Hello everyone Before starting the video, I want to ask Subscribe to me, like and click on the bell Let’s go Today I will have workout on the pectoral muscles and back I’ve already warmed up and I’m ready for training Let’s go Doing exercises on the pectoral muscles Be sure to think about the muscle we are training Perform bench press The next exercise – breeding dumbbells lying Be sure to think about the muscle we are training Next Exercise – crossover exercise Do not forget to think about the muscle we are training Next Exercise on the back – traction from above in the machine Block pull from above sitting Be sure to think about the muscle we are training Block pull to the stomach while sitting, with deviation In the end, as always, we do the exercise for abs And that’s all I hope you enjoyed my workout I ask again – subscribe to me, like and click on the bell That’s all All bye-bye

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  1. Otra vez nooooooo!!!! Me gustaba más a las4am porque a las 6 al en adelante ya no me queda tiempo ,pero cuando vuelva me pongo al corriente ok! Saludos PRINCESITA DANATAR!

  2. Dear Dana,

    I was your age when I read a book titled, “On the Beach”. I checked it out from a library on a U.S. military base. Like a book I mentioned earlier, called “Brain Wave”, “On the Beach” forever changed how I view the world.

    Recently, I read “On the Beach” again. Like “Brain Wave”, “On the Beach” can be somewhat boring. However, I again liked this book very much.

    I have written an essay about “On the Beach”. Here it is:

    On the Beach: “The End Point of All Human Achievement?”


    “This is the end.”

    – Jim Morrison, The Doors.

    “I’ve got to go and buy a playpen for my eldest unmarried daughter.”

    – Peter Holmes, On the Beach, pg. 99.

    What is the most important book ever written? I won’t quarrel with those who say it’s the Bible. However, the most salient book for our time continues to be a book published in 1957: Nevil Shute’s On the Beach.

    The title is innocuous. One imagines sunlit swims, and strand bonfires beneath starry skies. The novel features some of these. However, as Dwight Towers tells Moira Davidson, of radiation,

    “We’ve got [it] now. The background level of the radiation here, today, is eight or nine times what it was before the war.” – pg. 23.

    Scary, huh? Everything around you appears normal. Yet a global exchange of nuclear weapons has increased the amount of radiation Earth bears.

    Don’t worry! I’m not spoiling the novel for you. Or the two movies it sired, in 1959 and 2000. When the story starts, the war is over. It took place in the Northern Hemisphere. From the perspective of Australia, where the story is set, all humanity in the North is apparently dead. Those not wiped out by war’s ordinary ravages were killed by deadly levels of radiation.

    In Australia, there’s also a glimmer of hope, regarding life in the North. A radio signal is coming, intermittently, from a Northern location.

    The North’s radiation is definitely coming. Anything put into Earth’s atmosphere doesn’t stay put. The killer radiation is bent on girdling the globe. Those in Southern locales, like Australia, reckon they have about six months to live.

    What would you do with your life if it was predicted to end in half a year? You won’t be able to make plans for your children. In the words of a crude gibe from the Vietnam War,

    “Napalm sticks to kids.”

    Radiation is just as bad for them. Peter and Mary Holmes have a baby daughter, Jennifer. Radiation sickness is akin to cholera in its effects: one is afflicted with vomiting and diarrhea. Death looms. Would you want your infant to go through such suffering? Even as you do?

    I had thought of nuclear armed submarines as machines that go sailing about, under the sea. Such a sub does sail to its location. For instance, President Donald Trump said America had at least one nuclear armed submarine off the coast of Korea.

    What is the sub doing there? Sitting, underwater. Waiting. Waiting to trigger what could escalate into the end of all human life on earth. Waiting, in effect, to kill Jennifer. And you.

    World War One mostly took place in Europe’s far west. It was triggered by an assassin’s bullet in the Balkans. Chute makes reference to this in his novel. His fictional war is begun by an event in Albania, a country no one would put at the center of global affairs.

    I’m old enough to recall opinions about America’s economy in the early 2000’s. The internet, we were told, had changed our economy forever. Recessions would be unlikely from now on. Depressions were impossible. Then along came the Great Recession, in 2007. It could easily have been a global depression. The Great Depression of the 1930’s can be cited as a contributor to World War Two, which saw the invention of the Atom bomb.

    Up close, one can divide recent decades all sorts of ways: James Dean and the 1950’s. The Beatles! President Nixon’s impeachment in the 1970’s. Today’s question: will President Donald Trump be removed from office?

    All this obscures the truth of our situation. World War Two ended in a stalemate between America and Russia. The stalemate continues today. It is now a stalemate involving nuclear weapons, on both sides.

    Today, nuclear weapons are owned by a host of nations. More could acquire them at speed if they wished (Israel and Japan). Other countries want them, like Iran. Some owners of nuclear weapons, like North Korea, Pakistan, and India, could be spurred to use them for causes we deem undesirable, or stupid. When’s the last time you thought about Kashmir, unrelated to the band Led Zeppelin?

    Here’s a recent headline from Google, about Kashmir:

    “Kashmir crackdown: A warning of nuclear war between India and Pakistan.” – Axios, quoted on Google, October 4, 2019.

    If there could be a Great Recession, there might be a nuclear war in our future. Perhaps a big one. The submarines, and other means of delivery, like missiles and airplanes, are waiting to deliver such an event.

    Russia is said to have developed nuclear armed drones. Its missiles may no longer be supersonic in speed, but hypersonic.

    Of some spaceborne craft in outer space, seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey, a reviewer wrote:

    “Those are bombs!”

    “Ban the Bomb!” was a trendy injunction in the 1950’s. You never hear it now. Instead, we’re warned about climate change. Never mind that Earth’s climate has been changing for eons. Long before people were here, there were palm trees on the northern coast of Siberia. Dinosaurs once roamed Antarctica, a land we know as one inhospitable to such life, and us.

    “Earth Abides,” is the name of a post-apocalyptic novel. Roaches are pretty good at abiding too. Seven billion dead humans would be a feast for them. In On the Beach, the predicted end of humanity is not the end of the earth. In fact, if the killer radiation does girdle the earth, it nonetheless drops to levels humans could endure – in five years. Yet in On the Beach, half a year of life is all any human can expect to have left. Including, of course, baby Jennifer.

    All our cousins are already dead. We are the last hominids, of over 30 species, that once called earth home. Our cousins went extinct despite not owning nuclear weapons.

    This is why I call On the Beach the most important book ever written. Perhaps someday it will be irrelevant. It isn’t yet. Destroying ourselves in a nuclear war could prove to be the end point of all human achievement.


    You look fabulous in your Premiere photo, Dana! Not only are you superb, but the photograph itself has a very professional quality. I love your black and blue top, and your workout gloves. Your pink pants, and pink waist purse, are excellent too. It looks like your hair is in a long ponytail. Yea!

    You are very much a star of the Internet!

  3. Excellent workout Dana, especially working the back. And as always you look so beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas 🎄 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  4. Отличная тренировка! Поздравляем более 50 000 подписчиков! Ты заслуживаешь это. 🙂 Желаю тебе счастливого Рождества! Или вы празднуете Рождество в январе? Но мои рождественские пожелания остаются неизменными, конечно. 🙂 Я с нетерпением жду много новых видео от вас! 🙂

  5. I really like your videos,you are Fantastic,you are the best, I send you a kiss from Uruguay,I wish you a very merry Christmas.!! 🙏😘🌷🇺🇾

  6. Dear Dana,

    Thank you for your video, “My Real Workout in Gym.”

    This is one of your greatest workout videos ever! I loved the music. Your video was well lit.

    I love your smile! Thank you flashing it many times.

    At least 100 people watched this video live. Maybe more – I didn’t notice the count of people still watching until several minutes after your video ended!

    THANK YOU for not writing subtitles over yourself as the main part of your video was playing.

    At this video’s start, you tell me to enable english subtitles. How do I do that?

    There’s an idea for a future video. Show your fans how to enable english subtitles.

    Someone once spoke about putting text on You Tube into a google translator. ( To translate your language into english. How does one do that? )

    When you do seated back pulls, try to keep your back straight. That is, sit upright. However, if you can’t lift the weight, sitting upright, then, yes, you do need to lean back as you pull on the weight.

    You are my favorite girl in the galaxy!

  7. Danatar..Merry Christmas 🎅🎄🎁and stay strong &healthy in the New Year🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️😘👍

  8. Спасибо за мотивационное и позитивное видео тренировки, мисс Дана 🌈❄️🎄

  9. You set a good example with your diligence and style ! 🤗😉 CHRISTMAS blessings to you and your family ! 🙏🙂👋🎄🎁

  10. A veces pienso que tu chiquita llegaste en una nave de algún planeta a punto de destruirse a la tierra , porque superas lo terreste eres bella , talentosa , fuerte y demás buenas aptitudes , feliz año nuevo

  11. Супер красотка🍑😍 Дана❤️ молодец💪 заряжаешь💥 энергетикой🔥😘

  12. Oi Danatar, agradeço pela oportunidade neste vídeo de poder dizer que a cada lançamento vejo a diferença de quando eu comecei a assistir teus vídeos, está mais evoluída e sempre cumprindo as regras de cada exercício como se deve ser, parabéns por ser essa menina dedicada e atenciosa com todos 👏😚🤗

  13. Al máximo PRINCESITA DANATAR AL MA XI MO! Cada vez más fuerte! Y Bellísima como siempre! Te amamos PRINCESITA! Saludos de MTY NL MEX.

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