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Hey, I’m Cayla Moore and I’m a professional surfer from Oahu, Hawaii. (music playing) I absolutely love to surf but running on the beach? Not so much. So, I definitely have a lot of questions today… I don’t run on the beach very often but like, when I do I feel that I’m not moving at all. So, I’ve got some questions about running on the beach. How do I do it? Did I just hear a question about running? Hey! Cayla Moore, professional surfer! I can help you out. Awesome, but are you going to hit the water? I never go in the water. But I’ll change. Alright. I’ll be back. Awesome. I’ll just, you know, wait here. Okay, we’re going to start running but a couple of things first. We want sunblock. You want to know why? Because you’re in the sun the entire time. So, this is what we’re going to do. I’m going to watch you run from here to the lifeguard stand and back. Alright. So, she’s off. Yeah, you’re still going. She’s already wondering if I’m going to call her back. I’m not. And she’s stopped. Great job! Yeah! Soft sand: way way harder than the hard sand. What I want you to do is compare running in the soft sand now to that hard sand down by the water. Okay, here’s a tip: as you get closer to the water, you’re gonna notice that the beach tends to slant down. So, what you want to do is, if you’re heading out in one direction, just turn around and come back. This way, you’re spreading out some of that pressure on the legs. You know, the ocean and the beach is a good time for me to be able to reflect. Oh, I can totally see that. It’s the same way with me and running and like, trails. You’ve got to have that special place where you can reflect, you can think and I bet you find that when you’re out in the ocean. I do. Yeah. Let’s head to the boardwalk. You know, one of the great things about running on the boardwalk is you’ve got access to water, you’ve got access to bathrooms, the footing is a little bit more stable, and you’re still at the beach. You know what Cayla, you’ve got this. You don’t need me anymore. Thanks Coach, I think I’m going to keep running. You know what? It’s important to remember that running at the beach doesn’t mean you have to run on the beach. You know what I mean? So, there’s usually a boardwalk or a path alongside. So… Oh, Coach! You’ve got a lot of sand in your shoe. Yeah.

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