will have the same amount of calories
that you will have in this little piece, in this micro piece So this piece of 22.5 gr has 108kcal
and for you to get 108kcal of strawberry you have to consume this amount here
, which is 360gr of strawberry, 16 times more the volume, so this is 16 times more
heat-dense And this one you will only have to consume
700 and a few, if I’m not mistaken are 720grams of lettuce for you to consume 108kcal
So here 22.5 gr, here 360grams, 2 feet and a half of lettuce 720 grams So everyone has the same amount of calories
, I am not analyzing anything macronutrient here now because I will talk later
this here is simply calories So we have this, and I will keep it
here, but anyway that would be caloric density of the food
, there are some foods that you look at, you can already look at a food and see:
that food has a lot of calories in that tiny piece, while the other has
a lot that you eat will “make you fat” let’s say, it will increase your weight almost
nothing, simply speaking A quick and simple tip, if you want it now
give an improvement, if you search if you try difficulty gaining weight, which I advise you
to do, I highly advise you to consume more high calorie density foods obviously do not select foods that are
“Poor” in macro and micro nutritionally , But consuming foods with caloric density
bigger If you have a hard time losing weight
then I advise you to consume those with density lower caloric intake, so this would be the
today’s tip, very easy, very fast Caloric density of food, I think
that you could understand a little and if you want see more about caloric density
of food i will leave a table in the my website, with some food and the amount
of calories you have every 100gr to stay easier to know,
that is, 100gr of that food has so many calories or you even take and analyze a food
per 100gr and see how much calorie it has, takes the amount of calorie divided by the weight
that originated that amount of calorie and you will have the caloric density So for you to have caloric density is
very easy for you to see and over time that you go on a diet setting up many diets
you will know by heart which one is high caloric density and which has low density
caloric And that’s it, I’m going to leave a quiz for
you, questions and answers on my website , I’ll leave the link here in the description too
and you can go there on my website and answer this quiz about calorie density
, let’s see if you got it right! Please if you can like the video, if
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little slower Thank you so much for watching so far, miss
some of your time to listen to me That’s it, until the next video

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