♫ Subscribe! ♫ ♫ Subscribe! ♫ Do you who was that? Do it. Try it out. Okay. In 1.. 2.. 3.. Go! – I can’t do it. ♫ Subscribe! ♫ Can you do it? We’re at Project 6. Come here guys! 12 midnight. And because of that you get a free whey. But only a scoop of it. – Sure 3x. Lucky. Just a little bit. – No. It’s fine. One scoop of it. – Idol, thank you! – Testing, eat in one go. – It’s a challenge.
– You made it like… Okay, so. Welcome back, Saiyans! We’re back at the- Bakal(Iron) Gym at Project 6. Kalawang(Rust) Gym. Of course, we’ve missed this place. It’s really hardcore. So, we’re here with Kenzo today because he
said that he wanted to come to the gym. Although, he’s already sleepy. And that’s it. Kuya(Brother) is still here. Let’s give whey to those who are here. Just one scoop each for now, Okay? That’s what we’re going to do on the next few days. We’re going to give out 1 scoop per
person on each gym we visit. Although, if that person is… But that’s okay. Alright. And on Sunday, we’ll be at- Muscle Town Gym, was it? At Mandaluyong. At Kuya(brother) Archie Gascon’s. So, we’ll see you guys there on Sunday afternoon. And it’s his birthday. Okay. So, see you guys there! So, what we’re going to do today. Let’s give Warren and Rapnu a hard time. An awesome shoulder workout! Join them – Yeah, buddy! Cool. Okay, Saiyans. We’re back with Mang(Kuya/Brother) Jess. You can see his body. Mang Jess is already 55 years old. Really awesome guy. I saw him doing ab wipers when we got here. So, he’s the one who’s in charge of the gym. And if you want Mang Jess to spot you,
give him a tip afterwards. Okay. And he’ll give you a sample of the
wipers he was doing earlier. Okay.
– Abs again. It hurts. – Okay. Did you see that? 55 years old. No excuses, right? Whatever age you are at. You can still workout!
– Regardless of age. Okay. My abs hurt while I was watching him. Okay. Kenzo boy’s turn! 8. 9. Okay. Strong. Show them 2x. Subscribe! Okay. So, “mga ka-tuko”(Geckos). Because there aren’t any 15lbs dumbbell. We’re going to build our own. Okay. So, Coach Kenzo’s here with us. He’s the one who’s going to teach Warren
and Rapnu on what they’re going to do. And he’s the one who’s going to count… the reps they’re doing because maybe they’ll cheat. Okay. Coach, what’s our next exercise? – Press. – What press? Dumbbell press? – Dumbbell press. – Okay, coach. ♫ Di ka na malulungkot, malapit na- ♫ ♫ ako baby. Pauwi na ko. ♫ Yehey! Coach, what’s our next exercise? – Rear delts. – What are rear delts? – Oh no. You still don’t know? The one right here. You’ve been working out for so long. – Oh, the one here at the back. Okay coach. Sorry 2x. I’ll give you some whey. – Whey?
– Yep. Just one scoop. The challenge there is you won’t mix it with water. No water. Can you do it? Can you? So, that’s it. Because he still went even though it’s late already. We’ll give him one scoop. But before that, you should shout… Do you know how Goku shouts
when he goes super saiyan? Just one shout. After you eat the powder, shout! – Do it!
– Eat and shout! – You can do it. – Subscribe! Eat it then shout first. 2.. 3.. Go! Was that okay? We’ll include that on the video, bro. Thank you! 2x Thanks for the whey. – Sure. Okay, Saiyans. Our classmate back at Montessori. When we we’re back at high school. Meet Ronald. This is where he also goes to. Let’s give him whey later. 2 scoops for him since he’s my classmate before. Right? And we’ll also give kuya. – Hey, can I get a picture with Ken. He’s really popular. I watch his vlogs always. – Okay, let’s take a picture later. So, everyone who gets a scoop. They get a challenge. They’ll shout like a Saiyan. Sample. – Sample 2x.
– Sample. We’ll show them a sample. What do you want? Super Saiyan 3? We’re Trunks today. Trunks. Like that. 1 scoop’s good.
– Oops, it spilled. That was weak.
– Was that still weak? – Take two 2x. – Take two. Do your best! Okay. – Next 3x.
– Next 2x. Okay. Careful, it might spill out. And there’s our winner. – There’s our winner. – I have someone to go against that. – Okay. Let’s see. I feel this will be the strongest. Of the strong. Hailing from the planet, Namek. What’s your name, bro? – Matthew. – Okay, for Matthew. That’s it. That’s it 3x! So, who do you think won among those 3?
– I think the- -winner of the two is? Is Gotenks! And that’s still on the glass. Let’s give him more whey. – Maybe let’s give him some more. – Let’s give him some more. – Finish that one first. – Give him a new cup. – Later again. KA! If you thought that we’ve forgotten. He’s the winner of our- Saiyan challenge! So, we’ll give him- EXTRA whey for… Whey. Okay. One more shout, right? One more shout? One more! One more? Do you want more? One more, said the fans. Shout before I give. – For the views!
– For the views! You’ll be ka-tuko for now. Yep. You’ll be ka-tuko now. Go. Last, for the views! 1.. 2.. 3.. Okay. – Okay 2x. – #SaiyanChallenge Okay, Saiyans! Ouch. That hurts. Okay, Saiyans. We’re now at home. We got home late again. So, coach Kenzo is sleepy already. And you’ve seen our challenges earlier with our Saiyans. So, Warren and Rapnu did a vlog takeover for now. So, that’s what we’re going to do when we visit. To see who’s the real Saiyan out there. Time for shoutouts. Okay. Shoutout to Nathaniel Lobo. To Benedict Linogao. To AAA, “the contents keeps getting better, boss Ken.” “I think I also want to try vlogging,
shoutout from Las Pinas.” Sure bro. So that we’ll have more bloggers, the better. Right? But your subscribers, let them subscribe to
my channel too. Just joking. Okay. So, now let’s check the top comments. By the way, those we’re the first
comments from our past video. If you’ve watched our “Sweldo reveal” video. Okay. So, back to the top comments. Okay. Top comments. Shoutout to Elman Manalo. “Lodi(idol). Stay humble. Keep it up, idol.
Keep the Saiyan blood flowing.” “Stay humble, idol. More blessings to you.
Safe lifting to us.” Alvin Del Rosario. Shoutout to John Rafael Mendoza. “Let’s go, idol Ken Saiyan!” To… MalakGT. “Shout me out. Certified Saiyan here.” Fernandez Hero Jr: “Remember that the happiest
people are not those getting more,” “but those giving more. By H. Jackson Brown Jr.” “Thank you for sharing your blessings to your subscribers, idol.” Yes. Of course. We’re not just going to keep it up for ourselves
because if it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be here right now. Our channel
wouldn’t be here right now. And I will not be able to give giveaways. So, all of this is all because of your help, Saiyans. So, that’s all. By the way. For those who are asking about our whey giveaway. From our “Sweldo Reveal Bodybuilder” video The mechanics are there in the comments section.
And then on our Facebook page. That’s why don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook page. And they just need to tag 3 friends on that post of mine. And share that video link, and then… When you share the link, add “#KASAIYAN”. Okay? And don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE! This is where our video ends, see you again tomorrow! Okay, Saiyans? ♫ SUBSCRIBE! ♫ Shoutout to you, Mimiyuuuh. Mimiyuuuh. – Mimiyuuuh. What Mimiyuuuh? Mimiyuuuh. ♫ Mimiyuuuh. ♫ Okay. Thank you!


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