NS Acrobalance – Acro yoga beginner L basing tutorial – Whale pose

Hi guys welcome to this first ever acro tutorial by myself Nenad and Jelena she’s just walking the dog, so Anyway, hope you like what you see consider subscribing and checking out all our other stuff yeah, leave us a comment below if you learned something and Yeah, okay, so let’s get to it The whale pose is what we’re learning today It’s basically one of the first poses you learn when L basing, this is what it looks like So the flyer places their feet on each side of the bases head. The base makes a strong grip at the ankle of the flier Placing their feet just above the butt of the flier, as for the flier They need to go high up with their arms and start arching backwards Once you make contact with the Flyers back Make sure to bend your knees like so and then simultaneously push off with your legs and your arms do the same thing when going back down. The most common mistake is Not bending your knees and trying to push off with the force of your arms It’s possible but it’s way harder. The other most common mistake is bending them too much and then not being able to push the flier up and Third one is bad placement as we can see here also Don’t forget to let go of your fliers feet. Depending on the size of your flier You might need to lift your butt up to reach them They will only start to lean once they feel that your feet are on their back If you like what you see make sure to check out the other tutorials linked here somewhere and that’s it 🙂

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