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Hey guys! I’m Keely Henninger and I’m been… Aaaagh! Hi! I’m… (laughing) Hey guys, I’m Keely Henninger. (music playing) Running is a huge part of my life but there’s also another huge part of my life and that’s my dog Jade. I want Jade to love running as much as I do but I have to keep her safe along the way. So I guess the question is, how do you run with your dog? Did I hear a question about running? Nice throw. Alright, so we’re warming up right now which is super important. Super important for humans, it’s super important for dogs when they’re going for a run but first and foremost, you have to make sure you’re not making the dog take on too much. Okay. How many miles a day do you run, Keely? Umm… probably between 12 and 15 a day. Okay, that’s more than I do and probably more than pretty much anybody does. How long are the races that you run? The longest I’ve done is 75 miles. Your first runs, they weren’t 12 or 15 miles long were they? No. Okay, same rules apply when you want to start running with your dog. Make sure that the run is about the dog and not about you. The most important runner is the dog. So, you matter you just matter less than the dog. Okay, so I don’t matter? You do matter, just less than the dog. Okay, so I don’t matter. You matter. The goal of a run with your dog is so the dog has an awesome run. Alright, let me ask you about this, so how do you make sure that Jade has enough water? Yeah, so she gets super thirsty because dogs can’t sweat, right? Did you know that? So, I normally carry like 2-3 times the amount of water that I’d want for myself, for her and she normally ends up getting all of my water. So Keely, I’m gonna talk to you about leashes, even though you know the answer. Okay. Okay, what I would recommend when you’re first running with your dog, is actually an adjustable leash and I’ll tell you why. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking on that first run and I think one of the nicest treats you can give the dog is a little extra leash. Let them explore, let them have a good time. The run is not supposed to be all running. I agree. There you go. Get one of these. Okay, so you’re going to want to make sure you treat that first run with your dog like you would have wanted someone to treat you on your first run. Okay. So like, a short loop, somewhere nice. Don’t worry about the pace. Don’t worry about the distance. The goal is to finish it wanting to run again. Okay. And you know what’s awesome, we have a loop right over here. Keely, Jade, you’ve officially emptied my reservoir of knowledge. I think we feel pretty ready. Good. Are you going to come with us? No, I’m not. Oh. I’m going to sit at the bench and just be a guy in a public park with a moustache. Alright, well I’ll see you after our first loop. Absolutely. Jade, have a good one. (music playing) Alright, keep going. All the way in. Oh, perfection! There you go. There you go, good girl. Alright, that was awesome. Run’s done. Now it’s time to cool down. So, maybe you want to walk Jade for a little bit, let her sniff around, have a good time. And that’s how you run with a dog. Got it. Got it? Yep. If you can just follow that simple rule, both you and the dog are going to have a good run. Okay.

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