My FIRST Roller Coaster PREGNANT! (Pregnancy Challenge for Mystery Clue) | Rebecca Zamolo

– RZ Twin, what’s inside the box? – You’ve used this before
but what you don’t know is that the GMI put an unlocking device. And it’s hidden in plain sight. – In plain sight, what do you mean? – There’s a key hidden
in a secret compartment on one of the rides above. – Okay, well- – Which ride is it? – I don’t have much
time, they’re watching. – Wait, RZ Twin, who’s watching? Who’s watching us, is it the GMI? – Pick up the box.
– Okay. RZ Twin said we’ve used this before. – Matt.
– We gotta open this. – Okay, okay.
– What are we waiting for? – Oh my gosh. – What is that, what is that? – It’s the pregnancy belly. Matt, remember when we went to Hawaii? I did my first time traveling pregnant. The Pregnancy 24 Hour Challenge. – Okay, so this is gonna
unlock something upstairs? – Yeah, we’re here at the pier. Somehow this is supposed to
activate on one of the rides. – Well we can’t just carry this up there. – I think RZ Twin wants me
to use this pregnancy belly while riding the roller coaster. – So your first time riding
a roller coaster pregnant? – [Daniel] Wait she did,
you did that before. – I haven’t done all of
the roller coasters though. – All right you need to put that on. We need to figure out which ride this is. – I know, you guys, it might
turn into a Mr. Beast challenge where we have to ride
every single ride here. I haven’t done all of ’em pregnant so I need to go get dressed. We need to get to the car. Mash your thumbs up button, Zam fam, if you guys like these
pregnancy challenges and give us good luck to find. Whatever it is on these roller coasters. Okay, Zam fam, so I am changed. I got some leggings on. I got the baby belly. Daniel don’t worry, I’m not
gonna prank you this time. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh. – You’re in on the prank. – [Daniel] No, stop. – Rebecca no. – [Daniel] Don’t do that in public. – I’m gonna do that to someone up there. You guys stayed tuned. Let me know which person
I should do it to. That would be so funny, they’ll be– – So we’re here to make
friends apparently. – Yep, yep. And ride some roller
coasters and do it pregnant. – We don’t have that much time. – [Daniel] You’re right. – Okay, gotta go. – Daniel, do you know if you can ride this
in the first trimester? – Matt, it’s fine. Its fine, it’s fine, it’s fine. ♪ Oh, oh, oh. ♪ ♪ You know you want a
baby belly like this. ♪ – When a guy sees a girl and he’s like checking her
out and then she’s like, “Hey.” So we are about to ride all
of the rides here at the park unless we figure out
sooner what’s going on. But I’m gonna warm up
over here on this ride. – Damn it.
– [Daniel] What? – We can’t let Rebecca know
that there’s GMI agents here. – [Daniel] There’s GMI?
– Yeah. – [Daniel] Where’d you saw GMI over there? – Right. – [Daniel] Okay. – Okay.
– [Daniel] Okay. – Hey. – Rebecca we gotta go ride the rides. – Yes, oh yeah- – Hey, hey we gotta go c’mon.
– What? Okay.
– [Matt] C’mon. – [Daniel] Let’s go ride the rides. Yeah let’s go ride the rides. – Ride this ride with my baby belly. – Three unlimited wristbands. – Yeah.
– Three. – What are you lookin’ at Matt? – It was nothing, okay. – Okay. – [Daniel] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. – Hide, hide, hide guys. – Hide what? Wait what are you guys looking at? – [Daniel] You want a snack Rebecca? We should get a snack soon. – All right let’s get some Dippin’ Dots before we go on the rides.
– No let’s go ride the rides. – Rides? – [Daniel] Yeah we gotta ride the rides. – Okay. – Rebecca. – But guys we might as well
have fun on this challenge. – [Daniel] We can go back, we can go back. – [Rebecca] Okay. – We wanna see you guys so much.
– [Daniel] Hi. – Hey Zam fam. – Okay so we have our tickets
now what ride should we go on? – Baby Shark? – Okay. – [Daniel] Baby Shark. – Baby shark first? Let’s do it. So I believe that there are
eight rides total right now. There’s a shark ride, there’s bumper cars. There’s a Ferris wheel, there’s a giant rollercoaster, there’s rocket ships, a dragon pirate ship and then some more. So if you guys have any ideas on where you think this will
unlock something let us know. We got this. It’s hard being pregnant. ♪ Baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ ♪ Baby shark doo doo. ♪ – Wow. Nothing happened there. – [Daniel] Nothing? Was it fun though? – It was fun for me. – [Daniel] Matt’s not feeling good? – I’m not feelin’ good. – Ridin’ the rollercoaster
pregnant ya know? The baby held up. We got a little dizzy but
it was fun, right Matt? Okay well looks like we have
at least seven more rides to do so we have a lot of work. – [Daniel] You okay? – Yeah. – [Daniel] Okay, seven more to go. – Yeah. – Okay so nothing happened on the shark but there’s those airplanes
that are right there so I think that’s the
one we should do next. Matt. – That was not a good first ride. – We have so many more to do
we need to figure this out. RZ Twin gave this to me for a reason she needs me to do this
pregnancy challenge. C’mon. – [Daniel] How you doin’ Matt? No not good? Good luck Matt. – I don’t have the ability. See anything? – See anything? Matt you okay? Anything? No, nothing? – [Rebecca] Oh yeah. – [Daniel] Nothin’? – I didn’t see anything
but Matt doesn’t look like he’s doing so well on these rides. – [Daniel] No Matt doesn’t look too good. – I think we should go to the dragon next. We’ll just keep the
border right now, okay? – [Daniel] Okay good call, good call. Matt- – I gotta sit one out. – [Daniel] Oh you do? – I gotta sit it out. – Dragon. No? – I’ma sit this one out. – Okay, okay. Okay well we still need to go on the ride. So I’ll go on the ride, I’m pregnant for this 24 hour challenge, we gotta figure it out. So let’s go dragon and then maybe rockets. – [Daniel] Oh good call, good call. – [Daniel] Nothing? Nothing happened, no? Oh. – Nothing happened. – [Daniel] Nothing happened? – No. I went up I even put my hands
up, nothing happened on it. – [Daniel] Yeah I saw, I saw. You havin’ a good time though? – Yeah I’m havin’ a really
good time with the baby. – [Daniel] The baby’s good. – Yep. Okay let’s go on the rocket
but we need to find Matt first. Where is he?
– [Daniel] Oh no where is he? – [Rebecca] Matt, Matt.
– [Daniel] Oh no, oh no. Matt you okay? – Yeah, yeah.
– You good? We’re gonna go on the rocket. – Yeah okay, okay. – Yeah. – [Daniel] You okay? – Yeah, yeah. – [Daniel] All right well
we’ll make it to the rocket. – Do you want some like
ice cream or something? – No we should ride the ride. Just ride the ride.
– Ride, okay yeah. Let’s go on a rocket. Rocket ship. – [Daniel] Rocket ship, yeah. Rebecca, Dippin’ Dots, Dippin’ Dots. Dippin’ Dots, let’s get Dippin’ Dots. Get Dippin’ Dots now.
– Okay, I thought we were goin’ on the ride? Okay. You guys want it now? But Matt I thought you didn’t
want us to get Dippin’ Dots? – [Matt] No we’re getting Dippin’ Dots. – [Daniel] Dippin’ Dots.
– Dippin’ Dots? – [Daniel] Yeah Dippin’
Dots is better right now. – Okay. – [Daniel] And then we
can ride the rocket. Yep, yep. I think we’re cool yeah. – Yep. Matt why can’t we just eat in the park? – [Daniel] We should eat
this in a more quiet space. – Quiet? But we haven’t gone on all the rides. – [Matt] Quickly, quickly, quickly. C’mon. Oh look at this view, look at the view. – [Daniel] Oh true. Very nice, it’s nice and clear it’s
all clear, right Matt? All clear? – [Matt and Daniel] The coast is clear. – [Daniel] The coast is clear. – The coast is clear? – [Daniel] The west coast is clear. – It’s nice out. – [Daniel] Yeah.
– You guys we still haven’t gone on all the rides yet. – Yeah we got a few more.
– [Daniel] We will, we will. Hey, oh. I got a text. – Text? – [Daniel] I got a text
from RG twin, guys. – What? – [Daniel] Look at this photo. – You guys. – [Daniel] I think this
is happening right now. – You guys this is where I met RZ Twin. Under the pier. Wait that’s two GMI agents,
that means they’re here. – Means there’s two. – [Daniel] There’s two
– They’re here, they’re spying – There’s two of ’em.
– What do you mean there’s two you guys? – [Daniel] Just tell her Matt, tell her.
– Matt just tell me. – They’ve been following us a little bit. – What? – I seen somebody up here
that’s why we came over here. – One of the GMI agents
has been spying on us during this challenge? – [Daniel] But it was just one. – Yeah just one. – Now there’s two? Wait we need to spy on ’em. It’s over here, we need to go. – [Daniel] Let’s go, let’s go. – Wait guys, goodbye Dippin’ Dots. – [Daniel] Oh. – Dippin’ Dots. – I know it’s hard running
downstairs pregnant. – [Daniel] Do you think
they’re still there? Oh, oh, oh. – So I scoured the pier
and I couldn’t find them. There is a high percentage
they won’t find the key. – Would you say, the highest percentage? – Very, very high. Violet’s still missing. What about the plan? – We’ll continue with the plan but we’ll just have to find
someone to replace her. Make sure she sends the video. – I’ll do that. – [Rebecca] Get down, get down, get down. – We gotta get back up to the pier and get on some more rides Let’s find this key. You see his boot? The same as the game master. What’s goin’ on with everybody’s feet? – [Daniel] You’re right. – Did you hear what the GMI said? – Violet is missing? – [Daniel] That was a
really strange conversation. – They also said that the
plan is moving forward and they’re gonna be sending a video. So we need to go and figure
out where this thing is to unlock with this belly here. You guys let us know what ride you think we should go on next. Which one is the right one? We’re gonna end up goin’ on all of them. – Wish we had a clue or something. – [Daniel] Right. – Okay so you guys heard
what the GMI agent said. I think we need to find
the key as soon as possible and I’m thinking it’s this rollercoaster. It is the most giant ride here so I think this would be
what unlocks it right? – Yep, exactly. – I mean I trust RZ Twin there’s a reason she’s
having us do this today. Mash the thumbs up button
and give us good luck. Hopefully this is the
ride that unlocks it. I have a really good feeling about this. Oh and I forgot to mention
this is my first time riding a rollercoaster pregnant. And I’m very excited. I’m ridin’ for two, that
doesn’t include Matt. You could go like this and then go “Woo.” Don’t worry the baby’s kickin’ – [Daniel] All right guys, good luck. – Yeah. – [Daniel] I hope somethin’
happens on the ride. – Yeah. I have a good feeling about this. I think this is gonna be the one. I’m pregnant on a rollercoaster. Oh my gosh. – Oh. – Oh. – [Daniel] Man here they go. – Okay, okay the baby’s kickin’. The baby’s kickin’. – [Daniel] I hope something unlocks. – I think my baby’s gonna like adventure. – [Ride Controller] You
guys wanna go one more time? – [Daniel] Anything? – Nothing.
– [Daniel] No? Oh man.
– Nothing happened. – [Daniel] Okay maybe second time. Matt how you- Matt? – Matt’s not really
good at roller coasters. Matt nothing’s happening. – No I didn’t see anything yet. – What did RZ Twin mean? Doesn’t she have reasons for everything? Matt I don’t see anything. But it’s hard to go on a
rollercoaster when you’re pregnant. My belly came off. – [Daniel] Oh no. – Re-securing the baby. Baby’s back to being secure
but we didn’t see anything. – Nothing. – [Daniel] Nothing happened. – You guys let’s get back out, let’s re-assess how
many rides we have left. – [Daniel] Okay. – So it wasn’t on the
rollercoaster like we thought. I thought that would
definitely unlock something but it didn’t. Okay so we have the Ferris wheel and we have that one right there. Which one should we go on you guys? – I think we need to
go on the Ferris wheel, I mean worst case it’s
just gonna take us up to a high view. Where we can see everything, right? – But you’re afraid of heights. – I know but we gotta do this. – I told you this was my first time on a rollercoaster pregnant. This is definitely gonna be my first time on a Ferris wheel pregnant. But I’m ready for this 24
hour pregnancy challenge. Okay so I think this is the perfect place for us to evaluate, Matt’s afraid of heights but here the GMI can’t
get us right now, right? – Right, that we know of. – This is supposed to unlock something but we’ve done all of the rides so far it hasn’t worked yet. Do you guys know what
ride it’s going to be? We only have a couple left. – I really don’t wanna be up here for too much longer guys. – [Daniel] I know it’s pretty high up. – You are scared of heights too. – [Daniel] I am that’s why
I’m looking into the camera. I’m not looking off to the side. – I’m not afraid of heights but this is my first time
pregnant on a Ferris wheel. The baby likes it. ♪ Go baby, go baby ♪ ♪ Go, go, go baby girl ♪ ♪ Go baby girl ♪ ♪ Go baby girl ♪ – No it’s a boy, obviously. Everyone comment down below, it’s a boy. ♪ Go baby girl. ♪ – [Daniel] We’re moving. – We’re moving, we’re moving. – Okay. And we’re goin’ up. – This could be it guys, this could be it. – Weil what if we’re
supposed to see something, we should look out. – [Daniel] Oh look over the side, right?
– Yeah. We haven’t gone on that ride yet. – [Daniel] Oh yeah. – We went on the rollercoaster
and it didn’t unlock on the rollercoaster even though that was my first time on it. – Usually we have some sort of clue. We haven’t got any clues at all. – [Daniel] Yeah no clues at all.
– No. – I’m just glad the GMI
agent didn’t see us. I wish you guys had told me but now he doesn’t know that I’m pregnant and I’m doing this challenge
that RZ Twin gave me. – You’re in disguise. – I know, I’m in disguise
as a pregnant woman. – Okay quit shakin’ please.
– [Daniel] No, no. – Comment if you are afraid of heights. I’m not afraid of heights but Matt is and Daniel is. – [Daniel] How you doin’ Matt? – I’m not comfortable. – Okay but we’re not even
at the highest point yet. The highest point is
way up there, you guys. – [Daniel] Oh. – C’mon we gotta figure out this unlock. – We’re goin’ up, we’re goin’ up. – You guys we’re about to hit the highest point of this Ferris wheel. And here we are. You guys, hey. – [Daniel] Where’d that come from? – [Rebecca] I guess it was here. – [Daniel] Oh there’s
a compartment up there. – So this is the key
that RZ Twin was saying. I don’t know what the key’s for, do you? – No where do we put it. – We need to hide it, I’m gonna hide it in the belly. – [Daniel] In the belly, okay. – I’m just gonna stick it in here. – The point of being safe. – So Zam fam we need to figure
out what the key is for. Make sure you are subscribed, have notifications on. Give the video a thumbs up. Shout out to you guys in
the Game Master Network. That got our merch and
tagged us on Instagram. Make sure to check out
the video right here where we did the last football challenge. And I got a message for R- What?
– It’s not my phone. – [Daniel] It’s not my phone. – It’s mine. Wait. This is the video I made, Matt. This is me as Violet. – This message is for Rebecca Zamolo. Rebecca we have your dogs, ha ha ha. – Why did they have you record this? – It’s time now guys, I
think the GMI has our dogs.

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