My Honest Feelings About Self-Care

– My goodness, doesn’t it feel
good to be back here again. Yes! We need wine for this. (energetic music) Welcome back to Wine Wednesday
where we don’t believe in complaining, but if you’re
gonna whine then pour me some. I’m really excited because
now I actually have very, very cool… I mean like
all wines are cool okay? Let’s be honest, but since
my last Wine Wednesday Vin and I went to Italy and
we finally got the wine that we ordered in the mail. Which if you didn’t know,
fun fact, free shipping takes approximately two months. Okay. It was a long time to wait. So this is the Vino
Nobile di Montepulciano. So we were suppose to go to Siena, but we couldn’t get there. Just didn’t really work with the drive, but instead we went to Montepulciano and I can not be happier that we did. I can not wait to go back there. This is one of the wines that we got, this is the Riserva 2013. There’s so many Italian words on here and they’re all pretty and
like I’m not gonna be good at saying them, but that’s
all I know and it’s delicious. Also just a quick note that this episode of Wine Wednesday on AmyTV
is sponsored by Airtable and if you’re curious to
hear what wine and software, very easy to use software, have in common then stay tuned until the end because I have a treat for you. Okay? It’s good. Sounding a little bit like
I’m obsessed with wine because I just went to Italy like every other basic woman on Instagram. So I wanted to talk today,
not whine, just talk. Just talk a little bit about self care. It’s something that we talk
a lot about on this channel and I kinda got the idea
that maybe we should just get a little deeper on it. Just a little bit, a little bit deeper because I realized when I
was having a conversation, actually I think on this
couch for detail therapy, the podcast, with my best
friend Sarah, we were talking about self care and how
it’s a little bit different for everyone. But it’s one of those many arbitrary terms that’s being passed around
the internet so many times and we get the same
basic advice all the time from people and so I
thought we should discuss it and me share my feelings
about it with you. First, and most importantly,
my opinion about self care is it’s one million percent necessary. Self care is extremely important. The bottom line is that
it’s gonna be different for everyone, but if
you’re not doing it at all then we’ve got a real problem on our hands and this can look really
basic for you in terms of self care or it could be extra, extra. But regardless on that,
it’s extremely important. We’ve gotta have those moments where we truly take care of ourselves. The cliche is okay you gotta put your mask on first guys ’cause
you’re not gonna be able to put your mask on if
you help everybody else in the world and you never
do yourself a justice. Sometimes it’s a little controversial too, you know, considering
yourself before others, but unfortunately if we
don’t then we’re not going to go after the life that we want because we’re gonna be
too busy filling our mind and filling our stress
and filling our worlds with a lot of things
that don’t matter to us because we forget to balance. That being said, the reason
I wanted to create this video is because I have strong
feelings about the fact that there’s a lot of
people in the world defining what self care is for other people. This usually happens when
you’re updating a friend in your life and they’re
telling you like oh wow. Oh that’s what’s going on? Oh you’re stressed? Oh you need to do this
or you need to do that. First of all, you guys know
how I am when people tell me what to do especially if they
have should in the sentence. You know after somebody
says should I just like, I stop hearing anything
coming out of their mouth. You should (mumbles). It doesn’t happen for me. Being the person who says
like you should do this or you need to do this or you need to go and do that I mean that’s
just not going to help anybody who may actually need,
maybe not hear it from you, but need to take some time for themselves. They don’t need you to tell them what you think their
version of self care is. It’s called self care for a reason so everybody has to make
that decision for themselves and I think that we’re getting
a little bit carried away with oh okay these are all
the ways that you self care. The reason this is top of
mind for me is, obviously, I just finished writing
“Good Morning Good life” and “Good Morning Good Life”,
overall, is a self care guide. In my opinion, if you start
your day on your own terms, on your own terms, then you can have a better day than most, but when we wake up in a reactionary state and everything is affecting
us and we blame the world for all of our problems
it’s just not good. Not everyone’s gonna be a morning person, not everyone needs the most
extravagant of mornings, but I do think that waking
up on the right wave length on your way of doing things
is critically important. But from there, do you. I can’t sit here and say that rolling over and looking at your phone is negatively affecting
you throughout the day. There are people who I feature in the book who do roll over in the
morning, maybe not roll over, sit up in the morning, turn the news on, and start scrolling
the news on their phone as well just to get updated
and that works for them. I have an argument if you
are in a negative space, you’re in a rut, and
you do nothing but stare at your phone every waking hour. Every literal waking hour, but I can’t say that that’s
not good for some people. Some people are really
trying to get a jump on what the news is for the day ’cause that might be part of their job, it might be something that
they’re super passionate about, whatever the case may be. It propels them forward. So as much as I’d love to say, “Hey self care, don’t look at your phone “when you first wake up.” That’s not a blanket statement. I can’t do that. Now you might see me
advocate a lot for it, but that’s because the people
I mostly come in contact with probably do need that
to be an update in their life and that’s what they’re coming
to me for information for, but just go walking up to somebody and saying like, “Aw man,
you woke up this morning “and looked at Twitter?
You need to stop that.” Like, why? ‘Cause they’re a little
stressed out today, because they’re not having the best day, because their kids are
making them a little crazy? Like, no that’s not
gonna be the thing that is their self care. I also think this is happening
a lot with meditation. I feel so many different ways
about meditation (laughs) like it’s awesome when you’re doing it, but it’s also nerve wracking
’cause you’re thinking am I doing this right?
Am I doing this right? And that’s like the thing
you’re trying to stop doing is overthinking ’cause you’re meditating. I think it’s to each their own. I try to do it as much as I can because I actually like the idea of oh hey Amy this is your assigned time to slow your brain down. That is something that I
would find to be self caring to myself, but if I’m
holding my feet to the fire and like gotta do the 20 minutes today, gotta do the 20 minutes today. That doesn’t feel like self care to me. So I kinda do it on my own, just sorta, volition
like whenever I feel like if I’ve got a bonus 10
minutes in my morning routine because I breezed right through,
you know, my morning pages then I might try to fit it
in, but this going around to everybody and saying,
“You’ve gotta meditate, “you’ve gotta stop, you don’t
have time to not meditate.” Well okay, slow your
role a little bit though because if you’re sitting
there and your anxiety is going up and up and up and up and up ’cause you’re overthinking
what you’re doing, yes it’s gonna take some practice, but no it may not be self
care for somebody right now. So immediately putting that
on people is not something that I’m a fan of. Another feeling I have is spa days. I’m a huge advocate of a good spa day to take care of yourself. I think that’s a great idea, but there are many people who
have zero interest in that. Like talk to a dude, tell
him to have a spa day, like, I don’t know. Everything is different for everyone. We actually went to a spa
while we were in Italy over the summer and there
were many people in the family who all went and it was a
really interesting experience. It was one of those things
where you tour all these pools and they’re all different temperatures and they’re all different like salt levels and stuff and it was suppose
to be this experience. You could also get massages and facials and naturally I got a lot
of things done that day. I couldn’t even get the oils
shampooed out of my hair that night. I shampooed my hair four times because I had had too many
services done that the oils would not get out of my hair. It was unbelievably frustrating and yet the most soothing day ever. But there were people
in that group who were so uninterested in the massage, but you got a free massage when, it was kinda like a theme park. Italy’s amazing! They have spa theme parks there. So even if you weren’t
really into massages you were like well I got
a free 30 minute massage, wherever you go do it. Getting a European massage
is not the same thing as getting an American massage, okay? So if that’s your first experience you’re about to get a
really big awakening. (laughs) So you can’t say that the spa is everyone’s self care because just because it’s
been branded that way does not mean that it’s true. But here are a few things
that I believe are no doubt about it self care that
absolutely everyone needs and you can tell me if I’m wrong because it would prove
the point of this video, but here’s what they are. Ample sleep, nutrition
that is above board, exercise at least some of the time so you can move your
body, I think it should be a few times a week, and
a good morning, good life. Those are the four things
that I really believe are the bare minimum self
care for absolutely everybody. No matter what you gotta do you. That’s it. I talk about that in the book a lot. Just do you, do you, do you. You have to do what’s right for you and that alone might be
the best form of self care that you experience because
if you have a really hard time with that right now then
maybe you just need to get in touch with what do you actually means. Question of the day, what is
something that you consider to be self care for yourself
that you actually do regularly? It doesn’t have to be every single day but something that you do regularly to just take some time for you. Leave that in the comments below. Thanks to today’s sponsor
of Wine Wednesday of AmyTV and that is our friends at Airtable. Airtable is allowing people
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more organized in your life. Maybe even organizing
something like a hobby and maybe that hobby is wine. So because we just got back from Italy we have quite a bit
of wine that we bought there. We get a lot of different
wines in the mail that we order just from
clubs that we’re in or organizations that we
wanna try their product so I love that there
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call it, amateur sommelier. That’s what I’m into ’cause
I don’t have a whole lot of hobbies people, okay, I
make videos and it’s a lot of fun but I still have
to find things outside of work I’m passionate about
and guess what. (laughs) Airtable helps to support my
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will get a $50 credit just for being a friend of Amy TV. That’s all for today, thank
you so much for tuning in. I appreciate it as always
and make sure you subscribe for good vibes, kiss the ones you love, and go after the life that you want. Cheers. (upbeat music) I have an idea. What if the whole channel
was Wine Wednesday? Why do I do anything else? This is great. Too many lipstick stains, hold on. You can only have one on
camera or it looks real sloppy.

9 thoughts on “My Honest Feelings About Self-Care

  1. Wine channel? yes!! For me, self care has always been a bath before bed. Now I have a hot tub in my back yard and enjoy that with a glass of 🍷 before bed.

  2. I don’t drink alcohol at all. πŸ˜‚ Not mad about it. More calories left for chocolate. πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  3. Hi Nice to see your Videos. you re just mazing. I wannt just say, if you have time in next days, can you read the Coran and tell us your experience about this book. cheers.

  4. LOVE this video, Amy! As a self-care and empowerment coach, you are getting right to the heart of the matter. Thank you for sharing your feelings on self-care. Yes, yes, yes! And…spa theme parks?!?! Sign. Me. Up!

  5. Great video!!! My self care is putting my phone down from 8pm to 8am, taking my dog on a walk, making sure I go to sleep in a made bed, and doing something that let's me space out like cross stitching or practicing the piano.

  6. You said it perfectly. I have my own mindfulness blog, and the things I never say is you must, should, need to, have to etc,. No one wants to feel belittled, or have their autonomy to think for themselves taken away. We are all different. Thanks for another inspirational, and insightful video.
    I usually meditate, exercise, eat healthy, do yoga, go on nature walks, read, journal, among many other things.

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