My wife Kim (NTK) is starting her own fitness journey after 10 years of sickness

– Morning Trainiacs. We’ve got ourselves a
super Saturday workout. Look. It is so large that
this is what we’ve got. We have some BioSteel workout
hydrator with amino acids, my usual SOS, we’ve got a
Coke for just before the run, we got four boxes of chews,
gettin’ the gut ready to accept a little bit of sugar, and beyond that, I’ve
called in reinforcements. Right over here, set
up a little Zwift setup for buddy Rod that’s comin’ over. Three hour bike, twenty five minute run, race simulation four weeks out from Half Ironman Puerto
Rico’s underweight. Let’s do it. (upbeat music) Woo. (machine whirring)
Whoa. (bass music)
Wah who wow wow wow. I say this ever week that I
do a race simulation workout. That was hard. Three hours, the main chunk
being five times twenty minutes at or above race effort at 230 watts, and for context, I’m 155 pounds, (exhales) and then, twenty five minutes of running, starting just above race pace, backing it off after 3K,
just below race pace. Averaging a 4:27 per kilometer pace. Okay, I’m going to hit the sauna and today… (exhales) I actually want NTK to take over because she’s going through something as far as her own fitness journey I think is way more interesting than what I’m going through right now that I think all of you should know. It’s good stuff. It’s like feel good stuff. (chains clanking and footsteps) – [NTK] Pete. – [Taren] There we go. Alright, today’s video’s
brought to you by Pete. So, you have developed this
persona that I have given you and you have adopted of being NTK, the no triathlon Kim. But I don’t think people realize that that’s not because you
are a non sporty person. Between the two of us,
you’re probably more sporty. Explain your fitness
levels eleven years ago. – [NTK] I worked out at
the gym six days a week and I played Ultimate
Frisbee four nights a week and did a lot of team sport, other type team sport stuff like Beach Volleyball,
and that sort of stuff. – [Taren] What body part
were you most proud of? – [NTK] I had some flat abs. – [Taren] Didn’t you say arms? – [NTK] Oh yes, triceps,
really awesome triceps, yeah. – [Taren] So, that
said, let’s fast forward to the last month. You did an Instagram story yesterday talking about how you’ve been doing stuff. (background chattering) – [NTK] Some big deal guys. Super big deal actually. So February 15th is the
ten year anniversary of the day I got sick. I was healthy and felt great before that and then I woke up one
morning on February 15th ten years ago 2009, thought I had the flu, but it turns out dormant
Lyme Disease became activated and I became very, very sick. And I’ve been battling that for ten years. I’m still battling a lot
of the damage that it did, even though I’m way healthier than I was for a really long time. A lot of people may not
have know how sick I was because I kept getting dressed and putting on my makeup and working and doing all the things we do but it was really hard, like the hardest. So, anyway, after that length of time where even just getting dressed
in the morning is challenge, and believe me, it was a challenge, I decided recently that I’m a lot better and it’s time to get moving again because I miss the person I used to be and so I’ve been doing little bits and I decided to see how long I could run, not on a treadmill, because that’s somewhat assisted I guess, but on the track at Sydney Commons Recreation
Complex this morning and I just did ten minutes. And that my friends, is
something I did not expect that I could do. I just want to add that that
was a miserable ten minutes. I felt terrible, my
calves hurt, I hated it, I almost quit after the first minute. I almost quit after the second minute. I almost quit every minute but I did it. I didn’t quit so I feel really good now and yeah, body’s capable of a lot I guess. Not my body, like everybody’s body. – [Taren] Besides that
ten minute run yesterday, what have you been doing
for the past six months? – [NTK] Well, I started last summer cycling to work, somewhat. Just based on where I
was working at the time it was close and wast to do so and that was my first real foray into any kind of fitness in a long time. And then, the fall came around, and just you know, walking the dogs and going for small bike rides, I wasn’t doing much, and then, when you started
your travels in January, traveling for Master Class production, I was out with the dogs
for a walk one evening and I don’t know what possessed me, but I just decided to run a minute, walk a minute for ten minutes, or twenty minutes I guess, and I did that and it felt
not like horrible horrible, and I said, “Oh, maybe
I’ll do that again.” And so I did it a couple times and then I did a couple runs
on your treadmill back there in your pain cave, and yesterday you went
to the pool and you said, “wanna come walk on the track?” And I was like “yeah, why not?” So, I just started running and
I don’t know why, but I did. – [Taren] Gets kinda a little sad. – [NTK] Oh.
– Well, happy. – [NTK] Don’t be sad. I ran for ten minutes. – [Taren] What makes me happy
is you are feeling good enough after like ten years we’ve been together. – [NTK] Well, no, we’ve been together a little less than that cause I got sick just about two years before I met you. – [Taren] Wow, so, nine years
that we would go to Kona and even at the finish line of Kona– – [NTK] Oh yeah, that first
year on our honeymoon. – [Taren] First year we went. – [NTK] I had to sit on the sidewalk with my head between my
knees cause I couldn’t– – [Taren] You couldn’t
watch the podium finishers because you’re so– – [NTK] Sick?
– [Taren] Yeah, so sick. Two things people are going to ask are does this mean
you’re doing a triathlon? – [NTK] No, cause you know what, I don’t like getting my hair wet, people. – [Taren] And that’s okay but do you have a fitness goal? – [NTK] Ooh, fitness goal? Um, I mean, I don’t
know how long away I am from being at 100%. I don’t know if I’ll ever by 100% per say. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to be as healthy as I used to be. You don’t know what kind of
permanent damage has been done but fitness goal… Well, I’d like to be able
to run for about 20 minutes. Cause that would be interesting. Although, as I said in
my Instagram stories, I couldn’t run for twenty
minutes before I got sick. So the fact I ran for ten is
like something’s goin’ on. But I don’t have a goal like you do. Like you wanna do a full or whatever. I think my goal would just
be cool to run for twenty. I’d like to get back into the gym doing weights on a regular basis. I know, we have a lot of
weights at our place here. – [Taren] What were the few
things that really helped you? – [NTK] Fortunately, I’ve worked with a couple of outstanding
naturopathic doctors, using sort of cutting edge
stuff to do with herbals and what not. Some other really off the
wall alternative stuff. Bioresonance, a lot of
people may or may not have heard of that. Rife is another term for that. That was huge in my recovery. A lot of people think it’s snake oil. I know it worked for me. But everybody’s Lyme journey’s different. I just try to go about my day and do the things I have to do and I don’t say when I feel terrible. You don’t know most of the
time when I feel terrible cause I just don’t want
it to become your identity and I never wanted to stop doing stuff. Sometimes you have to
give me a kick in the butt because it can overwhelm
you and overtake you. – [Taren] Note to spouses
of people with Lyme, a kick in the butt does not help. (laughing) Last question, how much do
you like my backwards hat? – [NTK] I hate it. It looks ridiculous. – Good.
– The only people who should wear a backwards
hat is a catcher in baseball. You look ridiculous. – [Taren] My beard is getting really full. The hat’s nice. – [NTK] Hate it, it’s a bad hat. – [Taren] It’s good. – [NTK] It’s gonna disappear. – [Taren] That is all. – [NTK] You might smell like gravy. – [Taren] That is all. I happy. – [NTK] Twenty minutes
is the goal I guess. – [Taren] Now you have to end it with– – [NTK] I don’t know what
you say at the end of videos. – [Taren] You don’t, you
don’t watch my videos? – [NTK] I watch all of the
videos all the way through. – [Taren] You gotta say. (sighing)
– Later Trainiacs, like and subscribe if you haven’t already. – [Taren] I don’t say that. Later Trainiacs.
– Bye Trainiacs.

100 thoughts on “My wife Kim (NTK) is starting her own fitness journey after 10 years of sickness

  1. Very inspirational stuff 👌🏻 I’m 18 and was told a year ago I will never be able to run again and here I am now 7 weeks away from my first triathlon ❤️

  2. you two are a super-cute couple and give hope to all the tri-widow families out here. Thank you NTK for sharing – congratulations on your progress!

  3. NTK is awesome! I bet she is running a half marathon within the year!

    Taren, are you drinking the coke to simulate the coke you get on the run? Or are you carrying coke on your bike?

  4. Very touching, just what i needed . You gave me the courage to defenitly do a tri.Two of my training partners told me this week they will not do our first triathlon that we were suppose to do this summer! It was our first, for for all i have pain in my knees and hands but i am not a complainer,it has time to heel. i am 48 years old they are 35 and 41and they are quitting (too much work for them i guess!) i always been in fitness all my life and go regularly to the gym 6 days a week but my cardio is not really good and i find it hard to restart myself with it, this is why i had this goal of doing a sprint triathlon. I want to train really hard and do it, when my partners told me they will not do it ..i was considering quitting ot maybe doing it the next year imstead ! i don’t feel 100% and i know it will be hard , i very hard but i am not a quitter. If NTK pushes herself to run with her condition,i am telling myself it’s a mindset. I can do it , if i vision myself doing it and i need to make a plan for it . Thank’s for sharing 🧡

  5. Awesome – Congrats to NTK for getting her move on. Happy for both of you. I can see this is meaningful for both of you. All the love to you – Be Well – Live well. Thanks to both of you for doing what you do and being who you are.

  6. Didn't realize how serious it was when you guys mentioned it in our chat. Super glad to know about the progress. Go Kim! 😀

  7. this was absolutely lovely and truly inspirational!! I wish Kim the very best on her fitness journey and you're both super lucky to have each other for support 🙂

  8. Thanks for the openness. Great video – Go NTK!
    Btw. 3hrs indoors is brutal, did 2.5 yesterday and this was already no fun…

  9. I can only imagine what you have been through – that's awesome you're getting back into things Kim!! Keep up the perseverence, but make sure you listen to your body and take rest if you need to!!

  10. that's a story for the trainiac community stories! 🙂 Good for you Kim! Rooting for you.. and oh, welcome to the dark side 😉 just borrow some tarens equipment for the pool <3 🙂

  11. I'm following you since quite a while now, and this is definitely one of the most inspirational video you have made. For me NTK have always been the knight in the shadow, working hard to give us a great content too. Good to see her in the light and hear about her story. It's a good reflect of your channel too. You don't need to be a pro, to do a sub 2h olympic, be the first in your age group… To enjoy sharing the triathlon experiences, progress at your own rythme, set your own goal and looking back bad been happy about what you have achieved 🙂
    Keep it up guys!

  12. So awesome you guys! My beautiful sis has had Lyme for probably close to 20 years and it’s been terribly hard physically, mentally, and emotionally. I shared this with her, but if you could offer some additional resources or helpful remedies I’d be grateful. TT, you’ve been a big a inspiration, and Kim this share puts you right up there. Those seemingly small steps you’re taking are in fact HUGE ones, so I wish you all the best in each step you take 🤙💪✌️

  13. NTK: the courage it takes to put yourself out there is a huge inspiration for all of us. Thank you for including us on your journey.

  14. 2004 I woke up sick, numb, stiff, after a lot of testing. Doctors were confused, Lyme markers(but not enough for diagnosis), multiple sclerosis and finally they said I had transverse milites . I went back to working out and struggled for many years till I picked up biking in 2011. From 2008-20015 it was a sea saw of feeling better and set backs. Working out really helped, but issues kept coming back. 2015, I was diagnosed with MS and have now completed 6 Half Ironman and two fulls, last year atWisconsin 11:05:00. It’s a life style change, positive thought and as you said, it does not define you. Keep moving forward, it is not easy, Kim you have a great attitude and the support of Terrine.

  15. Wow Kim so proud of you for not letting this disease define you! My sister in law has been battling it too for the last 4 years. Definitely going to share the video with her! Big hugs and high fives to you! ♥️💪

  16. why the 3 hr ride but only a 30 minute run? You are basically simulating the race ride but are only doing a small piece of the run effort. In my past experience with triathlon, I know you can loose whatever you think you may gain by being super trained on the bike but poorly trained on the run. I would think that same 3 hour ride should be done at the same pace, but at 1 hour intervals, get off and run 30 miutes at race pace or faster. That way, you get the same ride in, but a much more productive 1.5 hour run in at race pace, making a more better race simulation.

  17. Fantastic news about Kim 👏 Lyme is super nasty as Matt Dawson found out as-well … Shows how deep ❤ goes as (N)TK has supported all your progress and achievements while being very poorly = 💪 woman and marriage. Both awesome and wish Kim steady progress for the future.

  18. That's awesome to both of you, congrats! My wife has RA, and while she's responding decently well to treatment, it's still much harder for her to do endurance stuff for her than someone with out. She gets to live vicariously through me, and is the best cheerleader ever. Congrats to Kim!

  19. Nothing I can say that hasn't already been said, except that this outpouring of heartfelt best wishes shows that you have the whole Trainiac community behind you Kim. You and Taren are two very special people who have helped and are still helping THOUSANDS of others on their journeys. (57,000 subscribers when I last looked ). THANKYOU and GOOD LUCK in YOUR journey Kim.

  20. Just love you two!!!….. the pair of you are so motivating and a credit to YouTube!…. Totally choked me up when Taren got emotional…. congrats to you both for all you achieve…. keep us posted on your journey, NTK!!!

  21. Very inspirational! Next time I'm crying to myself about putting in laps without my floaty pants, I will think of NTK! Taren, ya'll seem like such a great couple who give each other all the support and encouragement in the world. Happy for you bro! Oh, and thanks for being such a great resource. I am 7 weeks into training for my first sprint tri with 11 weeks to go and your vids and training aids have helped me a lot!

  22. 3 years ago my wife came down with a weird flu… 6 months and dozens of specialists later we finally had an explanation for the vertigo, twitching, pain, numbness and heart palpitations. It was lyme. We also learned how shitty and ignorant our Canadian healthcare system is at dealing with lyme. Thankfully we were able to afford private health which really improved things. I feel bad for those who are stuck dealing with public health; those who can't fork over piles of cash or those who were given a bullshit diagnosis of stress or something like fibromyalgia. After I watched this video I handed my phone over to my wife and asked her to watch… I immediately got an eye roll and complaints and then she watched Kim’s story. She was watery eyed and inspired as she too has just gone back to the gym and is having a hard time waking for 20min. Thank you Kim for sharing. Lyme really sucks.

  23. All I can say is wow. I can only speak of recovering from broken bones, years of laziness and torn tendons. I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through. I wish you the best on your quest to regain yourself.

  24. It good to hear NTK enjoying her running and riding…. And it great if she never races as long as she is enjoying what she is doing…. We sometimes forget that 99% of us are not doing it for a living, we do it for FUN.. Keep having fun Kim – love ya

  25. Wim Hof has session for people with lyme. Allegedly he is able to help them to decrease the intensity of the symptoms with his methods.

    Anyway, NTK, you ceirtanly should be proud of what you have achieved. People without major health problems are not able to walk 1-2 km. Having to fight with health problems that make e en mundane every day activicties difficult and finding the determination to start some fitness activity – aweesome. Way to go:) You ceirtanly make a great couple and complete yourselves. Best of luck!

  26. This one hit close to home… My wife has been struggling with Lyme Disease as well. Thanks to you both for sharing this with us.

  27. 😮😮 Congratulations for your strength and… Never put your arms down, never quit. An inspiration and good story for the Trainiacs motivation

  28. Firstly – Good luck with the journey NTK, so happy you are improving – Secondly, Taren, hands down my favorite interview, while the content is always great seeing you sit there and listen showed so much I admire in you… – respect legend – keep up the great work, both of you.

  29. Now thats a story worthy of Tuesday Newsday, and honestly speaking, crushes them all, past, present and future! Wow NTK thank you so much for digging deep and to willingly share your story with the world. I have no doubt it will inspire thousands of people and like yourself we will fight our battles and get motivated to get outdoors or go exercise. Pretty soon you’ll be a pro 20minute runner and we are all routing for you to achieve your goal and all the ones beyond that as well. Well done, amazing inner strength and we hope to continue hearing about your good health and continued success stories as you crush your illness with all your perseverance, motivation and can do attitude. Inspirational to say the least, truly heart warming. Big hug to both and keep it up guys xx

  30. Thank you NTK for sharing us your challenges! You’ve got this, I think you’re going to get stronger and faster everyday! T-man, please keep us posted with her progress it’s inspirational

  31. Kudos NTK. My wife’s been battling Lyme disease since early 90’s. And my 13-yr-old has Babesia. Tick borne illness is the worst and it’s not understood well by the medical community at large.

  32. I want to thank you for letting us se a glimpse of you devotion to Kim. I know there are many men who have a partner that have a medical issue and deal with day to day struggles. I too have that same story, a wife with breast cancer, who stands by me when I compete and at the end of the day I would give it all up if she needed me. Again thanks for being real for us regular guys just trying to finish the race.

  33. Hearing that NTK was sick for so long (and still is to a certain point) sucks.
    But all of this is inspirational and awesome to hear! Being able to start again is a wonderful thing, but actually doing it requires even more. So hats up.
    Mononucleosis put me on rest for only two years (as it affected my heart), but Lyme disease is on a totally different level!

  34. New subscriber here, and find your videos to be down-to-earth, very informative and motivating. I happened across this video, and Kim's story is an awesome inspiration. I feel quite fortunate to have 'met' you two – and wish you both the best of success!

  35. This was awesome, true courage to get on camera and talk about something so personal. I hope we get to watch as you face "Your Hard" because motivation comes in all forms. Thank you for sharing!

  36. You guys are just beautiful. What an inspiration Kim. I had no idea of what you’ve been through. Keep at it and keep supporting each other towards your goals. You obviously have an amazing relationship and with that love and support behind you, you can accomplish anything. Believe me – I know.

  37. NTK, Kim I am so proud of you, especially because you don’t like Taren’s BFC (cap), and of course your journey back to feeling better. Good luck and I hope you continue improving, thank you for sharing your story 👍😀🤞

  38. Just started falling TT videos two weeks ago and they have gotten me through two round trips from Fresno to San Diego California that's 20 hours of traveling with TT. After 15 years of being miserable. Some autoimmune diseases I can totally understand. I give myself bigger goals to reach for to keep me motivated. Several years ago I did a few triathlons 2 years ago I did a few races then my my body said no more for a while. I've started swimming again and love it. My goal is the Alcatraz swim Oct 2019!

  39. You two are a great couple. Great to see NTK show her stuff as well…makes this so much better to watch.

    One question, however. Do you always do weights during your brick workouts?

  40. Hi, in 2015/16 i was an active triathlete, suddenly my health took a dive and i couldn't sustain any effort without being completely drained ( for example mowing the lawn would make me sleep the rest of the day, this continued for 6 months and i was diagnosed with Borelia/Lyme decease. fortunately i met a a guy who told me to start taking teasel root extract as supplement, did that for 3 months and noticed a change and started to improve. It has been a long journey but now i am finally almost back to where i was and really starting to put in quality training hours again. Hope you get your spark back and if you haven't tried it give teasel root a shot 🙂

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