NO EXCUSES – Best Workout Motivation Video 2017

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100 thoughts on “NO EXCUSES – Best Workout Motivation Video 2017

  1. Happy New Year to everyone – during this time most of us make new year's resolutions and the most common one is to start working out or to get in shape. This is why I decided to do a workout video, I know it's a little bit different than my other videos – but I hope you will enjoy it!

    Also I have included some footage from my brother's channel. Check him out if you want to learn more about work outs an healthy eating –

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  3. tbh, seeing fucking thors throughout this video doesnt seem very motivating to me for some reason, it doesnt discourage me or intimidate or anything, it's just not working for me

  4. Hi, I'm 16 and I weigh 60 kg, b4 starting my workout i weighed 55kg, is that a gain?
    One more thing , is it compulsory that I go to the gym regularly and will push-ups help in maintaining my gains?

  5. "No excuses" I used to have that mindset until I unluckily got explosive diarrhea on a leg day. Suddenly warm up sets become the hardest workout of your life when you're simultaneously concentrating on not shitting your shorts and humiliating yourself lol

  6. If you're thinking this is just an edited video with cool music, imagine how cooler you'd look if you were in the video grinding like that.🔥💪

  7. Hi all. I just started a youtube channel documenting how I lost a total of 80kg. Please go have a look and subscribe.
    Thank you.

  8. I did this in 2016-2017 I stopped now this year 2018 I will try March and then 2019 it will be 21 months of exercise 33 months and from now it will 2020 in the summer I wanna do swimming I'm thinking of doing diving perhaps doing this in Japan I'm 13 now but I'll be like 14-15 yrs old

  9. Push though doubt. You are enough. You can be a beast and own life. Want change for yourself.

  10. All bhada bada videos please put shorter one, I need a 30 relaxation in the morning so that I can go well with the day

  11. If you can't make the gym. And need the motivation. Check out this product. If you work out then you've heard of it. It works! Check it out!

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