Namaskar –  Yoga for All

Sadhguru: Namaskar. The physical world is a product of polarities
– masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang, Ida-Pingala, Shiva-Shakti, right brain or
left brain or whatever you may want to call them The longing to find union of polarities is
finding expression through ambition, conquest, love, sex and yoga. Yoga means union. Simplest form of yoga is to put your hands
together in Namaskar. Namaskar brings harmony between two polarities
within. Put your hands together in Namaskar and look
upon someone or something with loving attention. In three to five minutes, you will begin to
harmonize. Namaskar yourself into peace. Namaskar yourself into love. Namaskar yourself into union. Know the union of yoga on this International
Yoga Day. Let us put our hands together and unite the
world. May you unfold your being with folded hands.

83 thoughts on “Namaskar – Yoga for All

  1. this is an awesome explanation about the yoga..

  2. नमस्कार ! नमस्कार !! नमस्कार !!! नमस्कार !!!!

  3. Namaskaram, to my Guru, Sadguru.
    Another great initiative by Sadguru, towards his vision of spreading and bringing at least a drop of spirituality to every human being.I am grateful for all that I am getting in my life.

  4. A very simple Yoga posture and Thank You for it. Add left, right, front and back bending, can be the next extensions to Namaskar. Believe in 'Yoga towards Unification of the Human Race'.

  5. Sadhguru, you have beautiful voice, so soft and so powerful. Thank you for your your message.  Namaskar

  6. Meaning of Yoga is valuable.Thanks to Yog guru for his interest for peace nations.Presentation of youtube is excellant for loving global social leaders.

  7. Let this video be supplied t oParliament and all assembly aswell as  all educational intitutions to serve the aims and objectives of Yoga.

  8. Namaskar to all human beings on mother earth. May you a line your being with the mighty creator of all that permeate all life

  9. You have so many people pictured here who are directly working for the new world order slave agenda? I have seen many of your vids and I agree with much of what you say however, how can you promote these people who are working against all of humanity just because they have their hands in the prayer form?

  10. People now a days have lost their intellect. Instead of getting benefitted from someone's message and applying it in their lives for their wellbeing, they are much concerned with what that messenger bags home, what medium he uses to explain.. Friends, if you dont care for anyone giving you useful knowledge, its your personal matter, no one forces you to see or like it. But have some courtesy towards the message he gives..

  11. Rahul i m fully agree with u. We cn always see the positive side. किसी की बुराइ करने मे उसका एक अंश हम मे भी आता है

  12. Awesome video .. I have watched & shared it.. Really Namaskar is really fruitful.. Thank U Sadguru & Team for the beautiful video.. Warm Regards, Sarfaraz.. gdtc 🙂

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