My Top Running Drills to improve form and speed

Hi everyone
Owain Matthews here, Energylink Coaching here to talk to you today about some of my top running drills. I’m out in the oval on a beautiful day. So why do we do running drills? A lot of you might have done track in the past or got into a triathlon Club, and in the run
sessions a lot of people are getting you to do run drills, but often we don’t
really understand why. So today I’m going to show you some my top running drills
and just give you a little bit of a description about why we do run drills and how you can help implement them into your run to become a bit more efficient.
So run drills are great for warming up, they’re really good at the start of a
session to rehearse movement patterns and get you ready for the
session you’re about to do, but they’re also really good for improving your run
efficiency they can improve your balance and your coordination, the way in which you
recruit your muscle groups and help give you a little bit more speed in that
recruiting of your muscle group so that your your running stride can become a
little bit quicker as well. All those things combined would give you a
bit more of an indication about ways that you can become a little bit more
efficient as a runner. Most importantly when you’re doing the run drills is to
do them correctly so that they can translate into you normal running style
and your running stride, so when I go through the drills today you can look
in the description at the bottom of the page and you can go to my website to get
a little bit more detail about how to do the drills correctly, looking at things
like body alignment and posture so that you can implement them into a better
running stride Okay I hope you enjoy

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